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Work experience includes:



Management of engineers of multiple disciplines


Design of real-time software for embedded micro controllers


Board bring-up of ARM hardware for embedded Linux and bare metal applications


Design of drivers and application programs for use with embedded Linux


Design of application programs for Windows


Design of drivers and application programs for use with real-time multitasking kernels


Have participated in all aspects of creating a product, from design and development through manufacturing and customer support.  Have succeeded through timely completion of projects and ability to interact with other functional areas across the organization.




Software design, software maintenance


C, C++, C#


Linux, U-Boot, Windows, proprietary real-time multitasking kernels


Cortex-M, PIC, 56F8300, ARMv5TE, ARM7TDMI, ARM9E, x86

Development Environments:

Linux, Visual Studio, Qt, Eclipse

SCM Tools:

Perforce, Mercurial, Git

Debugging Tools:

Emulators, JTAG Probes, Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes



Beautrow Consulting LLC (Software Consulting), San Jose, California, 2000 to present

Position: Principal Software Developer


Clients include:



Aegea Medical, Inc., Redwood City, CA

medical products


Tigo Energy, Inc., Los Gatos, CA

green technology


Luxim Corp., Santa Clara, CA

green technology


Dean Miller Associates, Menlo Park, CA

medical products


Alixor Corporation, Hillsborough, CA

medical products


Thoratec Corporation, Pleasanton, CA

medical products


Glacier Point Research, Fremont, CA

industrial instrumentation


Giga-tronics, Inc., San Ramon, CA

RF instrumentation


Projects include:



Qt application development for medical devices


Freescale 56F8300 firmware development for medical devices


Embedded Linux development for medical devices (Marvell ARM)


ARM Cortex-M0 firmware development for high efficiency lighting devices


PIC firmware development for high efficiency lighting devices


Multi-threaded .NET applications for controlling/calibrating embedded devices


Embedded Linux development for medical devices (ARM7TDMI, ARM9E)


Embedded drivers for custom signal generator hardware

Hospira, Inc. (Biomedical), Morgan Hill, California, 2003 to 2008

Position: Contract Software Developer


Primary experience: Developing embedded software for real-time, networked medical devices.

Projects include:


Ported infusion pump software to new NEC 78K hardware using IAR compiler.  Redesigned stepper motor drivers and LCD drivers.


Designed and implemented uClinux (ARM7) application for browser based configuration of embedded device


Designed and implemented 802.1x authentication (WPA/WPA2) software for wireless embedded device on uClinux.  Used TLS and SSL protocols and X.509 support in OpenSSL.


Designed and implemented C/C++ embedded code for product


Designed and implemented Python scripts for unit testing


Designed and implemented Windows applications


Nicolet-EME (Biomedical), Kleinostheim, Germany, 1997 to 1999

Position: Software Developer

Upon purchase of prior company by competitor Nicolet Biomedical, assumed position as software developer in German subsidiary.  Primary responsibility was creating Windows product for Nicolet proprietary ultrasound hardware based on successful work at prior company.


Wrote software for product user interface


Designed and implemented OLE Automation interface for communication with patient database software developed by another group in the US.


MedaSonics (Biomedical), Fremont, California, 1995 to 1997

Position: Software Engineering Manager

Primary experience was managing the development of the next generation of the MedaSonics product line.


Defined strategy for development of new line of transcranial ultrasound products.


Recruited and managed four software engineers.


Defined and managed the development of a tool for manipulating data produced by the existing product line. Initiated idea to bolster sales of existing product until next generation product became available. Project was completed on time and within budget.


Managed software maintenance group.  Produced software releases for existing product line on time and within budget.


MedaSonics (Biomedical), Fremont, California, 1993 to 1995

Position: Software Consultant

As an independent contractor, provided software services.


Integrated new features into a transcranial Doppler ultrasound product.


Maintained schedule, coordinated testing, and conducted project meetings.


Completed projects on time and within budget.


Medical Data Electronics (Biomedical), Arleta, California, 1991 to 1994

Position: Senior Software Engineer

Primary experience:  Developing embedded software for real-time, networked medical monitors.


Designed and implemented the transport, presentation, and application layers for a wireless, spread-spectrum network used in real-time medical instrumentation.


Nellcor, Inc. (Biomedical), Hayward, California, 1988 to 1991

Position: Software Engineer

Primary experience:  Developing embedded software for real-time, networked medical monitors.




University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, B.S.E.E.

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