This page contains images that you can reference in your resume files if you choose. Use images with care. Expect that clients will not be impressed if it takes a long time to download your resume, no matter how good it looks. Make sure your resume still looks good even if the client uses the Browser's mail document or print functions.


<IMG SRC="../gif/balblak1.gif">
<IMG SRC="../gif/balblue1.gif">
<IMG SRC="../gif/balgren1.gif">
<IMG SRC="../gif/balred1.gif">
<IMG SRC="../gif/balwhit1.gif">
<IMG SRC="../gif/balyell1.gif">
<IMG SRC="../gif/gray1.gif">



<IMG SRC="../gif/bar3d1.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/barred2.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/line.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/grayline.gif">


<IMG SRC="../gif/logosm.jpg">

<IMG SRC="../gif/charter.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/hndrght1.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/smiley.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/new.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/new1.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/updated.gif">

<IMG SRC="../gif/dot_clear.gif">

Certification Symbols: (use only if you have this certification)

<IMG SRC="../gif/OracleCertifiedProfessional.jpg">

<IMG SRC="../gif/BEADeveloper.jpg">

<IMG SRC="../gif/JavaArchitech.jpg">

<IMG SRC="../gif/PMP.jpg">


<body background="../gif/backgd.gif">

<body background="../gif/backgd2.gif">

<body background="../gif/paper.jpg">

<body background="../gif/chalk.jpg">

<body background="../gif/winc_bg.jpg">

<body background="../gif/wall.jpg">

<body background="../gif/sand.jpg">

If you would like to see a specific icon added to the list, please send us mail.

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