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Tim Stewart hidden [CO]Senior .NET Architect/Developer
Darin DeForest 2017-02-01 [AZ]President   Charter Member
Available Malcolm Burton -NOW- [IL]Enterprise System Architect
John Buczkowski [MA]senior software consultant
Available Walter Holliday -NOW- [OH]Consultant, .Net Architect/Developer
Brandon Graves 2019-10-30 [CA]WordPress Developer
Andrew Krause hidden [MA]Lead Software Engineer/Consultant
Dileep Kumar 2017-10-16 [OH]Java Full Stack Developer
Available Cyril Pertsev -NOW- [CA]Software Engineer,Consultant,Project Manager
Available Nishanth Nareddy -NOW- [IL]Sr Front End UI Web Developer
Available Dhaval Parikh -NOW- [IL]Sr Front End UI Web Developer
John (Jay) Doggett [NH]
EcomExtension Magento Extension Store 2015-05-04 [UT]
Ram Kumar [India]Revive Adserver Mod
Available Atif Goheer -NOW- [CA]Software Engineering Consultant
Jason Carpenter 2015-01-01 [VA]Software Engineer, Web and User Interface Specialist
Available Pierre Frisch -NOW- [BC]Software Engineer
Available, No Agents Andrew Dallas -NOW- [MA]President
Burt Janz 2013-10-20 [NH]Senior Software Engineer   Charter Member
LaMar Kirby 2013-02-01 [AZ]Software Consultant
Mike Lilley 2012-12-01 [MT]Sr. Consultant
Available Jack Boyle -NOW- [MA]IT Consultant   Charter Member
Vince Riches 2011-09-21 [United Kingdom]Software Developer
Kannan Parameswaran 2011-10-19 [IL]Consultant
William Aultman 2011-12-13 [CO]Software Engineer
Karen Josephsen 2011-03-31 [NJ]Consultant
Mikell Van der Laan [TN]CEO DEVGENICS
Richard Hood 2010-01-30 [MA]Mac OS X Software Development Engineer
Available Brandie Doff Lynn -NOW- [OR]Software Engineer - multimedia, mobile development, internet integration, application developer
George Loudon PMP 2009-08-24 [PA]Senior Project Manager
B. D. Beck Beykpour 2009-04-14 [CA]Software Developer
Lucas Nihlen 2004-09-09 [NM]Software Engineer
Jerry Scally 2008-05-15 [MA]Software Engineer/Designer
Rick Fleming 2007-07-10 [IL]Senior Software Architect
Available Lee Mowatt -NOW- [NH]Systems Engineer, Consultant
Christopher Deel 2002-05-04 [CA]Consultant/Programmer
Linda Robinson 2001-07-16 [FL]Programmer/Analyst
Gordon Matzigkeit 2001-07-13 [SK]Free Software Consultant
R Keith Beal 2000-10-06 [NH]President
James McLeod 2000-09-15 [FL]Software Engineer, Programmer, Analyst

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