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Available JR Crossett -NOW- [VT]Software Engineer Embedded   Charter Member
Mark Purinton 2017-11-15 [MA]Hardware/Software Configuration/Release Manager/Tool Developer
John Suzuki 2020-08-01 [CA]Software Consultant   Charter Member
Pierre Fichaud 2015-01-01 [QC]z/OS Product Achitect   Charter Member
Available Richard Amaral -NOW- [RI]Software Engineer
Available Timothy Hornsby -NOW- [FL]Embedded Systems and Software Engineer
Available Mitchell C. Nelson, Ph.D. -NOW- [XX]Scientist, Software/System Engineer
Available Ron Gross -NOW- [NH]Consultant, Software Engineer
Gregory Bourassa 2016-08-01 [WA]Sr. Computer Engineer
Kenneth Demers 2014-11-01 [CT]Software Architect
David Garnett 2020-01-01 [CA]Software Systems Architect/Developer (C++, C, Linux, VxWorks, Win/XP/2K/NT, Real-Time Embedded Syste
John Gray 2012-05-01 [DE]Software Engineer
Chris Fischer 2011-12-01 [NY]Software Consultant
William Aultman 2011-12-13 [CO]Software Engineer
Terry Ess 2011-02-01 [SC]Principal
Available Luther Gunther Quick -NOW- [NJ]Software Engineer
Available Raghu George -NOW- [TX]Global IT Manager, Software Development Manager, Senior Technical Project Manager
Available Gregory Levin -NOW- [NY]Software Engineer
John Willis hidden [PA]CEO
Available Lee Mowatt -NOW- [NH]Systems Engineer, Consultant
Patricia Allard 2001-09-01 [RI]Software Engineer   Charter Member

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