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Available, No Agents Kevin McKenna 2021-09-01 [MA]Senior Software Engineer
David E Keeney [CA]Software Engineer   Charter Member
Available Robert Gray -NOW- [NY]President
Global Audio Text Solutions 1990-01-01 [In]International Premium Number Provider
Yuan Meng 2018-05-07 [CA]Software Development Consultant
Gerald Provost [NJ]Principal Consultant
Available Stephen Lubbs -NOW- [CO]Senior Software Engineer
John (Jay) Doggett [NH]
Available, No Agents Jakob Ashtar -NOW- [GA]Sr. Audio Signal Processing Engineer
Hatim Bharmal 2015-01-20 [NJ]Sr. Software Engineer
Gerald Provost 2014-01-06 [NJ]
Stephen Keohane 2012-11-01 [NH]Software Design and Development
Available Jack Boyle -NOW- [MA]IT Consultant   Charter Member
George Wilk 2012-01-01 [NH]Consulting Software Engineer\Architect
Available Don Waterfield -NOW- [VA]Software Contractor
Mimi Tam 2010-01-15 [NH]C, C++, C#, .NET, Java Software Engineer / Software Architect
Chris Losso 2009-07-01 [MA]Consulting Engineer
Mitchell McConnell 2009-10-15 [FL]Software Engineer   Charter Member
Available James Kosko -NOW- [FL]Software Consultant   Charter Member
James Badura 2009-07-01 [NY]UML Systems Engineer
Available Luther Gunther Quick -NOW- [NJ]Software Engineer
Marc Orenberg 2008-04-15 [MA]Sr. Software Engineer
Anthony Plack 2008-05-19 [WI]Systems/Software Engineer
Peter Stopera 2007-04-15 [NH]Software Engineer
Debasis Borah 2007-03-22 [India]Consultant
Senthil Manikam 2006-10-23 [TX]Software Engineer
Offshore Partner 2006-01-10 [India]Mobile & Wirless Software Consultant
Available Bob Natale -NOW- [MD]Consulting Software and Systems Engineer

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