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#88, 16th Cross, Margosa Road
Bangalore 560055 India
Contact:   H Chandrashekhar,   Director
Telephone:   +91-80-3449075
Fax:   +91-80-8371759
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    Most of your revenue is from direct responsibility for products produced by contractors for end clients.
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    About us

    Jack Consultants is a leading provider of qualified and experienced software specialists for consulting and software development organizations in India, USA, Canada, Europe and Singapore. Jack Consultants - an organization promoted and was founded in 1994 by professionals with top management IT industry experience, focuses solely on software skillsets.

    Jack Consultants Provides

    Contract consulting and software development organizations with access to the largest software development manpower pool in the world - India qualified IT professionals who are effectively pre screened. Our successful track record stems from our ability to respond to objectives defined by our clients in our focus groups and research.

    These include

        Rapid access to needed skills
        Effective pre screening of candidates for best fit
        Process efficiency and quality control
        Follow ups

    The Jack Consultants Services

    Jack Consultants provides professional skill sets to contracting and software development companies across all technical platforms and in a broad spectrum of roles

    Jack Consultants and the Employer

    In today's fast paced technological environment, organizations have to react to keep ahead of competition and ever changing customer requirements. Contracting and software development organizations want access to the best resources to meet project deadlines of the clients. IT organizations need reliable providers of skilled professionals to keep pace with competition and market needs.

    Jack Consultants having associates across India, Jack has accessed to the best IT talent the market can offer. Our objective is to provide resources to contracting and software development organizations to respond to client requirements across all platforms and in all roles more effectively.

    As your partner, Jack Consultants will find you the right resources to meet your client requirements in time through effective pre screening. Pre screening includes checking for technical competence, communication skills, professional attitude and work ethics.

    Jack Consultants is able to give painstaking attention to detail because of its focus only on software professionals.

    Jack Consultants and the Software Professional

    Jack Consultants places the software professional on the rolls of the international client organizations (US, UK & Singapore), which will ensure good remuneration & perks, excellent benefits and green card options. Jack Consultants works with organizations which are equal opportunity employers and who offer their employees not just a job but a rewarding and professionally satisfying career.

    Jack Consultants keeps track of all current career opportunities within the market place and this makes the difference. Jack Consultants ensures a proper fit between the organization’s requirement vis a vis the Candidate’s future growth plans and aspirations. Working with Jack Consultants will allow you to benefit from Jack Consultant’s extensive network and knowledge of the marketplace.

    Jack Consultants goal is to develop a relationship with the software professional that extend beyond getting an initial assignment.

    Jack Consultants makes a career for the software professional by

    The Jack CONSULTANTS Advantage

    Sole focus on Software professionals
    Proven track record of delivering top quality professionals
    Long term relationship with clients
    Access to a well developed professional network
    Streamlined responses
    Standardized qualification process
    Jack Consultants clients offer extensive and excellent benefits to their employees
    Standardized selection process
    80% of resumes generated through references

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