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Address:   CareerConsultants
Boston MA 02131 USA
Contact:   Jeffrey Mitchell,   Staffing Consultant
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    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.

    Client's mission:
    Improve the early diagnosis and reduce the cost of cervical cancer management by providing objective detection, in real time, at the point-of-care.
    Client is a privately held medical device company developing proprietary optical detection technology for enhanced accuracy and real-time results in the diagnosis of cancer and other human tissue abnormalities. The technology is based on the utilization of light energy to diagnose and monitor medical conditions. Company efforts are presently focused on the commercialization of an in vivo, non-contact medical device for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer and its precursors.

    In over 100 patients, the client's Optical Detection Technology has demonstrated the capability of detecting specific optical signatures of high-grade cervical lesions, with a clinical sensitivity and specificity for selected biopsy sites exceeding 90%. The company believes that studies will show that the technology can provide more accurate and timely information for the diagnosis of cervical cancer and its precursors, in real-time and at the point of care, which will result in a reduction in the over-treatment and/or under-treatment of disease. This result should improve patient care and reduce the overall cost of cervical cancer management.

    Founded in 1995, the client is located in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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