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Symphony Corporation

Address:   Symphony Corporation
120 E. Lakeside Street
Madison WI 53715 USA
Contact:   M S Rao,   CTO
Telephone:   608 294 4090 Ext.3
Fax:   608 294 9321
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    120 E. Lake Side Street
    Madison, WI 53715
    We Help Synchronize Business, Technology and People


    Symphony is an Information Technology and Strategy consulting firm based in Madison, WI with offices in Washington D.C, Edison, NJ, and ISO 9001 complaint software development centers in  India.  Symphony provides a wide range of IT Services including, IT strategy consulting, Front-to-back E-Business solutions, Telephony, Custom Software Development, Systems Integration, Business Reengineering, Network Technology, Computer Systems Maintenance and Support and data processing services.  Symphony has been providing its expertise to various organizations and built up a reputation among the clients for its meticulous planning, quality and delivery within time schedules.  We excel in delivering individual skills, full-scale IT projects or IT in/out sourcing.

    Value Proposition:

    *Key Client Approach: Symphony provides IT solutions for a few Key clients. As a strategic partner, we offer IT services and solutions to the Key clients where IT is critical to their corporate strategy. Strategic partnerships reduce IT service costs, reduce risk in IT projects, reduce the variability of the impact of the IT costs on organizations, and give our clients immediate access to IT resources which are organized around the client needs.

    *Symphony's edge is its ability to bring together the right people with right tools, methodologies and quality-management processes to deliver the services our clients need, when they need them. Symphony has the experience and infrastructure to effectively manage medium to large projects in ERP, Client/Server and E-business Solutions.

    *End-to-end e-business solutions: Symphony offers Internet strategy consulting and sophisticated Internet-based solutions to Global 1000 companies and startup businesses. We help clients define their Internet strategies and design, architect, develop, and implement solutions to execute those strategies.

    *Flexible delivery Models: Symphony¡¦s delivery models - onsite, offsite, and combination - are customizable to add the greatest strategic value to our clients' operations. Ability to execute projects at significantly lower costs (30-50% less).

    *Symphony has significant experience in design, development, testing, debugging and implementation of telecommunication switching software, embedded systems software and system applications. Symphony specializes in SS7 networks, especially the layer 3 (MTP) software.

    *Virtual Development Facilities in U.S. and India: Symphony has well equipped ISO 9001 Compliant development facilities in U.S. and India. Symphony has access to the latest communication facilities and a large pool of highly skilled people.Symphony Corporation
    Value Proposition

    *Creating strategic advantage now rests not on technology itself, but on the quality of integration with business processes and time to market advantage.

    Why Symphony

    Symphony offers a full range of IT services designed to deliver complete, end-to-end solutions to address all of your business and technology needs.  Symphony offers a variety of services ranging from strategy development, systems design, technology implementation and integration, to custom application development and management.  In fact, our expertise allows us to offer an engagement model that is like a virtual extension of our client's product development teams.

    Symphony also offers various other engagement models, such as fixed price projects, time and material, dedicated development labs, and retainer-based support.  We also provide an exceptionally flexible delivery mix depending on the particular needs of our client.  Our 25 year-old offshore development facility in Banglore, India closely mirrors the Symphony U.S. office in terms of infrastructure and technological expertise.  Through these two facilities, Symphony offers any combination of on-site, off-site and offshore solutions.

    Symphony and its affiliates have been the front-runners in executing onsite/offsite projects and have gained considerable experience in this field.  The processes and methodologies practiced have evolved over the years, are tested and well documented.  We believe the quality-Deliverables are key to long-term business growth and relationships.  Offsite developmental work is performed in ISO 9000 certified and CMM environments.  

    The power of Symphony's approach lies in integrating a variety of IT services and expertise to address the full spectrum of issues involved in delivering sustainable business value and ROI to our clients.  Our methodology tightly couples our technology expertise with client's business strategy and maximizes use of current IT staff to deliver significant value and return on Investment to each and every one of our customers.  We view IT investments as any other complex business process that are justified by ROI analysis for a tangible business value.

    At Symphony, we treat our customers as partners, seeking a win-win outcome that can be leveraged into best practice techniques, future business opportunities and mutual growth.

    With slashed IT budgets, Product and Engineering Managers will find it difficult to meet aggressive deadlines and will need to find creative ways to manage high project costs.  Though this feedback does not predict a doomsday scenario, it does point to the use of cost effective delivery models. In these troublesome times, Symphony's offshore services can provide the ideal solution to help your company find a balance between aggressive product development portfolios and shrinking budgets!  

    As a partner Symphony offers the following value proposition:

    -One single, independent source for software and service,
    -Diverse specific industry experience,
    -Maturity in software development processes
    -SEI-CMM  & ISO 9001 quality management processes
    -Customizable delivery models
    -Significantly lower costs (30-50% less)
    -Solutions tailored for your business,
    -A customer centric approach,
    -Proven ability to deliver,
    -Large project capacity,
    -Proven technical capabilities,
    -Access to a global workforce
    -World class communications and computing infrastructure
    -A Zero Capital Investment delivery vehicle for Customers interested in long-term initiatives (e.g. Application Maintenance, Development Lab).
    -Leveraging India¡¦s strategic location and Time Zone, for 7 X 24 Technical Support Achieving significant Bottom-Line benefits associated with lower operating costs.  

    Symphony Engagement Models
    Symphony Corporation offers a variety of cost saving solutions, specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client.  We are able to leverage our offshore facility to provide a flexible delivery mix on-site, off-site, offshore or any combination thereof.  Below is a list of the various engagement models we offer:
    *Fixed Price Projects
    Price tag is a function of resources required, project complexity, and time constraints.
    *Dedicated Development Lab
    A team of PL (on-site) and developers (offshore) dedicated to client's development efforts.
    *Time and Material
    *Retainer Based Support  
    For more information about Symphony's Services, contact

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