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The Email Company

Address:   The Email Company
10 Gwendolen Ave
Toronto m2n1a2 Canada
Contact:   Jeff Ginsberg,   President
Telephone:   416-225-7711
Company Type:  
  • checkbox Hiring Manager (End client)
    Obtain contractors for use on your own projects, not placement at another company's facility (no third party).

    Looking for an individual or team to devlope and write a propriatay software application that will:

    1)Deliver, track and report multi part email messages
    2)Assist in the collection of online data via a web forms
    3)Able to integrate as an ASP model as well as be able to run as a stand alone in Windows 98 enviroment

logo Company number: 52976   since: 07/30/2001
Last Updated: 07/30/2001   Last Login: 07/30/2001
Listing expires: 07/30/2003
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