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TekQuest Ltd

Address:   TekQuest Ltd
39078 Guardino Dr Ste #302
Fremont CA 94538 USA
Contact:   Raghu,   Director - US Operations
Telephone:   510 894 3285
Fax:   510 894 3292
Company Type:  
  • checkbox Contract Agent/Broker/Recruiter
    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.
  • checkbox Low margin Agent
    Total markup 20% or less, or $10/hr or less on all placements, total disclosure of rates.
  • checkbox Consulting Firm
    Most of your revenue is from direct responsibility for products produced by contractors for end clients.
  • checkbox Offshore Software Services
    Offer services and personnel from other countries. (h1b)
  • checkbox Software Development Company
    Most of your revenue is from market your own software products or custom products at your own site.

    TekQuest is an IT Solution, Services and Consulting company registered under the companies act 1956 in India and as per American laws in USA, focuses on Bio-medical, Telecom, e-commerce, On-Site Consultants and Offshore Programming and Development. We are co-located at Bangalore, India and Fremont, California, USA.

    Tekquest can service your requirements in developing a solution to suit your needs, creating new products, lookout of for a solution or reengineering legacy systems to be more effective in the current market. Our methodologies and experience will enable you to get there faster, with high quality expertise.                        

    We believe in long-term partnership, which we will build on the basis of mutual trust, open communication and personalized service.                                                                                                     

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