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Easteq China-Offshore

Address:   Easteq China-Offshore
92 Corporate Park Ste C86
Irvine CA 92606 USA
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    Easteq China Offshore is a leading Chinese software company offering two services to American and European companies:

    -        Offshore software development service characterized by the professional quality and the low cost.
    -        Distribution of innovative products in China.

    1) Software development
    1.1) Introduction

    Easteq provides offshore software development services to customers in USA and Europe from its R&D centers based in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

    Easteq serves outsourcing needs from companies of different sizes: from start-up, SMEs, to multinational corporations.

    Easteq service is characterized by:

    - Understanding of multinational culture: Easteq management team has long professional experience in USA, Europe and China. Easteq R&D team has served hundreds of international customers.
    - Quality on time service: Easteq guarantees the quality and efficiency of its service thanks to the competence and the professional organization of its team.
    - Low cost: Easteq allows its customers to realize their dream systems with a third of the regular cost. Typically, you can save up to 80% of the development cost.

    1.2) Scope

    Easteq assures efficient programming and testing of the software based on user requirement.

    Easteq can also cover the whole life cycle of the software. In particular, Easteq has a unique methodology to offer part of detailed analysis and specification remotely. This allows you to benefit from the offshore low cost during this most expensive part of the software development.

    Easteq can not only assure the maintenance of the software that they develop, but also the software developed by other companies.

    Easteq has many experiences developing software mainly in the following domains:

    - Information systems for sales & Marketing activities of enterprises (E-Commerce, Trading, CRM, ...)
    - Management information systems (ERP, Logistic management, ...)
    - Telecommunication (Network management, Billing, BOSS, VoIP, video communication, etc.)

    Easteq's domain of competence is not limited to above domains. Please contact us for more information.  

    1.3) Technology

    Languages: Java, J2ME, .net, C/C++, PHP, Power Builder, Delphi, ...
    OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, WinCE, VxWorks, ...
    Data Bases : Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, ...

    Easteq has experience of other technologies, willing to invest in all technologies that her customer requires.

    1.4) Method

    Easteq created an effective methodology which is briefly defined as following:

    1. Collect sufficient information to define the outline of the project. The determining factors include size of the project, company strategy, stage of the development, technology used, quality requirements, budget, flexibility, urgency and etc.
    2. Understand the customer requirements and clearly define the operational framework, based on analysis of the data collected.
    3. Determine the scope of the project is crucial the cost of project. It helps clients to define what need to be developed remotely and what must remain in-house.
    4. Implement channels of communications between client and the Easteq team, in order for clients to have good control of the project.
    5. Project implementations
    6. Follow-up and quality control: Throughout all phases of project, Easteq ensures a through follow-up and rigorous quality control.
    In order to better respond to the requirement of customers, they can also use market methodologies: CMMI, UML, or a customized methodology

    1.5) Service Model

    Fixed price project: Easteq negotiates a fixed terms and conditions for the project. Easteq guarantees the quality, time and cost of the delivery.

    Virtual staffing: Easteq negotiates a fixed price per day/hour of service of our engineers. Easteq guarantees the quality of service of his staff. They will provide a detailed weekly report to customers.

    They have other cooperation models to respond the various requirements of the customers.

    1.6) Method of Communication Management

    -        Working languages: English is their main working language of communications. They can also offer their services in French, German, and Chinese.
    -        Mutual Understanding is Key

            Misunderstanding of user requirement by the engineers is a classic issue of all offshore software development projects. The quality and efficiency of communication and coordination between different interlocutors are fundamental for the success, especially because of the international context.

                    -        Easteq is well prepared to mitigate such problems, to assure the quality of mutual understanding without traveling.
                    -        Easteq will appoint analysts and engineers having experience in the domain of the target application. Their experience is fundamental to assure the quality of the understanding of user requirement.
                    -        Easteq analysts and engineers will analysis in detail existing similar systems to complete the domain expertise. They will use those sample systems as references and will ask users to specify their requirement in comparison to the existing systems.
                    -        Easteq will develop prototypes for critical features and ask users to comment and validate.
                    -        Easteq's step by step development method minimizes time and cost of modification so that they can correct the system quickly in case of problem.
                    -        Management of communication. The first step of the project should determine some formal procedure, organization, tools and document formalities of communication in order to plan the communication and control the quality.
                    -        It is important to use different tools to assure the quality of communication at the lowest cost:

     Internet communication tools:

                    - Email
                    - Livim : text chat
                    - Livim or Skype : VoIP
                    - Livim : Data conference (Document sharing)
                    - Livim : Team chat
                    - Polycom : Video conference
     Traditional communication method:

                    - Telephone
                    - Face to face meeting

    2) Distribution in China

    2.1) Introduction

            Blossoming China market is a strategic target for all companies with international vision. However, there are so many barriers for a western company to enter into the Chinese market because of the difference of culture, the language, as well as the distance, etc.

    Distributing IT products and service in Greater China (China mainland, Hong-Kong, Taiwan) since 1998, Easteq offers American and European enterprises to profit from its experience of Chinese market. Easteq allows innovative products to gain market shares in China using its channels, its sale and marketing teams, and its technical support capabilities.

    Easteq allows its partners to penetrate Chinese market quickly and with minimum risk.

    2.2) Market

    Easteq has expertise to assure the distributions in the following markets:

    - Telecommunication carriers, ISP (China Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, Chonghua Telecom, ...)
    - Finance (Banks, Insurance companies, Stock brokerage, ...)
    - Enterprises (Trading & retailing companies, manufacturers, ...)
    - Government (provincial and city governments)

    Easteq will define the marketing strategy with you: pricing policy, distribution strategy, product plan, communication plan, after sale service. Easteq will execute the marketing plan.

    Easteq can assure many models of distribution:

    - Channel distribution
    - Direct sales
    - Telemarketing
    - Online sales

    2.3) Products

    They distribute hardware, software and services in the area of information technology and telecommunication.

    The products and services that they distribute must have following characteristics:

    - innovative, having clear differentiation comparing to competitive products and services
    - mature, reliable
    - successful in your country

    Easteq will assure the localization of the product.

    2.4) Service

    Easteq assures all technical support service, including but not limited to:

    - Pre-sales support
    - Installation
    - Integration with other systems
    - Customization
    - Training
    - Maintenance
    - Hot line

    Easteq can also assure the protection of the intellectual property right for its customers.

    3) IT services in China

    Easteq has experience to help multinational companies to implement their IT infrastructure in China, and assure the support and maintenance:

    - To design and implement the IT solution for supporting the business operations in China: hardware, software, Intranet.
    - To build an appropriate IT team
    - To provide maintenance service

    Easteq can also assure the protection of the intellectual property right for our customers.

    4) Careers

    Easteq offers a platform to motivated people to demonstrate their capability.

    Easteq offers many career opportunities of different profiles:

    - Experienced software engineers, system analysts, programmers, testers
    - Software project managers
    - Sales, Marketing
    - IT service engineers
    - Young graduates and internship candidates are also welcome.

    Multinational cultures, sense of responsibility, learning capability are the most important qualities that you must have to be successful at Easteq.

    For more information please visit our websites:


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