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Evolving Technologies/Icnivad

Address:   Evolving Technologies/Icnivad
27 Truesdale Lake Drive
Suite 22
South Salem NY 10590 USA
Contact:   Ciorsdan Conran,   Corporate Catalyst
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Telephone:   914-763-0533
Fax:   914-763-0533
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    Most of your revenue is from direct responsibility for products produced by contractors for end clients.

    Evolving Technologies/icniVad, Inc. was established fifteen years ago to bring outstanding value to our customers by exercising the power of innovation. Our customers define value as reduced risk, lower development costs, faster time to market, and assured user acceptance.

    Following a disciplined approach of user research, observation, and rapid prototyping, we move from concept to pilot quickly; providing a functional visualization of the end goal that accounts for every critical assumption that needs to be tested in the real world. Our successes include a portfolio of innovation generating well over $500 million of value for our clients, as well as a diverse patent portfolio ranging from telephones and robotics to novel business process designs.

    Although our corporate offices are in New York our skilled employees can be found across the nation bringing proven results to our many clients including Applied Materials, Coca-Cola, General Electric, General Mills, IBM, Pitney Bowes and Verizon. Our staff is dedicated to providing information consulting services, strategic business consulting, user-driven innovation, and the development of consumer and business products.

    icniVad. Business Innovations Since 1452.

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