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Market Street Talent

Address:   Market Street Talent
PO Box 1556
Portsmouth NH 03801 USA
Contact:   Sebastian Henao van Bommel,   Recruiter
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Telephone:   603-431-0070
Fax:   603-218-6072
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  • checkbox Contract Agent/Broker/Recruiter
    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.


    Why Market Street Talent?
    Every town, from our home in Portsmouth to the bustling streets of San Francisco, thrives on commerce.  Rooted in the traditional merchant systems, Market Street is the bustling hub of activity, the ears and eyes of the community, the trend setters and idea incubators - which is what we strive to be as a recruiting firm. We want to be your neighborhood recruiting firm, to maintain the important connection between client and candidate, and to avoid the impersonal nature of farming out jobs.  We specialize, we listen, we adapt, and we love what we do.

    So what else will change?
    Nothing. We are the same team you have worked with for years, specializing in the same technologies, with the same laser focus and determination you have come to expect from us.  To compete in the national market a rebranding was necessary, but everything else remains the same with a new name to call ourselves and a solidified direction.

    Who we are.
    We’re listeners. Specialists. Results-driven. Type A. Information Technology recruitment ninjas. We work with clients who need to fill IT jobs all over the U.S. Some are mega-corporations. Some are startups. Size does not matter. We give every client VIP status – providing the highest level of technical recruitment and consulting services at the most competitive and cost-effective price. Ultimately, what you’ll find is a team that delves into your uniqueness, delivers a select handful of ideal candidates and meets your needs in a timely manner.

    We do this from our picturesque location on the seacoast in Portsmouth, NH, which balances our intense drive and helps us maintain that small-town respect, friendliness and attention to detail that our clients have come to appreciate.

    Who we are not.
    We will not woo you and then turn you over to a different person every time you call. We will not send you an endless parade of poorly screened characters. We will not tie up your time gathering input and then disregard it. We will not treat you as a “hit and run” assignment and ditch you after the position has been filled. Of this, you can be sure.

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