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The Fountain Group

Address:   The Fountain Group
4505 Woodland Corporate Blvd
Suite 200
Tampa FL 33614 USA
Contact:   John Trim,   Recruiter
Web Page:
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Telephone:   813.321.6402
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  • checkbox Contract Agent/Broker/Recruiter
    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.
  • checkbox Business Services
    Most of your revenue is from business support services for CONTRACTORS (Umbrella (and employer-of-record), business insurance, accounting, legal, payroll admin, benefits, training, factoring, etc.)
  • checkbox Consulting Firm
    Most of your revenue is from direct responsibility for products produced by contractors for end clients.
  • checkbox Hiring Manager (End client)
    Obtain contractors for use on your own projects, not placement at another company's facility (no third party).
  • checkbox Software Development Company
    Most of your revenue is from market your own software products or custom products at your own site.

    The Fountain Group - "Our Precision Workforce is your Contingent Labor Solution"

    The Fountain Group provides Contingent Labor, Statement-of-Work, and Contingent-to-Permanent resources to clients with an internal/external Contingent Labor Managed Service Program or Clients without a program.

    The Fountain Group is committed to the belief that we all share in the responsibility to conduct our businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We base this on the premise that a company is much more than the products it offers. The effect a company has on the environment, the people and the communities it serves reflects the company’s dedication to being not only a good business, but to being a good corporate citizen.

    The Fountain Group believes the key to servicing a client is to identify the client demand precisely. Therefore, The Fountain Group focused its efforts on building and developing a process, which can identify an exact match for our client’s needs. Our process utilizes modern technology combined with 10+ years of Talent Acquisition experience to deliver Precision resources.

    Financial strength is prominent among The Fountain Group’s corporate values. The future of our business will be built on the innovation, compassion, outstanding services and technology, but a solid financial foundation is required to carry us forward to meet our business goal and support our long term vision.


    Contingent Labor, Contingent-to-Permanent, SOW resource provider.


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