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ARM, Inc

Address:   ARM, Inc
2002 caton way sw,
Olympia WA 98502 USA
Contact:   Gary Jong,   Recruiter
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Telephone:   408-576-1503
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    Job Description:

    Located in Olympia, Washington, the ARM Streamline team creates a performance analysis tool for software running on ARM processors, both real hardware and virtual targets. Profiling is crucial for ARM powered devices, where wringing every last bit of performance out of software can have a profound effect on a product’s battery life and performance. The successful candidate for this position will build foundational layers for capturing system events and processor statistics from ARM target devices running Windows RT.

    Job Purpose/Accountabilities


    • Using C/C++, develop an embedded user-space application to interface with the Windows RT operating system, collect relevant performance data, and transmit that data to a host device over different communication pipes
    • Create a maintainable and scalable Eclipse Java plugin that analyzes and converts data between protocol formats



    Job Requirements:

    Education & Qualifications


    • University degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent
    • Comparable work experience equally acceptable

    Essential Skills & Experience


    • Experience coding in the following languages: C/C++, Java
    • Ability to write clear, elegant, self-documenting code
    • Aptitude for reading and quickly understanding existing source bases
    • Creative, open-minded and collaborative approach to problem solving

    Desirable Skills & Experience


    • Experience with WinRT development, Event Trace Windows (ETW), and embedded Windows system programming
    • Familiarity with high-level C/Java code optimization techniques
    • Clear understanding of the principles involved in traditional profiling techniques, both sampling and instrumentation methodologies
    • Experience working with the Eclipse IDE

    Interpersonal Skills


    • High degree of initiative
    • Very clear written and verbal communication skills



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