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  • checkbox Contract Agent/Broker/Recruiter
    Most Revenue is from contractor job placement services. Responsible for providing personnel only.
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    Total markup 20% or less, or $10/hr or less on all placements, total disclosure of rates.

    What is Server Location?

    A: Before we define a server location, we should understand what a web server is. A web server is the program or system that serves data or contents to the end users over a website when requested. And, a server location is where a website data is processed and served to users residing across the globe.

    When a website is used from user end, it might be requested for a webpage, media content, or anything over the internet. Every website data is stored on the data centres of its web hosting provider. These web data in terms of contents is served on request by the nearest web servers of the end users thus it can reach to the users faster.

    What is Disk Space?

    The term Disk Space is referred as the amount of available space of a web server where web data can be stored, processed, and served on user request. The amount of required disk space depends on the size of a website.

    A web hosting disk space is like cloud storage for an individual user. Every website data is stored and backed up by its hosting provider as soon as it’s uploaded on the website. To store these data for a certain website, hosting companies allocates web space or disk space to the website.

    The disk space for a particular website provided by its hosting company can be limited or unlimited as per chosen hosting plan and cost.

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