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Shimento Inc

Address:   Shimento Inc
1700 N Broadway
Walnut CA 94596 USA
Contact:   sumit kaur,   Technical Recruiter
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Telephone:   4086739649
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  • checkbox Consulting Firm
    Most of your revenue is from direct responsibility for products produced by contractors for end clients.
  • checkbox Hiring Manager (End client)
    Obtain contractors for use on your own projects, not placement at another company's facility (no third party).

    Since 2008, Shimento has quickly solved business problems by forging long-lasting relationships.

    We prioritize partnership above all else because we understand that these relationships lead to agility, efficacy, progress and growth.

    We are a solutions firm and so we work one-on-one with our clients which help us quickly identify and access business needs, understand culture and find the right talent or team of talent to quickly and effectively address those needs.

    Because many of our team members are engineers themselves, we connect individually with each of our experienced consultants in a language they understand. This one-on-one relationship allows us to truly understand their skill sets and professional goals and, most importantly, value them as unique individuals.

    Strong relationships on both sides of the equation ensure the right fit of skills for each client solution. These relationships translate to quick action and accurate alignment of skills which saves money and time ensuring successful outcomes.

    Allow us to be your workforce expert. Whether you’re looking to hire experienced technology professionals, augment your high-performance team with best-in-class consultants, need our product development services, or are interested in joining our team, we promise to make YOU our priority.

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