Zachary Kuhn



Ten years of software engineering, design, and technical management experience


PHP, Java, Perl, C++, Unix/Linux admin & shell, DB design, SQL, XML, SOAP, HTML, CSS, MySql, Apache, OO design, Network Infrastructure, IT management,  Cisco IOS, web application architecture (3-tier), load balancing, Call center technology, VOIP, DNS, TCP/IP, problem solving


Senior Software Engineer and IT Manager

San Diego, CA 
Manage team and technical operations for e-commerce environment software and hardware with 99.999% uptime service level
Oversee data center operations, call center technical operations, company network and WAN, and supporting personnel
Manage roll out of new technology products and services to the company
Provide object-oriented design, programming and implementation to deliver e-commerce software features in the affiliate travel network in a 3-tier load-balanced MVC LAMP environment using OO PHP(4&5)
Designed, implemented and delivered 3rd and 4th generation software versions to manage, sell, and deliver secure e-ticket inventory
Integrated gateway to resell car rentals and created supporting software to track order sales and provide customer service. SOAP + OLTP
Initiated Payment Card Industries (PCI) compliance program 

Computer Services and Software Consultant

Fusion Enterprises	
Los Angeles, CA
Founded company to provide business technology consulting
Provided software development services and IT support on a contract basis
Wrote and currently maintain legal case workflow management software (in use 2002 - present) for Workers comp firm
Supported mortgage broker site computers and Point mortgage software installation
Other clients included a data processing company and e-card company

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, CA
Created back-end systems software for shopping comparison engine in an OO  LAMP environment supporting 15% month to month growth 
Created multi-threaded web spider (regex and parser) to crawl various e-commerce sites (,, etc.) to aggregate product data feeds
Perl data feed processing scripts and supporting libraries to import products for price comparison from direct connect vendor

Software Engineer Intern

Technical Empowerment
Los Angeles, CA
Created Java indexing application to index manuals for Xerox
JSP application for University Alumni relations: MS SQL, JDBC
Various web development project including Jones, Partners-Architecture

Software Engineer Intern

Wildgate Wireless	    
Los Angeles, Ca 
Programming projects in C++, Java, and VB to support pager messaging and routing server software

 Information Services Technician

Loyola Marymount University	
Los Angeles, CA
Tech support for student network, NT4.0, Netware 4.x, and NT-Mail servers
AS400 mainframe support, student mail and application server support, faculty and staff support, and computer lab support

Loyola Marymount University

B.S., Computer Science
Los Angeles, CA
Emphasis in AI and computer security 
GRE scores:  800 math,  700 verbal,  600 written

Artificial Intelligence
Robotics and Motion Control
Flying (private pilot licensed)

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