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â�¢         Having 7 years of experience in IT Industry in Software Testing and Quality Assurance using Manual and Automated Testing approach.

â�¢         Strong in Analyzing Business Rules and Requirements, Functional Specifications, Software Requirements Specifications, to prepare Test Plans, Test Cases and Develop Test Scripts.

â�¢         Involved in Manual and Automated Testing of Web and Client server applications.

â�¢         Extensive experience in Black Box, Ad-Hoc, Functional, Web, Integration, Regression, User Acceptance and System Testing.

â�¢         Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (Waterfall, agile) and Testing Life Cycle, Testing methodologies.

â�¢         Experience in using Automation Tools Win Runner, QTP, and Test Director/Quality Center.

â�¢         Proficient in the use of Quality Center â�“ QC Customization, Project Administration, Role Assignments, Access controls, Defect Reporting, Gathering Requirements, Writing Test Plans, and Test Cases.

â�¢         Excellent Scripting Knowledge of Mercuryâ�™s Test script Language (TSL) and VB Script.

�     Expertise with QA Verification and QA Validations to ensure the Quality Assurance control.

�     Experience in testing database application of RDBMS in Oracle and MS SQL Server.

�     Exposure to different Operating Systems like MSDOS, Windows, Linux and UNIX.

�     Knowledge in testing web based applications developed in .NET, ASP, JAVA, J2EE.

�     Working Knowledge of Load Runner and web services testing using QTP.

â�¢         Involved in review meetings with Project Managers, Developers and Business Associates during Project Planning, Coordination and implementing various QA methodologies.

â�¢         Experience and expertise in complete QA Lifecycle, from QA Approach. Proposal to develop, design, prepare, and review of all project documents which include â�“ Project Management Plan, Training Plan, Peer Review Records, Internal Weekly Status Report, Project Status Report, Test Plan, Test Design and Test Cases, Test Strategy, Test Scripts, Test Matrices & Test Reports, Daily Effort reports, Defect Logs etc.

â�¢         Knowledge about the Software Quality Assurance, ISO, CMM levels and Six Sigma standards.

�     Having good analytical, logical reasoning ability, coordination and interpersonal skills.

â�¢         Excellent oral, written communication skills, ability to manage multiple tasks on multiple environments.  

�     Good interpersonal skills, committed, able to manage multiple tasks on cross functional teams, result oriented with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies and undertake challenging tasks.



Mercury Interactive Tools           : QTP, Win Runner, Load Runner

Bug Tracking Tools                    : P R Tracker, Test Director, Quality Center, Clear Quest

RDBMS                                                : Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server, DB2

Software Languages                  : C, SQL, HTML, DHTML, TSL .NET

Operating Systems                    : MSDOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/vista/7, Macintosh, Linux

Browsers                                  : Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Safari

Packages                                  : MS Office, MS Access, MS Visio, MS Project, TOAD, Informatica

ERP packages                          : Oracle applications and SAP




Manhattan Associates, Atlanta, GA                                                                              Oct 2009 to Till date

Role: Automation Engineer

The objective of this project is to develop software for a medium and small-scale industries, since most of the reputed ERPs are very expensive for small and medium scale industries. The package aims at the development of Supply Chain Management package catering to the needs of small and medium firms. Manhattan Associates has concentrated exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve lower costs, higher profits and happier customers.


â�¢         Participated in Requirement and Detail Design meetings to understand the functional requirements of the application in agile environment.

â�¢         Participated in Test Cases Manual Vs Automated testing decision-making process.

â�¢         Understood the Application Functionality from reviewing the Existing Test Cases business documents and Meeting with the Manual Testing Team.

â�¢         Created Automation Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, and Test Scripts and executed the Manual and Automated Test Scripts successfully.

â�¢         Validated the application with checkpoints using QTP.

â�¢         Enhance the automated scripts using synchronization points and parameterization.

â�¢         Performed Data driven testing, System testing, Integrated testing and User acceptance testing.

â�¢         All Reusable actions were designed to execute based on Data and Keyword, to accommodate for all navigations possible in the module.

â�¢         Created Keyword Function Libraries that can be used across applications.

â�¢         Customized Quality center for the manual testing team to flag test cases for automation.

â�¢         Entered defects found by automated scripts into Quality Center.

â�¢         Maintained quality assurance standards and procedures throughout SDLC.

Platform: SCOPE, QTP 9.5, Quality Center 9.2, VBScript, MS SQL Server, VB.NET, Windows XP.


Prognosis Health Information Systems, Houston, TX                                        Feb 2009 - Oct 2009

Role: Sr. Automation Test Analyst

It specializes in providing community hospitals with core clinical information systems that deliver function, usability, and value, which was built by leveraging the healthcare industry experiences of a business software vendor and a medical records service and software provider, offers the information technology, service and support that makes EMR success a realistic goal for all healthcare organizations.


â�¢         Reviewed functional requirements and design specifications and create testable requirements to ensure testability.

â�¢         Created and maintained test plans, testing schedule.

â�¢         Designed, developed, maintained and executed automated test scripts using Mercury Interactive Quick Test Professional.

â�¢         Performed Regression testing to ensure quality using automated testing tool.

â�¢         Validated the application with checkpoints using QTP.

â�¢         Enhanced the automated scripts using synchronization points and parameterization.

â�¢         Performed Data driven, Data Integrity, System Integrity, User acceptance testing.

â�¢         Defects were tracked and reported using Quality Center.

â�¢         Worked with development and user community to define and develop testing requirements to validate software solutions was built to specifications.

â�¢         Provided on job training to coworkers on test automation tools and utilities.

Platform: ChartAccess, Windows NT, HTML, VB Script, MS SQL, MS Access, QTP, Quality Center.


Intego, Austin, TX                                                                                                          Jan 2008 - Feb 2009   

Role: QA Engineer

The Internet Update Software allows the licensed users to update their software with the newer versions.  When the user executes this update program, it validates the user license and then checks, which files to be downloaded. Since the files are held on the FTP server in compressed format, this application will download, extract and update the software automatically.


â�¢         Designed, created and executed test cases for Functional, and Regression testing.

â�¢         Performed functional, Positive and Negative testing and Regression testing of the web-based application.

â�¢         Performed Backend testing by extensively using SQL queries to verify the integrity of the database.

â�¢         Ensured that the functionality, as defined in requirements, is same as the intended behavior of the AUT.

â�¢         Conducted Regression testing after every new build and version.

â�¢         Coordinated with the developers on Defects Status and Technical Issues on a regular basis.

Platform: VirusBarrier X6, Internet Security Barrier X6, VB Script, Oracle 9i, TOAD, Mac OS X v10.5.2, QTP 8.2, TestDirector.          


EarthLink, Atlanta, GA                                                                                       Nov 2007 - Jan 2008

Role: Automation Test Analyst

TotalAccess Email Program is a stand-alone system dependent email program application like Outlook Express. It has many built in function under single Task Panel. The features are connecting to internet, access web mail, email program, spam blocker, pop-up blocker, spyware blocker, scam blocker etc.


â�¢         Involved in development of Test Plan and Test specifications as per client business requirements.

â�¢         Developed the test cases according to functional requirements.

â�¢         Analyzed system requirements and developed Test Plans and test scripts for manual and automation testing.

â�¢         Interacted with business people and developers to exchange the updated status and interacted with developers to resolve technical issues.

�     Involved in developing validation scripts.

�     Front-end testing was done on different link verification and validation.

�     Involved in back-end testing using SQL queries to read the data from Oracle.

�     Involved in Functional testing and Regression testing.

Platform: TotalAccess, Windows, Oracle, SQL Server, QTP and Test Director, Java, JavaScript, VB Script, HTML.


Capital Group, Chicago, IL                                                                                           Feb 2006 - Nov 2007

Role: Quality Assurance Analyst

Capital Group companies manage the investments of individuals and large institutions through mutual funds, separately managed accounts and pooled investment funds.


�     Developed test cases according to the business requirements to test the complete functionality of the application.

�     Created test scripts for data driven tests using Quick Test Professional.

�     Test scripts were run manually to check the functionality of the application.

�     Navigational testing of the hyperlinks provided in the web pages in different browser and operating system combination.

�     Validation testing i.e. ability to connect to the database to retrieve dynamic data.

�     Tested for look and feel of web pages.

�     Reported the bugs using Test Director.

Platform: Windows, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, DB2, QTP, Test Director.


InSite One, Inc. Wallingford, CT                                                                                     Sep 2005 - Feb 2006   

Role: Automation Test Analyst

InSite One, Inc. is the market leader in healthcare patient information storage and management services. By design, this archive retains and protects data for their legal-life in a tamper-proof HIPAA compliant environment. The full spectrum of InDex services includes seamless data migration, ongoing IT support, state-of-the-art hardware and software upgrades that keep pace with the healthcare enterpriseâ�™s evolving needs.

�     Execution of the Test Cases and generating Reports.

�     Created and maintained Automated Test Cases and Test Plans using QTP.

�     Reporting bugs in the Bug Tracker.

�     Interacting with Developers for assisting them in the Identification, Simulation, Resolving and Tracking of problem events.

Platform: Windows 2000, HTML, VB Script, JavaScript, ASP, MS-SQL Server, QTP, Test Director


Trintech Inc., Addison, TX                                                                                              Jan 2005 - Sep 2005

Role: Automation Engineer

Trintech has over 600 leading customers in the commercial, financial services, and healthcare industries and is the only company to provide a complete set of financial governance solutions for controlling critical financial processes. The company�s reconciliation and compliance software solutions allow finance managers to easily manage their reconciliation and compliance processes from data acquisition to the daily verification and reconciliation.

�     Reviewed Design Specifications, created test plans, test cases and executed them.

�     Developed and maintained automation shell scripts using SQL and UNIX to test whether data integrity and referential integrity were being met.

�     Extensively utilized SQA to automate test procedures & test cases that perform regression testing on front-end of the system.

�     Testing of various objects on the front end.

�     Performed Stress testing and regression testing.

�     Query the data using SQL

Platform: Windows, DB2, TSL, Winrunner, Clear Quest.


Ada Resource Services, Bangalore, India.                                                                     Apr 2004 - Jan 2005

Role: Tester

This is the Resume Tracking Package and is quite useful for Human Resource Representatives. This is a Stand Alone Application, which provides provision to capture candidate details and to process the status information.

�     Analyzed business requirement and functional specification document of client.

�     Prepared test scenarios, test cases ,test scripts, test status reports.

�     Executed Test Cases and Reported/Tracked defects.

�     Conducted Regression testing on enhancements, new versions/builds, integration etc

Platform: Windows, VB.NET, VB Script, MS Access, MA Excel.


Probanx, Bangalore, India.                                                                                            Sep 2003 - Apr 2004

Role: Tester

Probanx Information Systems specializes in development of software for the financial institutions, offering multi-currency and multi-lingual banking systems with a large variety of modules including CRM, Time Deposits, Loans and Mortgages, Treasury Management, Portfolio Management and Multi-channel Banking. 

â�¢         Executed test cases as assigned.

â�¢         Reported bugs into bug tracking systems.

â�¢         Retested resolved bugs on each release.

â�¢         Regresses existing bugs on previous software builds or alternate database/server configurations.

â�¢         Prepared summary reports.

Platform: Windows, Oracle, PHP, HTML, MS Excel.



�     Bachelor of Engineering, Kakatiya University, India.