David A. Howard

Software Professional

PMB #317, 379 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063



Software leader/architect/engineer with a wide range of skills and experience. Over thirty years in professional environments leading teams, designing, developing and delivering software systems. Strengths include problem analysis, solution design, proposal development, management, programming and integration, technical presentations, training and support. Capable of working concurrently and productively at all project and program levels from strategy, architecture and management to in-the-trench development. Adept at communicating with all stake holders and team members. Track record of successful projects especially recovering struggling or abandoned efforts.

Career Summary: (details below)

2010–present: Solutions Director and Architect for an SaaS GRC automation platform software company. Hands on, day to day work involving customer requirements analysis, core product and custom module development, integration and reporting module creation, solution delivery and support.

2000–2010: Software Consultant developing revenue generating e-commerce platforms, custom hosted software systems, communications and transaction bridges, integrating affiliate, co-merchant and payment processing systems, designing special interfaces with legacy systems.

1990–1999: Software Architect for large-scale solution providers, developing video broadcast and storage systems, government systems for photo IDs and document authentication and processing, healthcare related inter-system messaging platforms.

1980–1989: Systems Software Engineer in the telecommunications industry, developing military, business telephone and central office switching and messaging systems.


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (1976-1980)

School of Engineering and Applied Science

B.S.E. in Systems Science and Engineering

Combined courses from electrical and computer engineering including circuit theory and systems programming. Focused on systems theory and application, modeling and simulation, systems development, probability and microprocessor applications labs.

The Roxbury Latin School, West Roxbury, MA (1970-1976)

Current Technologies:

Languages: C#, C++, C, VB, Perl, PHP, Java, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix

Databases – Reporting: MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle - Crystal, Pentaho, MS Reporting

Web: .NET, Joomla, Drupal, Web Services, SOAP/XML, Ajax, ASP, JSP, CGI, analytics, SEO

Servers: IIS, Apache, Mono, Tomcat

IDEs: Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, Dreamweaver, MonoDevelop

Tools: Clearcase, Subversion, Perforce, Synergy, CVS, RCS

Business Systems: Think Subscriptions, Ecometry (now Escalate)

Integrated Commerce: Commission Junction, Amazon Marketplace, Linkshare

Online Management: Domain Registrars, Hosting Services, Cloud Computing

Resume of Dave Howard - Career Details:

April 2010 – present

Avior Computing

Director of Solutions, Software Architect and Engineer (C#, ASP.NET, Java, HTML/JS/CSS, Mono)

Directing, managing and developing specifications, core and custom product software, and customer support and maintenance for an SaaS product suite which provides businesses with tools for enterprise level compliance. Solution focus includes the healthcare industry (5010, ICD-10), Vendor Risk Management, PCI and many others.

April 2007 – April 2010

Carus Publishing

Consultant Architect, Development Director (C#, .NET, Web Services, MS-SQL, ASP, VB – THINK Subscriptions)

Architect, lead developer and consultant for a custom e-commerce .NET based retail web site. Heavy use of web services interfacing with the back-end system, THINK Subscriptions, and also with external services like FedEx shipping address validation. Maintenance of legacy ASP/VB site. Reworked and deployed legacy site. Led effort for PCI compliance and intrusion recovery.

April 2006 – April 2007

Avior Computing

Principal Software Engineer and Architect (C#, ASP.NET, Java, HTML/JS, IKVM, Mono)

Design and development responsibility for several releases of two cross-platform industrial hosted applications for use in the compliance industry. Created a crystal-like report engine based on Pentaho open-source software housed in a custom Java package, cross-compiled to a .NET class library via IKVM. Developed corporate website along with graphical designer.

October 1999 – April 2006


Consultant Architect and Lead Developer, Manager (Unix/Linux,Perl/CGI,Java,XML,SOAP,Oracle/SQL,HTML,CSS,JS,ECOMETRY)

Implemented and deployed a high-performance e-commerce web site including back-end search and shopping engines, payment and affiliate portals, and a flexible custom templating platform for the site designers. Worked with client staff to integrate internal business extensions to the site in order to automate many business tasks. Recruited and managed subcontractors. Provided consulting and managed over 15 major releases of the site software.

September 1997 – October 1999

Celestica New England

Solution provider (C/Unix/Oracle, Java, Visual Basic/Windows NT/95)

Design and implementation of a new client/server order management and distribution system to replace the legacy transaction-processing platform. The new software was Unix/C/Informix replacing the Cobol code. Bid and won fixed-price project, recruited and managed a team of developers. Delivered successful system within schedule and budget.

September 1995 – October 1997

Digital Equipment Corporation

Independent Software Consultant (C, Unix, Oracle)

Design and implementation of key components of the professional digital video recorder and automated robotic tape product lines.

July 1993 – September 1995

Imaging Automation, Inc.

Independent Software Consultant (C++, OS/2, TCP/IP, NETBIOS, APPC, Stratus, Oracle)

Systems architect and senior development engineer for a large scale Photo ID system for all driver’s licenses and healthcare IDs for the province of Ontario, Canada. Systems architect and senior development engineer and for several US state Medicaid office software systems and various demonstration ID systems as part of proposals.

December 1989 – July 1993

Digital Equipment Corporation

Software Architect, Engineer, Group Leader (C, Unix, VMS, Ultrix, Oracle, Rdb, DECMessageQ)

Software architect and senior development engineer for several projects including The HealthView Platform, DEC Library Server and DCSC robotic tape library software systems. Responsible for system analysis and design, development of key components, project documentation, consulting and training to field groups and customers including Boston Children’s Hospital.

May 1988 – December 1989

MCI International

Independent Software Consultant (C, RDML, Rdb, VMS)

International FAX Store and Forward System - Designed and implemented system statistical database to provide feedback to operations and management. Modified system level software for performance optimization. Enhanced billing and operator interface code. Modified an Ethernet based PC remote boot system to allow the VMS based DOS virtual disks to appear larger than the 640K limit that existed at the time. Also responsible for system integration and testing.

December 1983 – May 1988


Contact Software Engineer (C, VMS, CHILL)

EWSD Central Office Switching System (Siemens), SAFE store-and-forward system (MCI International) - designed/developed communications software and provided onsite consulting and project management in New York and Munich.

April 1981 – November 1983

TeleSciences, Inc.

Software Engineer (6809 assembly, machine code)

SSU front-end switch enhancer (British Telecom), X-80 PBX - Implemented the voice response subsystem management software, the host system interface code, and the system operations and maintenance tasks. Responsible for all field test planning and execution. Performed long-term onsite (London and several US cities) debugging and code patching. Other responsibilities included software release control, system documentation, and operator training.

May 1980 – April 1981

G.T.E. Sylvania

Systems Software Engineer (GPSS simulation language)

MX Missile System - In support of the hardware design team, developed a simulation of the message processing software at a silo node. The model provided system throughput estimates based on hardware parameters such as processor speed and memory access rates.