Anthony G. Williams

Rocklin, CA 95677
916.296.7881 –

Citizenship: US Citizen

Willing to Relocate: Yes


Telecommunications Industry: Mfg, R&D and IT – Modular and Fixed-Port Layer 3 Ethernet Switch Development

  • Several years of experience in application and embedded systems programming in C/C++.

  • Experienced in full project life cycle development from early investigation to product launch.

  • Implemented and drove many hardware and software design changes that led to significant cost savings.

  • Experienced in supervising, mentoring and managing a group of software engineers.

  • Knowledgeable of computer security issues and develop code using common secure coding practices.

  • Quality conscious software developer who takes pride in writing clean and well-structured code.

  • Proven leadership and experience in the area of manufacturing test development.


  • Developed a 1st generation feature that combats product counterfeiting of printed circuit assemblies by employing cryptography (AES Advanced Encryption Standard), which saves HP hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in support costs.

  • Implemented multi-source vendor support of the Gigabit Copper SFP transceiver across the entire HP ProCurve product line. Effectively eliminating a key issue, which placed HP ProCurve at a price disadvantage.

  • Expanded manufacturing functional test to support rework and testing of units at the distribution centers instead of shipping units back to the manufacturing facilities. Led to significant cost savings and supply chain agility.

  • Came up with a new concept design and drove a single fixture solution to handle multiple product PCAs. Cost reduction of $2,000 per fixture compared to previous fixture styles.


Operating Systems:

Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2012, UNIX/HPUX 9.04 & 10.20, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 9.10 Server, Embedded Linux

Programming & Scripting Languages:

C/C++, C#, JavaScript/VBScript, ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, AWK, Korn Shell (ksh), Assembly Language (x86, 68000)

Software Development Tools & Applications:

Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS, Green Hills Multi Debugger, Green Hills Event Analyzer, Wind River VxWorks RTOS, Wind River Tornado, Wind River CrossWind Debugger, Wind River Winsh, JumpStart ARM Debugger, Freescale CodeWarrior IDE, CodeWarrior Real-Time Debugger, SlickEdit, MS Visual C# Express, MS Visual Studio 2005, MS Visual C++ 5.0, Borland C++ 5.0, National Instruments LabWindows/CVI 5.0, National Instruments TestExecutive 2.0.1, Fanfare iTest 3.4, ALM RESTful API, ALM Open Test Architecture (OTA) API

Other Software Tools, Computer & Network Security Applications:

VNC Client and Server, NoMachine NX, VMware Player 3.0.1, TrueCrypt 6.1a, Putty (SSH Client), FreeSSHd (SSH Server), Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer, NetworkMiner 0.87, NetStumbler 0.4.0, Nmap/Zenmap GUI, Nessus 4.0.0, BackTrack4

Hardware & Equipment:

Green Hills JTAG Probe, Green Hills Trace Probe, JEENI JTAG Embedded ICE, VLSI Velocity Board/ARM7, Protocol Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, Fiber-optic Meters, P&E Micro USB Multilink Probe, Freescale Development Board (MC9S08QG4/8 microcontroller), BeagleBone/ARM Cortex-A8, DF-BluetoothV3 Module, SSC-32 (SSC32) Servo Controller, BDM, RS232, I2C, MII, MDIO, PHYs (Broadcom Marvell)

Revision Control Tools & Collaboration Tools:

Rational ClearCase, Tortoise SVN Subversion for Windows, MKS Source Integrity, Git,

TeamTrack, HP Application Lifecycle Management 12.21 (ALM), Quality Center, Code Collaborator 7.2.x

Database Development/Admin:

MySQL, MS SQL Server 2012, MS Access 2000

Web Development/Admin:

Web Server Setup and Administration, IIS 5.0, Advanced Integration Method (AIM), Merchant Account Setup, eCommerce, SSL Certificate Configuration

Anthony G. Williams

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Blue Shield of California El Dorado Hills, California 3/2014 – 2/2016


  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) developer and administrator responsible for architecting software solutions, creating and maintaining new projects and customized workflows.

  • Implement ALM customization revision control and continuous integration/build processes.

  • Consult with IT and business staff to troubleshoot and resolve all ALM issues.

  • Lead initiatives/projects for use with HP ALM.

  • Interface with Hewlett Packard’s ALM support team in resolving ALM migration issues.

  • Work with stakeholders to continually improve processes supported by ALM.

  • Develop integrations to related systems to exchange requirements and defect information. Integration development of JIRA with ALM using internally developed synchronization solution.

  • Create ALM dashboards and custom reports.

  • Hands-on experience developing client/server applications in C# and Visual Basic (RESTful and OTA APIs). Implement Windows services based on Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and XML. Also deliver custom automation solutions to the QA team.

  • Designed and implemented an automated backup solution and restore process for the ALM project repository.

  • Systems analysis and design in a PC-Windows, client-server, or midrange environments.

  • Maintain user accounts. Ensure users have the right roles/permissions to accomplish tasks.

Hewlett Packard (ProCurve Networking now HP Networking) Roseville, California 2/2008 – 3/2014


  • Software engineer responsible for architecting, developing and maintaining the Chassis Management subsystem that monitors and controls many aspects of an HP ProCurve Gigabit and 10-Gigabit enterprise-class switch. Functional blocks such as fabric and network blade initialization, hot-swap event handling, temperature, power supply, fan monitoring, redundancy control, high availability, distributed fabric stacking and energy efficiency are the primary responsibility of the Chassis Management subsystem. It also provides an extensive API for various upper layer features and subsystems.

  • Refactored major parts of the Chassis Management code to be more platform independent and conform to a driver-based model, effectively reducing the size of platform dependent code and enabling faster bring up of hardware during new product development.

  • Host formal investigation, design, unit test plan and code reviews at each stage of the development process.

  • Other responsibilities include triage, debug, and fixing firmware defects. Collaborate with joint development partners in India and Singapore for designing new features or resolving defects.

  • Architected and designed a lightweight turnkey solution that runs on an 8-bit microcontroller. This feature combats product counterfeiting of printed circuit assemblies by employing cryptography (AES Advanced Encryption Standard), which saves HP hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in support costs.

  • Software development in C using Green Hills INTEGRITY development tools and (RTOS) real-time operating system.

  • Hardware platforms based on the PowerPC 8540 and switching ASICs with an embedded ARM9 or ARM11 core.

  • Embedded microcontroller development using Freescale’s CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment tools.

  • Linux kernel configuration and device driver development for next generation switch RTOS.

Hewlett Packard (ProCurve Networking now HP Networking) Roseville, California 1/2002 – 2/2008


  • Resident expert in the area of self-test and diagnostics.

  • Major responsibilities include providing product power-on-self-test and firmware diagnostic tools used for hardware proto-type verification, manufacturing production testing, and product repair.

  • Work cross functionally with different groups to ensure high-test coverage of the packet forwarding data path, hardware subsystems and ease of use.

  • Supervise and mentor software engineers in the US and in Asia-Pacific during many new product introductions.

  • Embedded systems programming experience on various PowerPC based hardware platforms using HP proprietary multi-layer Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch and fabric ASICs with an embedded ARM core.

  • Experience with many of Broadcom’s multi-layer Gigabit and 10-Gigabit switch ASICs, fabric ASICs, and PHYs.

  • Software development in C using Wind River’s VxWorks development tools and real-time operating system.

Anthony G. Williams

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Hewlett Packard (ProCurve Networking now HP Networking) Roseville, California 12/1995 – 2/2004


  • Senior test development engineer responsible for designing and developing functional tests for HP ProCurve multi-layer 10/100 Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switch products.

  • Major responsibilities include providing “Design for Manufacturability” (DFM) and "Design for Testability" (DFT) inputs to R&D design teams during the prototype development phase of new product introductions.

  • Design, develop and document functional testing strategies for PCAs and products.

  • Manage the procurement of and/or develop all hardware and software tooling for test solutions.

  • Experience developing test hardware systems in-house and through outside services.

  • Launch and stabilize functional test and product test solutions to HP counterparts in Asia-Pacific.

  • Software development team member responsible for developing and maintaining STEP (Standard Test Executive Platform), an ATE software application that interfaces with a manual or automated test fixture.

  • Develop device drivers that are dynamically loaded into the STEP software application.

  • Software development using National Instruments LabWindows/CVI 5.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 for tests running on PC platform and HPUX C for tests running on UNIX systems.

Southwest Test now Circuit Check Dallas, Texas 8/1995 – 11/1995


  • Designed printed circuit boards that went into wireless test fixtures for the HP3070, Teradyne, and GenRad in-circuit test systems.

  • Designed boards for custom functional test fixtures using PADS (Personal Automated Design System) PCB design tool.

  • Also used custom software to manipulate, extract and convert customer’s CAD and system data into usable data for laying out the printed circuit board.

  • Created and added new parts to the parts library.

  • Generated gerber, drill, and fixture files which where passed on to the manufacturing process.

BancTec Dallas, Texas 5/1995 – 8/1995


  • Performed component-level troubleshooting, PC repair, configuration, and diagnostic testing on AST desktop and portable computers.

Telxon Corporation Houston, Texas 7/1993 – 1/1995


  • Performed signal-level troubleshooting and testing of various types of microprocessor-based circuit boards using software diagnostics for portable, wireless, and pen-based tele-transaction computers.

  • Other responsibilities included PCA rework and repair.

  • Performed data entry, prepared defect reports, and trained other technicians.

Compaq Computer Corporation Houston, Texas 7/1992 – 1/1993


  • Duties included testing PC circuit boards with a GenRad in-circuit automated test machine as well as analyzing and troubleshooting those boards that failed in-circuit testing.

  • Generated yield reports and equipment status reports, which were feedback to production managers and GenRad technicians.

Anthony G. Williams

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Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering Technology

Prairie View A&M University Prairie View, Texas


Woodcreek High School F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Team Mentor

  • Visit students on campus to provide guidance in project planning and direction when they are faced with a design or programming challenge.

Triple Eight Robotics Project

  • This project is a custom build of a 24-inch biped robot made out of aluminum and off-the-shelf servos. The first phase of the project involves fabricating and building the torso, legs and feet of the robot followed by the development of a walking gait that incorporates sensor feedback via an accelerometer to help provide stability. The main systems of the robot are the computer subsystem (BeagleBone Linux computer) running Ubuntu 12.10 with a proto board for peripherals, a servo controller and a Bluetooth module. Command and control of the robot will be done thru my smart phone via Bluetooth. The robotics software is written in C using the Eclipse IDE running in a Linux VM virtual machine on a windows PC and the code is cross-compiled for the ARM processor. Founder/Owner

  • Internet based Business-to-Consumer B2C and Business-to-Business B2B SaaS web portal.

  • Performed extensive research/analysis of business and system requirements.

  • Developed a business plan.

  • Database development and administration DBA writing SQL queries using MySQL relational database.

  • Maintained and supported a web-based database administration tool developed in PHP.

  • Configuration and installation of SSL digital certificates signed by Verisign and GeoTrust.

  • Developed the eCommerce payment system from the ground up using Authorize.Net Advanced Integration Method (AIM) API and payment gateway to process online credit card transactions. Merchant account setup via Wells Fargo Business Services.

  • JavaScript implemented for client side features and functionality.

  • Server-side coding done primarily in Active Server Pages ASP.

  • Web Server Setup and Administration IIS 5.0.

  • Performed penetration testing using the Metasploit framework running in BackTrack4 VM. Also used Nmap/Zenmap for network exploration and security auditing.