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Amyra Amyra, Why is Thailand famous for massage?

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History of massage in Thailand is dated back to as early as the 1900 century. It came from Buddhism in Thailand. The current spa techniques in Thailand are a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian cultures.

Over time Thailand came up with its signature technique 'Thai massage'. Gradually it turns into Sex Massage.  With the advancement in the tourist spots, the words about Thai massage spread in all parts of the world. Thai massage in Thailand was unique. They don't use oil or cream and they let you wear pajamas (if you are in the right kind of spa). They work well on the pressure points and blood flow to make you feel relaxed.

Nowadays, Delhi is also fillup with these types of Massage Center and they give complete Body massage to their customers. For Body Massage Center Click here

Thailand is also famous for its tourist spots. Over time massage became supplementary for tourists and now many people go only for a massage there.

Generally, massages in Thailand are not overrated. They are cheap, and salons are ubiquitous. There are many types of massages and most, when performed by a well-trained and experienced practitioner, can be relaxing and therapeutic. On the other hand, in my mind and experience, Thai Traditional Massage is overrated. The contortions they put your body through are torturous and at the hands of a poorly trained and inexperienced practitioner can be dangerous.

Most, of the shops you will find along the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket are staffed with young women (rarely men) who may have a 30-hour course certificate from the Wat Po Massage Training Academy. Unfortunately, most of the certificates you see on the walls in these places are not genuine. Even if they are genuine, 30 hours, to me, does not seem to be an adequate amount of time for thorough training.

Like anything else in life, it helps if you know of a really good place & it depends if you are interested in a straightforward massage or a more sexually stimulating body massage in which case you may like two girls who will use their bodies to massage yours. There are many options in this sphere in Thailand, personally I like to have my shoulders neck & head massaged it’s incredibly relaxing & I keep my clothes on. I think it’s a good value.

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