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Jia Jia, What are some facts about Delhi that Indians are generally unaware of?

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Delhi is the National capital of India. Delhi is the home to a million of people from various background. In 1911 the capital of India was declared to be changed from Calcutta to Delhi and on 13th Feb 1931 it was officially done.

Here are some lesser known facts about Delhi that Indians are generally unaware of:

  • Largest Mosque in India: - The Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India which was built in 1656. This was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. There are so many other mosques in Delhi such as Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, Fatehpuri Mosque, Sunheri masjid, Zinat ul Masjid.
  • Delhi is also called 'Lutyens Delhi’: - As the capital was designed by the British architects – Sir Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens. Sometimes Delhi is also called Lutyens Delhi in honor of the contribution made in building the city.
  • The Red Fort was used to be originally white: - Yes you read it right, the mighty Red of Delhi was used to be white initially. According to Archaeological Survey of India parts of Red Fort were made of limestone. When the white stone started to chipping off & starts fading, the British painted it Red to preserve it.
  • Delhi is the home to the largest market of spices in Asia: - Delhi's Khari Baoli market is Asia's largest wholesale spice market. This market is estabilished in the 17th centuray, still holds the reputation to date. This market is situtated very close to the Fatehpuri Masjid.
  • Entire public transport system in Delhi runs on CNG: - The Delhi Transport Corporation along with other public transport services in Delhi is entirely run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Even the auto rickshaws & taxies are also fuelled with CNG, to keep the pollution in check.
  • Tallest Minaret in the world :- Delhi is home to the tallest minaret in the world which is known as Qutub Minar.The construction of this beautiful Minaret began in 1200 AD by the Delhi Sultanate - Qutub al-Din Aibak .The first three storey are made up of red sand stone, the fourth, fifth and sixth storey are of marble and sandstone and at foot of tower is Quwwat ul Islam Mosque.
  • Delhi is home to a Weirdest museums in the country :- As absurd as this fact about Delhi sounds, the museum of toilets offers a perfect message on the history of sanitation.The Sulabh international museums of toilets in Delhi is a museum run by the Sulabh interntional which is dedicated to global history of sanitation and toilets .This museum was established in 1992 by Dr Bindeshwar Pathak a social activist founder of sulabh sanitation.
  • Delhi was once walled by 14 gates: - Delhi was surrounded by 14 gates initially out of which only five still stand. ‘The Kashmere gate’ built in 1835 by Robert Smith is the northernmost gate of the city. ‘The Ajmeri gate’ constructed in 1644 considerably faces Ajmer. ‘The Lahori gate’ is the main entrance into the Red Fort. ‘The Delhi gate’ also known as the ‘Dilli Darwaza’ is another way into the Red Fort. Lastly, ‘The Turkman gate’ built during the 13th Century is located in Shahjahanabad.
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