Christopher R. Pond - Java Software Engineer & Architect -- New Hampshire and Massachusetts only!!
(603) 974-0810

Extensive experience as a software engineer and architect with an emphasis on system architecture, J2EE distributed computing and database systems, and Unix/Linux.

Skills Skills

Languages: Java, C++, C, Perl, HTML, XML (including XSLT), Unix shell scripting

Operating Systems: Linux (RedHat 5.2 through 9, Fedora, Mandrake 10), Sun Solaris, Compaq Unix, IBM AIX, HP/UX, Windows (XP, 2000, NT 4, 98, 95, 3.11)

Java J2EE Application Servers: IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Borland AppServer, Oracle OC4J


APIs and libraries: JDBC, SQLJ, J2EE EJB, Hibernate, various flavors of embedded SQL for C, RogueWave DBTools.h++

Servers: Oracle (8.1.5 through 9), IBM DB2, Postgresql, MySQL, Informix

Networking and Distributed Computing: SOAP (Java Axis 1.1), CORBA (Visibroker, Orbix), Java RMI, IP and UDP sockets, IP multicast, Java JMS, Tibco message oriented middleware (Rendezvous and financial suite), RogueWave Net.h++ (portal C++ sockets api), DCE, Encina

Java Packages: XML (Xerces – both SAX and DOM, Saxon (XSLT), Skaringa), Log4j, Axis, Regexp, Swing, JDBC, EJB, JMS, JTA & JTS, JAAS

C++ Libraries: RogueWave Tools.h++, Net.h++, Money.h++, Threads (Threads.h++, posix, Linux, Solaris and Windows)

Development Tools: Eclipse (2.x and 3), Borland JBuilder Enterprise 7, Visual C++, Borland C++, Sun SparcWorks C++, IBM xlC++, Gnu C++

Design Tools: Borland Together/Enterprise, Rational Rose

Methodologies: UML, OMT, Coad-Yourdon

Configuration Management: CVS, Rational ClearCase, SCCS, Continuus

Professional Experience

December 2003 -- Present
BT Conferencing (a subsidiary of British Telecom)

August 2003 -- December 2003
Riverton and
National Leisure Group

March 2003 -- June 2003
OneBeacon Insurance
Foxboro, MA (offsite, onsite)

March 2003 -- July 2003
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Portsmouth, NH (offsite, onsite)

March 2000 -- Feb 2003
Blackstone Technology Group, Inc. (Now TurboWorx)
Worcester, MA (offsite)

June 1999 – present (ongoing)
Team345 consultant tasks

October 1998 – June 2001
SmartLynx, Inc.
Londonderry, NH. (onsite/offsite)

February 2000 – June 2000
Exeter, NH. (offsite)

March 2000 – September 2000
Needham, MA. (offsite)

March 1999 – March 2000
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Portsmouth, NH. (onsite)

September 1998 – March 1999
Fidelity Investments – Enterprise Products and Services Division
Boston, MA

December 1997 – August 1998
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Portsmouth, NH. (onsite)

1995 – 1997
LitleNet LLC (later changed name to OrderTrust)
Lowell, MA

Architect/Principal Software Engineer

1994 – 1995
Litle & Company, Inc. (now FirstUSA PaymenTech)
Senior Developer

1988 – 1994
Keystone Mutual Funds (now Evergreen)
Boston, MA.
Team Technical Lead/Senior Software Engineer


1988 College of William & Mary – Williamsburg, VA.
BA Economics, sequence in Computer Science


CORBA (Orbix), Rational Rose, TibCo Rendezvous and ETK, Informix, Rational ClearCase