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TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT - extensive hands-on experience consulting  with businesses in research and development, operations and in the deployment of new telecommunications products and services. Product knowledge spans wireless, landline, VoIP, telecommunications signaling protocols, IVR, speech applications, provisioning, billing, cloud architecture and measurement of key application performance metrics.

Related areas of expertise are:

·     Product Engineering

·     Service Delivery Architecture Analysis, Feasibility

·     Software Development


Nuevo Communications, LLC, Kirkland, WA   

Since 2004


Telecommunications/Services Consultant

Work directly with customers to refine strategic initiatives related to the development and deployment of managed applications/services including wireless, VoIP, IVR (auto attendant, outbound dialers) and speech-enabled applications.  Definition of systems & software for service delivery, provisioning, configuration of network devices, activation, billing, web hosting and measurement of key service performance metrics




TruMobility, Inc., Bellevue, WA


Collaborate with executive team to identify & implement carrier grade service architecture to support wireless, landline and VoIP services.   Defined architecture around web services interfacing to telecommunications platforms (Sonus, Broadworks, 911Enable, Acme Packet, DID, Voicemail, and Billing systems).  Reduced overhead by 50% by automating VoIP service provisioning via web services.  Developed software to capture CDRs and data warehouse to support billing, business analytics, performance metrics and to troubleshoot network and customer trouble tickets.


2007 -Present


Ecuity Advanced Communications, Inc., Seattle, WA

Development Manager

Worked with deployment team to identify service delivery and activation architecture to support VoIP services including order management, provisioning, billing, CDR presentation and business analytics. 

Defined and implemented a software framework for a switching platform within the Microsoft .NET framework. Formulated SS7 and SIP message processors to manage the signaling required between network domains /devices.

Created and maintained subscriber management system responsible for service activation, billing and trouble ticketing system for all customers.




Who’s Calling, Inc., Kirkland, WA



Research Developer

Responsible for the deployment of speech-enabled services. Provided technology leadership to bring up speech-recognition applications, enhance existing VoIP services, and created speech-enabled auto-attendant applications targeting existing customer base.

Developed an audio mining application using the Philips and Nexidia speech-recognition software development kits; application automated monitoring of recorded conversations for callback applications.  Goals to implement prototype and identify lost sales opportunities successfully accomplished; reduced cost by 40% by automating call analysis.






Robert L. Hernandez

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SandCherry, Inc., Boulder, CO


Innovative technology evangelist during start-up phase.  Responsible for the architecture and design of speech-enabled platform using SIP as the underlying protocol; helped hire and support the team to implement the architecture and helped company into next phase of development and funding. 





Level3 Communications, Broomfield, CO



Director, Softswitch Engineering

Accountable for the integration and deployment of the SS7 softswitch technology acquired from the XCOM Technology merger. 

Achieved strategic goal to roll out system architecture supporting a nationwide scale out of the managed-modem product.

Member of the architecture team that help define the SIP architecture for the Level3 core network, MGCP, IPDC and related signaling protocols, prototype testing, validation along with vendor management.




XCOM Technologies, Boston, MA



Director, Engineering

Involved in a unique opportunity leading a software development team to successfully architect and implement the first of its kind patented softswitch application.

Hands-on developer responsible for key components of the call-control architecture handling SS7 message processing, state management and device control via IPDC; managed the dev team, RBOC certification process and inter-carrier operation.  Company bought out by Level3 Communications for the disruptive softswitch technology.  Significantly contributed to the buyout process by ensuring that key objectives were satisfied during critical time and technology constraints imposed on the team.




MIT Lincoln Labs, Bedford, MA




Developed and implemented major components of a signal processor to automatically calculate and adapt channel gains for radar system.  Software in C implemented on parallel processors to validate algorithm processing.




Raytheon, Missile Systems Division, Bedford. MA



Software Engineer

Developer responsible for the development, simulation, monte-carlo, and flight test analysis of advanced missile systems.  Radar seeker technology and flight control analysis of air-air missile components.





Master of Science, Systems Engineering, Boston University, Boston MA

Electrical Engineering, University of Dayton, Dayton OH


Team member of softswitch and network architecture patent, “Voice over data telecommunications network architecture”, Elliott, et al, patent no 6,614,781, September 2003.