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  • Highly successful VP Software Development and Internet Software Architect for on-line banking, e-commerce and B2B applications
  • Led Development and QA teams through periods of growth and transition, inspiring commitment and dedication throughout the organization resulting in low turnover of a highly motivated staff
  • Architected, designed, and managed the implementation highly successful on-line banking software products used by over 60 US banks including many of the top 20 banks



Architecture: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Model View Controller (MVC),

Enterprise Architect, WebSphere Integration Developer, WebSphere Business Modeler

Java: POJO, EJB, Servlets, Filters, JSP, JSF, Struts, web services, Spring

Microsoft: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, VB6, C++, C, ASP, IIS, ISAPI, COM, MTS, ADO

Database: Oracle 10g, SQL Server, JDBC, ADO, ADO.Net, ODBC, Spring, DB2

IBM: WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process Server, Business Modeler, WebSphere Integration Developer, Rational Application Developer, WebSphere MQ, Information Framework (IFW) business models.

Security: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Application Penetration Testing (PEN), Vulnerability Prevention. RSA Adaptive Authentication, RSA Go ID, RSA SecurID, Vasco Digipass, TriCipher Armored Credential Systems (TACS), TriCipher Activation Gateway (TAG), x.509 Certificates



ACI Worldwide (formerly P&H Solutions), 1995-1998, 2001-present Banking Software

“Every second of every day, ACI Worldwide solutions are at work processing electronic payments for financial institutions, retailers and payment processors in over 80 countries. ACI differentiators include a 30-year track record of providing electronic payment solutions, an established global distribution channel and a specialized focus on high-volume, 7x24 software solutions.”

Software Architect 1995-1998, 2001-2004, 2005-present

  • Architected, Designed and implemented highly successful on-line banking software applications
  • Evaluated and chose development technologies that were aligned with business objectives
  • Created software security best practices, implemented solutions and trained others in proper techniques for addressing security vulnerabilities documented by OWASP and others
  • Oversaw application penetration testing and created timely solutions to reported issues
  • Implemented multi-factor authentication, data encryption libraries and drove Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance in new product development
  • Adopted SOA design patterns for new generation software services and application development
  • Created applications that leverage both MVC and RIA design patterns and related technologies
  • Participated in numerous client engagements resulting in many successful deals

ACI Worldwide (formerly P&H Solutions) - continued

VP Software Development 2004-2005

  • Oversaw the creation and development of a leading on-line banking software product used by over 60 financial institutions and thousands of companies.
  • Supported growth of our hosted solution environment which grew to support over 70% of our install base
  • Coordinated development activities across geographically dispersed locations including in-house development and off-shore development.
  • Attracted and retained talented employees through leadership skills that both recognized individual accomplishments and rewarded team efforts
  • Fostered hard work and rapid software development in a fun, energetic environment
  • Participated in annual hardware, software and personnel budget process
  • Engaged top tier financial institutions during pre-sale and post-sales calls, at customer sponsored user conferences and financial services seminars and conferences.
  • Implemented a successful Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC) process and Project Management techniques to ensure the construction of quality software that supported rapid growth of the product

Event Zero, 1998-2001 Internet Software Development and Consulting Company

Software Architect and Consultant 1998-2001

  • Architect and lead engineer for new internet businesses including
    • NaviMedix real-time patient referral software solutions
    • e-commerce site developed for the college student market
    • Viamericas e-commerce site supporting distribution of goods to Latin America
  • Created multi-lingual internet applications supporting international funds transfers
  • Integrated leading vendor products and solutions (SiteServer, Vignette Story Server, OrderTrust)
  • Mentored software developers on platforms and technologies (ASP, SQL Server, XML)
  • Helped grow the company from a just few people to over 200 employees

CA (formerly Legent Software), 1992-1995 Software Configuration Management Vendor

Development Manager 1994-1995

  • Oversaw software development for multiple product releases of Endevor/WS (C++, BAL)
  • Followed established SDLC practices for improved product quality and productivity

Software Engineer 1992-1994

  • Implemented E/Link – a TCP/IP application to integrate PC and IBM Mainframe solutions
  • Created multiple enhancements to Endevor, a software configuration management product.
  • Authored many enhancements to Endevor/WS

Micro-Focus (formerly CSII), 1990-1992 Application Middleware Product Vendor

Software Engineer 1990-1992

  • Developed a product to transparently access VSAM files on an IBM mainframe from a COBOL program running on a PC using standard COBOL I/O statements. (C, COBOL, BAL)
  • Enhanced the Application to Application Interface (AAI) middleware software which provided communications protocol independent middleware solutions on multiple platforms (DOS, OS/2, Windows, AIX, AS/400, IMS, CICS, TCAM) supporting LU2, LU6.2 and TCP/IP protocols


Boston University, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 1989, Cum Laude


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