Operating Systems:
Linux 2.x, Windows NT/2000/XP

W3C Standards and proposed IETF RFCs:

Languages, frameworks, and APIs
Java, J2EE, JPA/EJB3, Spring MVC, JDBC, Hibernate, Struts, Python, TurboGears, JavaScript, C, C++

SDKs and Development Tools:
Eclipse, Netbeans, Vi, WingIDE, Eric3, Subversion, CVS, Ant

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase

Messaging/Internet Protocols, Security and WAN Connectivity
JMS, SMS, SonicMQ, ActiveMQ, JBossMQ, TCP/IP sockets, HTTP, SSL, SSH

Web Servers, Servlet Engines, Application Servers, E-mail Servers
Apache, Tomcat, JBoss AS, ATG Dynamo, QMail

CompTIA Security+


August 2009-present
Principal Software Developer
General Dynamics Information Technology

Designed and implemented all back-end software/systems for a suite of health-related mobile applications.  Lead the technology research effort as well as vendor evaluation and selection efforts.  Provisioned and maintained Linux servers to host these applications.
Researched cloud-based server offerings.  Prototyped applications on Amazon EC2 and Google AppEngine.  Provided vendor selection recommendations to management.
Key technologies: JPA, SMS messaging, Spring, CherryPy, Amazon EC2, Google AppEngine

May 2008 - July 2009
Consulting for First Circle Consulting, LLC clients
Key technologies: EJB 3.0, Glassfish, JMS, GTFS, Tomcat, Asterisk, Spring

May 2007 - May 2008
kaDoink, Inc
Principal Architect

Developed asynchronous messaging software for kaDoink's social networking service.

Key technologies: ActiveMQ, Java Persistence API, Spring 2.0, PostgreSQL

Oct 2006 - May 2007
Consulting for First Circle Consulting, LLC clients

Key Technologies: Spring MVC, Hibernate 3.x, Tomcat, JSP, JMS, ActiveMQ

Sept 2005 - July 2006
Feb 2005 - May 2005
Consultant to the California Department of Justice

Provided consulting, mentoring, and software development for the California DOJ.  Worked to bring developers up to speed on Hibernate, JMS, and general J2EE architecture issues.  Designed and coded key components of a new messaging middleware application.

Prototyped a messaging service based upon Enterprise Service Bus technologies using the ServiceMix ESB.
Key technologies: JBoss, Hibernate, ServiceMix ESB, JMS, JNI, Struts, XSLT, Oracle, Web Services, JWSDP

Nov 2004 - present
First Circle Consulting, LLC
Founder, Architect

Designed and developed a Virtual Office Website product for real estate agents and brokers. The service is hosted in-house and offered to customers on a subscription basis.
Key technologies: Python, TurboGears, Hibernate, Struts, XSLT, JBoss, Linux

Mar 2004 - June 2004
Classmates Online, Inc
Software Engineer (contract)

Created enhancements for, and performed bug-fixing on, the web site.
Key technologies: ATG Dynamo, Oracle, JSP, SQL

Aug 2001 - March 2004
VoiceLog LLC
Platform Architect

Enhanced and extended VoiceLog's Java-based platforms. Designed and implemented J2EE-based solutions for call processing and reporting. Created servlets and EJBs (entity, session, and message) to access an Oracle database. Designed and implemented JMS-based applications (SonicMQ).  Received advanced JBoss training from the JBoss Group LLC.
Key technologies: JBoss, Oracle, J2EE, JMS, Servlets, XML/XSL/XPath, SonicMQ

Sept 2000 - May 2001
Tenzing Communications Seattle WA
Software Architect

Researched and designed an extension to Tenzing's air-to-ground e-mail service to allow retrieval of mail from Microsoft Exchange servers. Gathered requirements, authored a technical white paper on the problem domain, and recommended solutions. Implemented the preferred solution as an XML/XSL-based web application using JavaMail.
Key technologies: Java, Servlets, XML/XSL, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP

Sept 1999 - July 2000
teamOn, Issaquah WA
Project lead/Software Architect

Designed features and enhanced the core functionality of teamOn's web-based B2B, e-mail, and collaboration service. Added XML-based templates to support bulk-mailing to contacts. Refactored e-mail attachment management code to greatly improve efficiency and speed. Prototyped a SOAP-based API that provided administrative functionality to business partners.
Key technologies: Java, Servlets, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, J2EE, JDBC, XML, SOAP

June 1998 - March 2004
ETA Associates, Inc. Seattle WA

Performed contract software development for corporate clients. Developed an Apache module for content filtering. Performed extensive bug fixing on a leading commercial web-based collaboration product. Added event-based user notification services to the product. Provided consulting services and bug fixing for a prototype e-school service.
Key technologies: Java, Servlets, Applets, JDK 1.1/1.2, NT services, HTTP, XML

Apr 1998 - May 1998
Contracting at Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA
Software Design Engineer

SDE Engineer/designer for internet-based license server project. Developed an ISAPI extension to replace an existing ASP-based component and provide enhanced performance. Developed an Active/X control to convert RTF-formatted text to HTML.
Key technologies: ISAPI, Active/X, multithreading, COM

Jul 1997 - Mar 1998
Contracting at Microsoft Corp., Issaquah WA
Project Lead

Responsible for the definition, architecture, design, prototyping, and implementation of a reverse proxy server and associated web monitoring software. This system was similar in functionality to F5 Lab's BigIP product. Supplied technical leadership to three contract software engineers. All software development was performed under NT4 using VC++ and STL.
Key technologies: Winsock, HTTP, ISAPI, multithreading, MAPI

Mar 1997 - May 1997
Metainfo, Inc., Seattle WA
Staff Development Engineer

Developed and enhanced various components of the Windows NT-based NewsChannel news server. Added support for moderated newsgroups and local SMTP delivery. Made extensive use of VC++ and the STL library.

Sept 1995 - Jan 1997
Contracting at Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA
Software Engineer

Responsible for the NNTP modules of the Exchange Internet News Server, a Usenet news gateway. Developed client and server protocol modules using VC++ under Windows NT. Also developed various support components including a persistent article queuing mechanism. Fixed bugs on the Exchange Internet Mail Connector, an SMTP gateway. Worked on all aspects of the product, including the SMTP engine, the content conversion modules, and the interface to MAPI.

Apr 1994 - Sept 1995
ConnectSoft, Inc., Bellevue, WA
Project Lead

Project lead for Internet Connection, an Internet e-mail and WWW client. Managed a team of five engineers in ongoing design and development. Developed an Internet mail driver (Windows DLL) for e-mail Connection, ConnectSoft's universal mail client. The driver implemented the POP3 and SMTP protocols to perform Internet mail transactions.

Oct 1993 - Apr 1994
Crystal Point, Inc., Bothell, WA
Software Engineer

Developed TLI and SPX network modules to integrate PCs with Tandem hosts. Produced a TCP/IP to SPX gateway for Windows.

May 1991 - Oct 1993
Attachmate Corp, Bellevue, WA
Project Engineer

Technical lead for a Windows-based network management product. Responsibilities included product definition, architecture, component design, project planning and tracking, and supervision of six engineers.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY
B.S. in Computer Science