Executive Summary

I have extensive experience in a wide variety of work environments, from the IT industry to heavy equipment repair. I am skilled in business management, documentation, technical writing, quality systems, curriculum design, training development/delivery, project management, personnel management, computer graphic art, intranet and internet site design, document production and publication.

I am proficient in most software applications. I have recognized skills in graphic arts (Corel World Design Contest Certificate of Achievement). Other application skills include basic NT networking, Microsoft Windows through 2000 and a wide variety of products from Microsoft Office, Adobe, Corel, Macromedia, AutoDesk and many others, including Visio and Microsoft Project.

I have developed and delivered training for technical writing and process documentation, including development information in career training to the Educational Secretariat in China. I have published white papers relating to technical writing, process documentation, management developmental issues, industrial training and quality assurance.

I have working skills in all types of QA systems, JIT environments and the design/manufacturing industry, including procedure and quality assurance system development (ISO9000-1994 & 2000, TQC-Kaizen), process and business model research (data-flow, standard model), technical writing, curriculum development (traditional, competency-based, self-paced, online) resource material design and production (online, CD, hard-copy), evaluation system design and application, project and personnel management experience and organizational skills. I am experienced in proposal development, budget management and planning. I have performed project management and operations implementation, including managing team and individual performance targets. I have worked with CMM, documented software and hardware lifecycles and application development test procedures.

I have certification in two technical trades and considerable experience in mechanical and production industries. I have extensive experience with Workers’ Compensation regulations, having taught safety in a college environment and through delivery of rigging safety training. I have gas and electric welding skills and have instructed at the college level.

I am an excellent self-starter and work equally well in an independent or group environment. I have worked and supervised in both union and non-union worksites. I have considerable experience in negotiation, in both public and private environments.


Quality Assurance and the I.T. Industry

TELUS Information Technology Infrastructure - Burnaby
TELUS Enterprise Solutions (Midrange/Unix Services Division - Burnaby)
TELUS Enterprise Solutions (Technology, Planning and Architecture - Burnaby)
TELUS Enterprise Solutions (Terasen Gas - Surrey)
TELUS Enterprise Solutions (Document Services Centre - Richmond)
SUNOCO Ltd. (Nanaimo)
Alliance Machine Co. (Sidney)
Kaye-Smith Ltd. (Tacoma WA)

Business Management

C& I Technical Information Services Inc. Sr. Consultant and Operations Manager
Offering contract services in a variety of operations to companies including:
Visit http://www.technicalinfo.bc.ca for additional details and an expanded client list. A brief description of some of the above client services is included to demonstrate the wide variety of skills that I can apply to various situation and individual requirements.

Silva Bay Shipyard School Managed operations in Canada’s only fulltime wooden boatbuilding school. Responsible for all aspects of the operation, including student handling, board reports, budget management, public relations and daily operations.

Northern Lights College Department head for multi-trades technical training. Responsible for management of the department, including full and part-time instructors, clerical staff, daily operations annual budgets, purchasing, curriculum development, liaison with government personnel and with other colleges.

Northland Sportsman Enterprises Ltd. Owned and operated two Gulf Canada service centers. Responsible for the management of over thirty employees, business operations and corporate liaison.

Independent Automotive and Heavy Equipment Repair Owned and operated a general repair shop, performing repairs and service to tracked, wheeled and other heavy equipment.

Lansdowne Auto Center Service manager of a multi-bay Certigard automotive repair shop.

Technical, Mechanical and Manufacturing

Extensive experience in automotive and heavy equipment repair at the following locations:

I also constructed demonstration/show trucks for VMAC, utilizing underhood air compressors and hydraulic air compressors. This required the design and installation of electrical and hydraulic systems. I have participated in the design and development of underhood air compressor systems as a necessary component of developing the installation and service manuals.

Technical Writing and Publishing

VMAC (Mangonel Corporation) - Documentation Management

TEC Corporation (Quintette Coal)


Curriculum Development and Training Delivery

Northern Lights College

Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology

McMillan College - Program Designer/Instructor

Ford Motor Company of Canada

VMAC (Mangonel Corporation)

Education and Qualifications

Contact Information: Tel. 250.247.2071 Fax. 250.247.2071 email citech@shaw.ca

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