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Walter Holliday, Consultant, .Net Architect/Developer
Unified System Solutions, Ltd.

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Telephone Numbers: (614) 537-4013

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    North Royalton   Ohio   USA 44133-5306

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A Unified System Solution

Since Microsoft released .NET in 2001, I have been designing, developing and deploying systems employing the .NET technologies for a multitude of clients.

These systems include:

  • Windows Services  
  • Web Services
  • Windows Applications
  • Web Applications

From the sophisticated to the sublime, these systems, having stood the test of time, thrive and deliver. They are my legacy, my prodigy and my vision.

In their wake are comprehensive system documents and internal code documentation which augment my client’s ability to enhance and maintain the systems I deploy.

Many of my clients have been surprised by the quick turnaround from inception to deployment of the solution they request. It's all about the process.

Having a deep understanding of the problem at hand is the key.

Clear communications and proper planning lead the way.

Once a firm solution foundation is established, delivery becomes a question of resources and abilities, not questions and uncertainties.

Take a moment to review my resume which briefly outlines the systems I have helped to create and deploy.

Drop me a line or give me a call to discuss the design and deployment of the system you have in mind.


Perhaps we can deliver a low cost, low maintenance Unified System Solution which will supplement the future of your enterprise as well.


Walt Holliday

Unified System Solutions, Ltd.



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