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Enterprise Software Architect/Project Lead with 19+ years of experience in advanced, commercial software architecture and development. Expert in SOA/distributed enterprise systems focusing on object-oriented technologies, relational databases, J2EE/Enterprise Java, B2B e-business and XML-based integration frameworks. Experienced Technical Lead, directing development groups of 5-15 developers (including off-shore). Published author, mentor and frequent conference speaker. President of New England WebLogic Users Group 2002-2006.




1997 - present

Principal/Chief Architect, Numatica Corporation (previously IntraStudio). Major projects and roles:



Solution Architect, FirstBest Systems (see description 9/2007-9/2008)




Senior Technology Lead/SOA Integration Architect, Philips Medical


Lead the integration effort on an SOA project integrating several disparate Case and Complaint Management systems into one comprehensive, global service. Worked with the business to gather requirements (from high-level to data mapping/translation). Defined overall strategy and architecture, delivered complete functional and technical specifications. Designed/built software adapter prototypes using J2SE, Spring, Web Services (CXF). Evaluated using the OSGi platform for the project.




Solution Architect, FirstBest Systems


Oversaw technical implementation of large, workflow/rules-heavy enterprise software solutions from inception to production. Worked with IT and business owners to understand business requirements and strategy.  Scoped functional and technical requirements and translated into technical design. Mentored and lead the project team.  Agile project management. Technologies: Java 1.5, J2EE, JBoss, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, Web Services (CXF2.x), Workflow/Rules Engines (jBPM).




  Architect/Development Manager,

MedicAid Portal, Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Responsible for all technical aspects of the Medicaid Web Portal design, implementation, integration/interoperability and delivery. Worked with the Commonwealth to refine project requirements. Worked with other technical personnel to ensure Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) interoperability with other modules of the system (e.g. Claims Engine). Grew, directed and mentored a group of 15 developers (on-shore and off-shore). Worked closely with Senior Management on project planning and reporting. Established software quality criteria and processes (development process, release management, software review, documentation).  Environment: Java 1.4, JSF/MyFaces, JavaScript/AJAX, WebLogic Portal 9.x (JSR-168, WSRP), Web Services (Axis 1.3), Spring 1.2, Section 508 compliance.




Consultant, Web Services, Network Analyzer Data Interpretation Engine


Designed and implemented a new, Java-based port of an existing application. Recommended third-party libraries, prepared proof of concepts, provided mentoring. Environment: J2SE 1.5, JBoss 4, Tomcat 5.5.12, Axis 1.3, Spring 1.2.3, MySQL 5.





  Principal Consultant, Virtual Storage Engine


Proposed, designed, and led the implementation effort of a new, highly configurable and high-performance version of the Virtual Storage Engine (VSE) Administration Module. VSE-AM centralizes the administration and management of tape libraries and media, and manages logical/physical volumes and storage devices. Recommended using light-weight J2EE architecture, replaced EJBs with lighter-weight Spring distributed (remote) and message-driven Java objects (POJOs). Designed and implemented client proxy-based high-availability (HA) remoting extension to Spring. Designed remote API to be accessible through a variety of Web services protocols. Recommended third-party software, prepared proof of concepts, provided mentoring, tutorials/seminars to client’s employees. Environment: Java 1.5, Tomcat 5.5.9, Spring 1.2.3, JMS 1.1(ActiveMQ 3.1), PostgreSQL 8.0, Fedora Linux, MS Windows XP.





  Architect, edocs/Siebel


Designed new-generation, extensible service-oriented (SOA) architecture/Data model for the Telco Enterprise Product Suite (Telco Billing,, Self-Service, Analytics Manager). Flexible software architecture and data model supported B2B and B2C paradigms and multiple clients, serving millions of users. Designed Integration Framework to interoperate with legacy applications. Introduced software development productivity improvements through new design innovations (Federated Model Architecture, Dynamically Extensible Entities), practices (software development processes) and technologies (Hibernate, Spring). Advised on architecture design and performance tuning. J2EE: WebLogic, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, UML, XML, Oracle 9. Multi-platform (Unix, Linux, Windows).




Consultant, Fidelity Management & Research Company, Systems Division


Helped the effort to re-architecture the client side of a major compliance trading application. Proposed and led the implementation of a reusable, extendable, multi-threaded UI framework. Reduced the code base by 60% through externalization of forms’ and styles’ definition and inheritance of styles. Performance and memory usage optimizations. Multi-threaded Java/Swing, Java Web Start, RMI.




  Architect, Verizon Communications


Responsible for the Client and Services Integration aspect of the new Verizon e-business portal, targeted at 2 million users. Focus on content management, personalization, SSO and Web Service integration. Clustered J2EE architecture with WebLogic Enterprise 6.1, Web services, Oracle 8, Epicentric SSO.





  Architect/Developer, Numatica Corporation.


Designed and implemented a multi-tier, wireless software to access patients' medical records with a PDA. Implemented using the J2EE technology, interacting with Oracle 8.1 as the data store. PDA client software in Java/Swing running on SavaJe OS.




  Consultant, InterOPS, Inc.


Co-designed and implemented the middle tier of Intelligent Network Monitoring and Support Center – a rule-based, learning/adaptive software system to support Network Operations Center. Elaborate data model (100+ entities) in a complex dependency graph. Recommended and spearheaded the adoption of the Java/J2EE technology. 



  Consultant, Fleet Boston Financial


Designed and implemented an Internet-based, multi-tier, collaborative and secure Currency Trader Interaction and Support System, utilizing chat, video streaming and multimedia document sharing for FleetBoston Financial. Architected and implemented the server in Java/RMI/CORBA. Designed and implemented the administrative module (three-tier architecture, Swing GUI) including client distribution with Java WebStart.




  Software Architect, Integration Framework, Emptoris, Inc.


Outlined the strategy, designed and led development of extensible, format independent, message-oriented B2B Integration Framework for the leading provider of B2B strategic sourcing software. Implemented public, XML-based data abstraction layer and interface to the company services  - a sophisticated auction engine targeted at vertical B2B exchanges. Lead team of 5. Member, Board of Architects, consulted on the architecture of the system, performance issues, troubleshooting, lead code reviews, etc. Development environment: Java 2, J2EE [Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) – BMP/CMP, Java Messaging Service (JMS)], WebLogic, TopLink, XML, Oracle 8.x.




  System Architect, The Weather Channel


Architected and led the development of an on-air, full-motion audio/video broadcast control system for the Weather Channel network. Mission critical, designed as a multi-tier, distributed, failsafe, workload-balancing transactional system supporting tens of thousands of transactions per hour. Implemented multi-version concurrency control to reduce lock contention. Swing-based client, UI performance optimizations to support frequently updated data. Technologies used include Java/Swing, JDBC, RMI/CORBA, Oracle 8.1.




  Architect/Consultant, B2B electronic commerce system


Re-engineered customer service - oriented business processes including inventory control subsystem, billing and shipping, customer/reseller relationships and interaction. Proposed corresponding architecture based on the J2EE standard. Technologies used included Java2, Swing, BEA Weblogic Server, MS SQL Server 7.



7/1997- 4/1998

Consultant, Intel Corporation. 


• Provided consultation and co-implemented distributed, object-oriented architecture, persistent storage, user interface for the VPN Software Deployment System client software - a distributed, secure system for mass deployment of VPN client software. Cryptography and code signing. Used Java 2, Swing, RMI, Java Cryptography Extension, servlets, JDBC, Sybase. Product was awarded Editor’s Choice by PC Week.


 • Redesigned and implemented software architecture of configuration software for network devices. Reduced code size by 70% through efficient object-oriented design, improving extensibility. Java, Swing, multi-threading.



1995 – 1997

  Project Lead/Architect, Workgroup Technology Corporation


Developed CMS/Workflow - the next generation workflow module, Product Data Management (PDM) software. The product modeled business processes and automated work processes. Responsible for all technical design, project management.



1993 - 1995

Lead Developer, Horizon Research, Inc.


Led the development of CASE tool integrating object-oriented analysis, design and programming and facilitating creation of application frameworks. Implemented in C++ and OSF/Motif. Responsible for design and  project management.



1991 - 1993

Lead Developer, Bull HN Information Systems                                                           


Co-architected and developed "Scrutiny" - a distributed, synchronous collaborative system (“groupware”) for document review/inspection implemented in Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) on SunOS and OSF/Motif.



Software Engineer, System and Product Measurement.                                          


Prepared, conducted and analyzed performance tests (including TPC benchmarks) on UNIX-based OLTP systems  (Informix, ORACLE).







M.S. Computer Science, 1991, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Concentration: Database Systems








Windows 2000, XP (10 years), UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, AIX) (14 years), Linux (4 years)


Oracle (12 years), SQL Server (5 years), Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL (1 year)


Java (12 years), C++ (7 years), C (10 years), Lisp/CLOS (2 years)


Java/AWT/Swing (8years), JSF (1 year), Portlets (JSR-168)


J2EE (8 years) WebLogic (5 years), Tomcat (5 years), Hibernate (3 years), Spring (4 years), JMS (3 years),  JBoss (3 years) XML/XSL (5 years), UML (8 years), Section 508 compliance (2 years)





"Avoiding a SOA Fiasco: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"”. SOA World Conference & Expo, June 2008.


“Persist your objects with Java Data Objects (JDO)”. JavaWorld,  3/2002


"Scrutiny". Bull HN Information Systems, 1993. Patent applied for.


"Transaction Processing" by J.Gray, A.Reuter. Mentioned in the thank-you note.


"Scrutiny: A Collaborative Inspection and Review System".

Proceedings of the Fourth European Software Engineering Conference, 1993.


"Analysis of Data Published in TPC Benchmarks Full Disclosure Reports". Technical  Report, Bull HN Information Systems, 1991.






Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, SIGMOD, NEJUG


President, New England Weblogic Users Group, 2002-2006


Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University


Immigration status: US citizen.


Member number:4103
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