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Andrew Dallas, President
Full Spectrum Software, Inc.

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Specializing in Medical, Scientific and Life Science industries. Full Spectrum Software specializes in designing, developing, testing and validating software products including class III medical devices.  Full Spectrum Software is an ISO 13485 certified company with over 15 years of experience in developing both embedded and applications software for Class II and Class III medical devices as well as a wide variety of sophisticated scientific instrumentation.

Full Spectrum Software is a long term partner and trusted resource for many of today's leading companies in the medical device and life sciences industries.  The company offers a variety of specialized services to its clients including new product development, commercializing software developed by scientists, porting, code hardening, V&V, rescue missions, product enhancements and upgrading older code bases to meet new quality standards. Full Spectrum Software has designed and developed embedded and applications software for products and systems in medical and scientific domains such as oncology, deep brain stimulation, cardiovascular imaging, myoelectric prosthesis, CT scanning, neuro-diagnostics, radiation therapy, molecular imaging, PET and CT contrast injection, gene sequencing, robotic control systems, advanced photonics, nanotechnology, microscopy, flow cytometry, large scale database systems and spectral analysis.

The company creates business value for its clients in a number of ways. Full Spectrum Software adds value for its clients by accelerating new product development, software enhancements, upgrades, and customizations, all of which help clients get to market or clinical trials earlier and drive revenue earlier.

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