Resume of John Christman; Consultant, Database Developer, Kingwood Texas, USA



5219 Sandy Grove Dr.

Kingwood, TX 77345

Bus/Cell: 713.582.6516







Objective: Looking for the greatest opportunity to work as developer.


  • Excellent ability to manage high volume of projects and tasks.
  • Good skills of T-SQL and SQL Server programming.
  • Good knowledge of visual basic and VBA.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • To Able to multi-tasking.
  • Able to support the applications during off hours.
  • Detail oriented, innovative and analytical decision making skills.
  • Able to do various other duties as assigned.

EXPERIENCE: October 1996 to Present Independent Consultant:



Farmer Brothers Houston, TX 02/16/2014 06/08/2014

Contract Programmer

       Designed Access Database 2007 to monitor the flow of Coffee Bags thru out the company with tables, forms, queries, VBA, and reports linked to the network.

Environment:Windows7 & Access2007

ExxonMobil Houston, TX 01/29/2013 10/03/2013

Contract Programmer

       Upgrade Access Database from Access 97 to Access 2010

       Upgrade Project Application from VB to VB2008

Environment: Windows7, Access 2010, & VB2008






Baker Hughes Houston, TX 09/12/2012 10/09/2012

Contract Programmer

  • Designed Financial Database for Baker Hughes
  • Using Access 2010 & Excel 2010
  • Created Tables, Forms, & Modules with VBA
  • Reports using Excel
  • Importing data to and from Excel

Environment: Windows7, Access 2010, Excel 2010


Pelicanstar Atascocita, TX 03/20/2012 5/18/2012

Contract Programmer

  • Designed Financial Database for BP Oil
  • Created Tables, Forms, Reports & Modules
  • Created export to Excel
  • Created many SQL Statements

Environment: Windows7, Access2010, & Excel2010


Roger Saunders PHD PC Conroe, TX 10/15/2011 Present

Contract Programmer

  • Modified Client Application
  • Created Button and Code to Export Client Data to a Spreadsheet.

Environment: Windows7, Access 2007, Excel 2007


The Upholstery Shop Houston, TX 03/03/2011 Present

Contract Programmer

  • Retrieval of Data from Hard drive.
  • Loaded data and Microsoft Office 2003.
  • Tested Upholstery Shop Application
  • Loaded Email information on new computer
  • 05/13/2011 Setup and tested Label printer.
  • Modified reports in Upholstery Shop Application to be accepted By the new Label Printer.

Environment: Windows 7, Access 2003


SolomonEdwardsGroup LLC Houston, TX 12/06/2010 - 1/05/2011

Contract Programmer

       Designed Secure Financial Application with Access 2007 and SQL 2008 backend

       Modified Forms by adding text boxes, combo boxes,& associated VBA code

       Modified Reports by adding text boxes and VBA code

       Exporting data to a Excel 2007 spreadsheet using VBA code to export data and to format Excel spreadsheet.

Environment: Windows XP, Access 2007, Excel 2007, & SQL2008



Ochsners Health System New Orleans, LA 05/24/2010 07/23/2010

Contract Programmer

       Added to Access 2007 Frontend Reports with Oracle Backend

       Created Reports for five other Ochsners Hospitals to match the main Ochsners Hospital

       Using BVA code, this gave users the opportunity to select all reports from all hospitals or select certain reports from certain hospitals or a single report from a single hospital

       Environment: Windows XP, Access 2007, VBA Code, C#, ASP.NET,

IIS, & Oracle


HP LCD Group Houston, TX 04/04/2009 4/30/2010

Contract Programmer

  • Designed a secure Financial Application with Access 2003 frontend and SQL 2005 backend.
  • Imported into Access 250 spreadsheets using VBA to build the database
  • Created forms & reports
  • Created Import and Export functions to allow client option to update tables in Excel spreadsheet format.
  • Tested application with clients in Far East, Asia, & Europe

Environment: Vista, Windows XP, SQL2000, VBA Code, & Access 2003


Ad Results Inc Houston, TX 11/21/08 01/16/09

Contract Programmer

  • Created Access Database Application
  • Imported 160 Spreadsheets into Access Application. Creating a Data backend and Archive database linking both to Access frontend. Access frontend contains forms reports & queries.
  • Created queries, forms, & reports
  • Created User Manual

Environment: Windows XP, VBA Code, & Access 2003


Project Associates (PAI) Houston, TX 7/5/08 11/20/08

Contract Programmer

  • Created Access Database Application Front end and SQL 2005 Data.
  • Imported data from spreadsheets and designed forms, queries, reports for the following Db
  • Drawing Index, Documentation Index, Cable Index, Engineering Documents, & P.O. Documents. Created Transmittal Documents for Drawing Index, Documentation Index, Engineering Documents, & P.O. Documents.

Environment: Windows XP, Access 2003, VBA Code, & SQL2005





Riviana Foods Inc Houston, TX 3/5/08 - 6/27/08

Contract Programmer

  • Create Access Database Application Import data from Excel Spreadsheets that tracks Down -
  • Time and throughputs of twenty one machines that process rice products. Included in this application are several input screens, reports, & import data to a spreadsheet. When data is imported the data is automatically formatted.
  • Designed an Access database that uses Bar Code to track the flow of the product. Added Menus, Reports, and input screens. Setup several bar code guns.

Environment: Windows XP, Access 2007, Access2002, VBA Code, & Bar Code software.


Shell Oil Houston, TX 07/30/07 12/07/07

Contract Programmer

  • Updated Several Databases Access Front-end and Oracle Backend updated VBA code
  • Created several Forms and Reports using pass-thru queries.
  • Developing and deploying database-centric Web applications using Oracle Application
  • Tested Access application for compatibility with Vista and repaired errors.

Environment: Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Access 2000 2007, VBA Code, Oracle 11, & Oracle Application


Weatherford Int Houston, TX 05/01/07 - 06/11/07

Contract Database Programmer

       Enhanced secured Elastomer Database created in Summer of 2005

       Enhanced secured Packer Database created in fall of 2005

Environment: Windows XP, Access 2003, Excel 2003, VBA, C#, ASP.NET,& 


Capital One Bank New Orleans, LA 04/02/07 04/23/07

Contract Database Programmer

  • Cleaned up Access databases by analyzing Field Names, Data Types, & Field Size.
  • Documented changes
  • Tested changes
  • Imported data to Oracle Database.

Environment: Windows XP, Access XP, Novel, Oracle 


Safe-Way Driving Centre 01/15/07 02/13/2011

Contract Programmer

  • System; four workstations connected to each other. Add Server and setup.
  • Upgrade Access97 application to Access XP and update VBA code.

Environment: Windows XP, Access XP, &VBA Code  


Service Corporation International 07/05/06 12/22/06

Contract Programmer

Treasury Division

Designed a secure database Access 2003 accounts receivable / payable data.

  • Designed a secure database in Access 2003 to track Trust Accounts.

Tax Division

  • Designed a secure database Access 2003 which has three functions

1.      Import data from a spreadsheet using VBA

2.      Update data

3.      Print Reports or export specified data to a spreadsheet

4.      Used VBA to format spreadsheet

  • Created or modify Crystal Reports using Business Objects with an input source of SQL 2005, Access, or Excel
  • Designed Access database using VBA code importing spreadsheet data, manipulating

Data using Access, exporting updated data to a spreadsheet.

VBA code to format the data in spreadsheet.

       Designed Access database to import text delimited data using VBA code.

       Complete a data search, create an exception report, Export to text delimited data to a location.

   Environment: Windows XP, Office 2003, Excel, Crystal Reports 11, SQL 2005, VBA Code, & Access 2003  


Exxon Mobil 5/15/06 06/09/06

Contract Programmer

  • Designed and modified spreadsheets using macros to pull data from other spreadsheets.
  • Automate procedures using VBA code that control the updating of spreadsheets.

Environment: Windows 2000 & Excel 2003 


Shell Oil Company 02/08/06 04/28/06

Contract Programmer

Tax Division

       Using Access 2000 and Oracle, designed Application that allowed users to select analyze specific data from designed querys to generate specific reports.

       Designed Web App using C# and ASP. Net, allowing user to search for a specific company within Shell Oil organization and display specific information.

       Designed application with Access2000 and Oracle. This application imports data from one of Shell Oil divisions and exports the data to the Corp Tax division using designed querys and reports.

Environment: Windows 2000, Office2000, Oracle, C#, ASP. Net, IIS, & Visual 


Weatherford Int. 11/01/04 12/13/05

Contract Programmer

       Updated Access 2003 front end. Modified forms by adding text boxes, combo boxes, & associated VBA code.

       Redesigned data input forms and reports (Invoice and Parts Request) and changed sub reports from the Invoice Report.

       Created Access DB to retain chemical test data. This data gave the chemical engineers the ability to define test criteria.

       Updated VBA code from Access97 version to Access 2003.

       Moved Access 2003 database backend to SQL 2000.

       Moved VBA code to and tested. (to eventually move Access front end to intranet)

       Updated Access queries to SQL stored Procedures.

       Imported data from web database using xml.

       Created Access Database to track molds, setup import of XML data from JD Edwards accounting package into Access Database and developed reports in Excel spreadsheet. Created Access database to track Packers (this object is inserted into an oil well after the well is drilled to aid in extracting oil from the well). This database will contain Packer test data.

Environment: Windows 2000 & XP, Access 2000 & 2003, Excel , Macros, VBA code, ADO, Stored Procedures, ActiveX, SQL 2000, VBA,ASP.NET,, JavaScript, VBScript, & XML 


Rowland Ballard Gymnastics 10/13/04 - 11/01/04

Contract Programmer

       Design website for the school of Gymnastics and Ballet (

Environment: Windows XP and Server 2003, Dreamweaver Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET,, & IIS 


Kingwood Association Management 02/12/03 - 11/01/05

Contract Programmer

  • This company manages 24-association accounts receivable/payable using a Dbase application.
  • Maintained networking system.
  • Upgraded system Dbase Application to Access.
  • Responsible for maintaining Access forms, querys, Reports, & VBA code.
  • Converted backend Access to SQL creating 123 tables and created stored procedures, setup backup and restore
  • Procedures.

Environment: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Access 2002, SQL 2000, ADO, Stored Procedures & VBA 


Trifusion 06/28/04 07/30/04

Contract Programmer

  • Designed several screens that were used to track type and quantity of components used in building servers and desktops.
  • Utilized an Access 2000 front end. Added several screens.
  • Designed and modified Stored Procedures to link SQL tables to access screens.
  • Updated Intranet, added Human Resources content.

Environment: Windows 2000, Access 2000, SQL 2000, Stored Procedures, & Office 2000


ATOFina Chemical 10/15/03 - 12/31/03

Contract Programmer

  • Upgraded Access97 Applications that tracked old parts and engineering of new parts to Access2000 Company wide.
  • Repaired VBA code errors, such as code that was not compatible with Access 2003.
  • Designed Access 2000 Computer Equipment Inventory Database, to track Desktop & Laptop Hardware and Software.

Environment: Windows 2000, Lotus Notes, Access97, Access2000, & VBA 


MGM Services 08/01/03 10/01/03

Contact Programmer

  • Designing a two-tier interface in VB that links WCTP wireless to SQL 2000
  • Setup tables and stored procedures to accept wireless data, Setup backup and restore procedures
  • Designed Stored Procedures that move data from SQL to Access App. Setup Network Server to receive and send wireless data.

Environment: VBA, SQL2000, Stored Procedures, Server 2003, & WindowsXP 


Xnet Systems 07/15/03 08/01/03

Contract Programmer

  • Designed Access Interface application, track employees time on project, parts used on project, and client information and automatically fax invoice to client.

Environment: Access 2002, VBA and Windows XP  








October 1989 to August 2003 Christman Consulting

Network Administrator & Contract Programmer Houston, TX

  • Maintained and Designed small networking systems. Designed database systems & Web Applications.
  • Environment: Windows3.1, 95,98,2000, Novell

Access 2000 & SQL2000, Dreamweaver, & FrontPage 


Recognition Equipment Inc. 10/73 - 10/89

Computer Hardware Technician Dallas, TX 


Grumman Aerospace Corp. 10/63 -10/73

Aircraft Electronics Technician Bethpage, LI, NY 


1984 to 2005 North Harris Community College


Course Schedule includes the following: 

       Intro to Computers- Word, Excl, Power Point, Access, Computer Hardware, & Front Page

       Access database

       PC Operating Systems, Intro to Computers including Windows 2000, Word, Excel, Access, & Power Pt

       Networking- Microsoft, Novel, & CISCO

       Computer Hardware and Computer Troubleshooting (A+)

       Designed Windows NT (Server & Workstation) & Windows 95 for Community Education.

       Designed PC Upgrade Course for Community Education

       Designed Visual Basic 4 course

       C++, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, & VB6

       Visual Basic 6 Corporate Instructor

       Access 2, 95, & 97 



University of Houston, TX

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems..1984