Leonard Jay Garber

6 Mount Vernon Terrace

Newton, MA. 02465

Phone: 617-964-4724

Email: Leonard_Garber@yahoo.com


LANGUAGES          J2EE, JAVA, Java Mail API, C, C++, HTML, JSP, Servlets, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, Java Script, Lotus Script, Notes API, Domino DSAPI, MQSeries API, LISP, Pascal, Assembly


OPERATING           Windows, Linux, Solaris



APPLICATIONS     Oracle, Websphere, Weblogic, MQSeries, Lotus Notes, Domino,

                                    RAD 7, SVN, PVCS



February 2001 to Present


    Architect/Manager CRM Investment Services Application for Bank of New York

    ·      Consultant to BNY; Designed and developed CRM Investor Services Web based application based on core functionalities of Prior Legacy System.  Involved in project from requirements gathering to full multi call center distributed implementation.  Feedback from prototypes fed into the final design.  Various methodologies were used for data reporting involving Oracle and Lotus Notes.  Backend mainframe Data was transmitted to the frontend Solaris System running the BEA Weblogic application Server via the MQSeries Client/Server architecture.  Technologies used involved J2EE MVC architecture, JAVA, JDBC, JNI, Lotus Notes API, iText API, MQSeries API, Servlets and JSP.  The iText API was used in generating PDF reporting files and the Notes API was used to tie in BNY’s Lotus Notes groupware internal architecture.



    PNC Compliance Development

    ·      Architected and implemented solution to overwrite Lotus Domino’s standard authentication process with customized Banking requirements.  Requirements  involved forced  password change with certain degree of complexity, system lockout after predefined set of failed attempts and restriction on reuse of  passwords.  This code was written such that it could be plugged in to our entire Lotus Domino Web client facing applications.  Solution involved DSAPI, Notes API and Lotus Scripting.


·      Designed and developed solution to extract data from PNC’s Lotus Notes Compliance applications into Oracle.  This extraction and restructuring of the data allowed us to take advantage of a fully compliant RDBMS schema; thus simplifying the querying of the data.  The project involved designing a schema based on the non relational information stored in Lotus Notes and then exporting the Lotus Notes data into normalized data for Oracle using the Oracle Loader.  Utilizing the loader allowed millions of records to be inserted in minutes as opposed to running the daily loads via JDBC which would have taken hours..



·      Designed and developed solution for AML (Anti Money Laundering) Government Banking    requirements based on tracking wire transmissions.  Internal PNC Systems utilized proprietary Mantis tools to create scenarios which associated level of risk based on threshold data.  Infomatica tools were used to extract translate and format the relevant data in the Pittsburgh Office.  I proposed and later designed and implemented an alternate approach which utilized parsing daily BAI data feeds and auto loading this data into Oracle (via the Oracle Loader to enhance speed).  Once loaded (into Oracle) this data along with all UDS Client data was processed with a predefined set of commands mapped to PLSQL stored procedure used to generate Mantis data input files.  Utilizing this methodology we were able to simplify the data translation process while saving on the cost of the Infomatica tool (as well as saving on the training for the Infomatica tool).



    PFPC Shared Service Development

·       Designed and implemented a java based Email Server utilizing the Java Mail API to process all incoming mail messages and load the data into an Informix Database and auto respond to the user with a reference number based on index into the Informix database.  Solution customizable by xml tags associated with each company being monitored.  The Email Server was run from a Solaris system and triggered by a cron job.  The daily termination window (used for system maintenance) was customizable via the XML configuration file.


·      Designed and implemented ‘Predictive Dialer’ for Proxy processing.  All stockholders of record get periodic Proxy statements for voting shares.  ADP and MIS generate data feeds representing all voted and unvoted shares.  These data feeds are then loaded into an Oracle database to determine who needs to be auto-called.  The system was designed as a java application using JDBC to communicate with Oracle.  This system was tied into the Concerto system.


·      Designed and implemented rewrite of the Tax Processing system extract functionality based on the IRS Publication 1220.  This application was written in Java as a standalone application which interacted with Oracle via JDBC calls which invoked PLSQL stored Procedures. Bulk processing was used to enhance performance.


Lotus Development Corporation

February 1989 to December 2000

    ASG Principal Software Engineer/Senior Consultant

    ·      Technical Lead for Middleware Development. Architected, designed and developed the IAF (Integration Architecture Framework) middleware for B to B/B to C Client.

    ·        Involved in reviewing Business flow diagrams and proposing solutions to Client representatives.

    ·      Web Development.  Developed numerous Java applets to help the Citibank Client Web application look similar to Notes

·      Developed Proxy for Natwest, which allowed rerouting of data based on a mapping table of Domino Server to Notes Databases

    ·      Wrote GWAPI Domino Authentication for Natwest

    ·      Wrote numerous MQSeries C applications for all content/financial transactions (helped load balancing)

·      Wrote CGI for download commodity data. The CGI dealt with Authentication/MQSeries and the extraction and transmission of Notes data to the Web.


    Notes Development

    ·      Designed and implemented the Autoprofile enhancement to Catscan, a document processing Notes Server task Also optimized  the Catscan server task helping to gain a 50 - 90% performance boost in most of the sever event tasks

·      Developed a Lotus Script VIP application for Mars Candy. The project used a book metaphor as a way to view Financial data stored in Notes. The application was Chart intensive and allowed "what-if" questions to help study data.


    Notes Suite Principal Software Engineer

    ·      Designed custom Lotus VIP applications for the NotesSuite product. (Lotus VIP was a Visual LotusScript package that was tightly bound to Notes)


    Notes Companion Products Senior/Principal Engineer

    ·      Designed and implemented the Inbound/Outbound Fax Gateways and the OCR Gateway running as Notes Server Tasks.   Also integrated the Pager gateway and Lotus Notes Document Imaging to work in conjunction with inbound faxes.


    Windows Senior Software Engineer

    ·      Wrote components of the Graphical Verification Tool running under Windows for the 123 Team.

    ·      Designed and Implemented Graphical analysis tools for comparing screen images during automation tests

·      Memory analysis tools for determining
memory leakage and memory validation during simulated heavy system usage.


    DBSD Senior Software Engineer

    ·      Wrote components to the Lotus database management product running under OS2 Presentation Manager

·      Designed and Implemented the Command architecture including memory management and dispatching mechanism User interface, including numerous dialog boxes Action managers for launching tools, running commands and executing embedded programs Event manager including triggers



September 1985 to February 1989

    Senior Software Engineer Research and Development

    ·      Designed and implemented PCLINK including a WKS converter Export Utility for Intellect

    ·        Designed and implemented KBMS AISQL Callability, including the implementation of a Cobol  and  PL1, AISQL preprocessor



March 1981 to September 1985

    Technical Staff, Development

    ·        Designed and implemented numerous Finite Element Commands on the CDS4000 CADDS System

    ·        Developed CADDS ACCESS on the Sun Workstation


    Technical Analyst, Development

    ·      Project Manager/Developer for MASM (Mechanical Applications for Solid Modeling). Responsible for the design and implementation of the database and Command Interface for MASM


    Senior Programmer, Business

    ·      Database consultant; involved in the upgrade of the FEM database.   Designed and implemented the FEM querying tool.



    Co-op  (Brandeis) Programmer, System Development

    ·      Developed Syntax and Semantic analysis software for the ADA compiler


EDUCATION           University of Massachusetts/Amherst

                                    Master of Science in Computer and Information Science


                                    Brandeis University

                                    Bachelor of Science in Biology Cum Laude with High Honors