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B. Chandramouli
( Chandra )


Senior software developer with over 17 years of extensive software development experience in diverse areas with a M.S. degree in Computer Science. Areas of development expertise include: C++ (10 years), Objective-C (3 years), C (17 years), UNIX (15 years), Macintosh (MPW, MacApp) (3 years), Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Development(12 years), OO Design Patterns (4 years), Relational and Object databases (12 years), Client Server Systems( 7 years ), Graphical User Interfaces ( 7 years ), Telecommunications and Computer Telephony ( 11 years ), Intelligent Networks( 8 years), Voice Over Data, Voice Over IP ( 2 years ), Medical Imaging( 5 years ). Permanent Resident of U.S.A.

Major Projects:

? A Pentium Solaris 2.5/2.6/2.7 platform supporting multiple vendor Computer Telephony service circuits. Voice Play and Record, FAX, TTS, Conference, Voice Recognition, T1, BRI, PRI, R2 on the SCSA, MVIP and H.110 buses, C++, ORACLE, Standalone as well as Cluster of nodes, ISA and Compact PCI based High Density and High Call Load platform. Architecutre, Design and Development of CSN and eMRS middleware and channel level software, Performance analysis and tuning.

? Client-Server applications for Teleradiology and Removable Media for Medical Images, C++, SYBASE (running on Sun and VAX servers) and Macintosh (MPW, MacApp etc.)

? ISDN Multipoint DSL B-Channel Reservation Strategies, C, UNIX. Received 2 patents.

? OO User Interface Software for theMagnetic Resonance (MR) Medical Imaging Scanner, Objective-C, Sun OS.

? An Object Oriented Database Management System, C, UNIX.

The above projects were executed using proper software engineering processes involving Rapid Prototyping, Analysis and Design with Peer Reviews, Use of Document and Source Code Control Systems, Coding Standards, Code Inspections and Use of Project Management techniques to create and keep track of schedules.
Languages C++, C, Objective-C, Pascal, ALGOL, COBOL, FORTRAN, LISP, Prolog, Modula-2 and SDL
Platforms UNIX (Solaris, UnixWare, SUN OS, System V, 4.2 and 4.3 BSD on various platforms like Sun, Pentium VAX, Tandem Fault Tolerant Computer, Amdahl and 3B20), Macintosh, DOS, Windows?95, 5ESS Switch platforms (OSDS, FEX), Unisys (MCP) and Amdahl Mainframes (MTS), pSOS, Windows NT 4.0
OOA/OOD Design Patterns, Booch, UMLSchlaer/Mellor, Rumbaugh, Fusion, Objectory, CRC, Responsibility Driven
Database  SYBASE, ORACLE, INGRES Case Tools: Cadre Teamwork, TurboCASE, S-CASE
Computer Telephony  Dialogic (D240SCT1, Antares, Gammalink Fax), Lucent Attune ( Speech Recognition, T1, Echo Cancellation, Text To Speech ), Brooktrout ( TR1000 ), Learnout & Hauspie ( RealSpeak ), SCSA and MVIP switching bus technologies.
Software Packages Clearcase, Rhapsody 3.0, Most of the UNIX Utilities (Shell, C-Shell and K-Shell Scripting, YACC, LEX, make, vi, awk, sed, curses etc. ), UNIX Text processing packages (nroff, troff, tbl, pic, mm, ms), Macintosh (MPW, MacApp), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MacDraw, Interleaf (desktop publishing system), WINDLIB (graphics package), GEMCOS, DMS II, Cande, WFL.

1983-1985 Master Of Science (Computer Science), University Of Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA. Thesis: An OO Data Base Management System for CAD Applications. GPA : 8.7 / 9
1977-1982 Bachelor of Engineering, (Industrial Engineering), College Of Engineering, Guindy, Madras, INDIA. First Rank in the University.

Feb  ?01 to Present: Consultant at Cadant, Lisle, IL
  •  Object Oriented Realtime software development for the Broadband Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). 
  •  Efficient DOCSIS 1.1 error and debug logging for Ranging, Registration, Dynamic Services and Ethernet bridge groups at the correct priority levels. 
  •  Conversion of Hex dump of DOCSIS 1.1 protocol messages to user-readable format.
  •  ECN 108 messages and hardware state change SNMP traps generation.
          Environment: Clearcase, Rhapsody 3.0, UML, pSOS, Windows NT 4.0, DOCSIS 1.

OCT ?95 to Jan '01: Consultant at LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, Naperville, IL

  • Object Oriented Middleware and channel level software for Compact Service Node (CSN) and Enhanced Media Resource Server (eMRS) platform for Voice Play and Record, Digit Collection, Tone Generation, Fax, Conferencing, Text to Speech, Voice Recognition, T1, BRI, PRI and R2. 
  • Architecture, Development to General Availability, C++, Unixware and Solaris 2.5/2.6/2.7, Pentium
  • cPCI and ISA Computer Telephony cards integration from multiple vendors ( Dialogic, Brooktrout, Lucent, Amtelco), H.110 and SCSA switching technologies.
  • Performance Measurement and Tuning of CSN and eMRS.
  • NFS performance Evaluation.
  • User Interface software to monitor/maintain this platform.
  • Taught Tier II Customer course on eMRS and CSN software architecture.
March ?93 to Sept. ?95 Consultant at Loral Medical Imaging Systems, Hoffman Estates, IL.
  • Developed Teleradiology and Removable Media Client-Server, Object-Oriented Applications for a PACS system, C++, SYBASE (Solaris&VMS), Macintosh (MPW, MacApp). 30 C++ classes and 10000 lines of C++ 
  • Analysis using Schlaer/Mellor, Rumbaugh and Booch OOA&D methodologies using S-CASE and Turbo CASE.
  • Used many Design Patterns in the design and implementation stage.
  • Led a task force to choose the right OO Method, OO CASE Tools and OO Training for this organization.
June ?91 to Mar ?93 Consultant at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Naperville, IL. 
  • OO Software Development for AT&T's Service Circuit Node platform, C++, Oracle, Sun OS, Tandem.
  • OOA&D Schlaer/Mellor methodology, "Teamwork" CASE tool. Acted as Mentor in these areas for others.
  • Traffic and Equipment Usage Measurements and User Interface software for Voice, TTS and Fax.
APRIL ?89 to June 91 Consultant, GE Medical Systems, Waukesha, WI.
  • OO Software Design and Development for the Magnetic Resonance (MR) Scanner. Objective-C, Sun OS.
  • Analysis, Design & Coding of 20000 lines of Objective-C for the Scan Prescription subsystem.
  • The Model View Controller (MVC) User Interface Paradigm and OO technology were key design principles
OCT. ?85 to April ?89 Consultant at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Naperville, IL
  • Developed the Shared Directory Number feature for ISDN Multipoint DSL, 5ESS switch, C, UNIX.
  • Invented two new techniques to manage B-Channels. Obtained two patents for these inventions. 
  • Electronic Tandem Network and Centrex Feature Interactions.
  • A Database Semantic Integrity Checker for feature interactions like Call Forwarding, Call Waiting & Conferencing.
Sept. 83 to Oct. 85 Research Engineer, OO/CAD, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
  • Designed and implemented an Object Oriented DBMS, Own new OO data model, DDL & DML,YACC, LEX, UNIX & C
  • An airline reservation system, A CASE tool, A UNIX Window Manager and a FORTRAN lexical analyzer ( Pascal )
Jan ?83 to Aug ?83 Junior Software Engineer, Tata Burroughs LTD., BOMBAY, INDIA.
  • Enhanced the BHIS package. Training in Computer Science, mainframe hardware and software, COBOL & ALGOL 
Oct. ?82 to Dec ?82 SYSTEMS ENGINEER, Richardson and CRUDAS, MADRAS, india.
  • Conducted a Process Improvement Study.
Mar ?81 to Mar ?82 Project Engineer, Inventory Management Systems, Binny Engineering Ltd., Madras, INDIA. 
  • Designed a software based Inventory Control Strategy for effective inventory cost control.

Booch and Rumbaugh OOA&D, Schlaer/Mellor OOA&D, UNIX Internals ( Memory, I/O, Process and File subsystems ), UNIX device drivers, CORBA, Apple MacApp Framework, NCF, Member of ACM and IEEE

1998-2000 Bell Labs Presidents Award, Peer Recognition Awards, Excellence Awards 1988 Outstanding Performance Award at Bell labs
1990 Two U.S. Patents : 4,958,343 and 4,961,186 1982 University First Rank in Bachelor of Eng.


"Lucent Bell Laboratories President?s Award Winner 1998 Presented to B. Chandramouli for the outstanding level of Innovation, Technical Excellence and GROWS demonstrated in the project??."- Dan Stanzione, President, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories.

"Chandra, Outstanding! You are a real role model of the values Lucent has & needs - teamwork, speed, innovation, personal accountability, & above all obsession with serving our customers & meeting their needs. Thanks you for a job well done and I look forward to many future successes" - H. Bauer, Vice President, Advanced Network Services, Lucent .

"Chandra is one of the best engineers, if not the best, I have. His outstanding technical and people skills are invaluable to our project. I wish I have more Chandras in my team." - P. Bruckner, Project Leader, Loral Medical Imaging Systems.

"Your efforts are critical in our ongoing quest to grow our business" - J.J. Lhospital, Director, Advanced Network Services, Lucent Technologies.

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