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To obtain a challenging position in building Object Oriented cross-platform Middle-Ware components (Multithreading, COM/DCOM using MS VC++-ATL/ MS VB) working in tandem with other tiers of Web Solutions viz., ASP/VB6.0/DHTML/Scripting Clients/MS Site Server/C++/IIS5.0 and data service layers (SQL Server7.0/Sybase 11/Oracle7.x/MS-Access).




¨        An MCSD with more than Five years of work experience in the fields of system study, analysis, design, development and implementation of core business software applications using web related tools like VC++, MFC, Win32 API, Active Template Library (ATL), MTS 2.0/3.0, OLE-DB, ODBC, VB6.0, ADO, HTML, DHTML, ActiveX Controls.

¨        Completed three full life cycle development projects using formal development methodologies like UML.

¨        Versatile team player with excellent analytical, communication and inter personal skills.




Languages                   :           C, C++, VB,Java (JDK 1.2, JDBC, JNI, Java Reflection),

Web Tools                   :           Visual C++ 6.0, MFC 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Interdev.

Web Technologies       :           MTS (COM+), Active-X, ATL, COM/DCOM, XML, DOM, ASP.

Databases                   :           SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, and Oracle.

Operating Systems     :           Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Solaris 2.5, SCO SVR4.

Tools and Utilities       :           Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment, MS Offife Suite, Harvest, MS Project 98, MS Team Manager, Crystal Reports, Visual Modeler, Numega –Profiling and Memory Tools, InstallShield.

Others                         :           Win32 API, Multithreading, DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) UML, Erwin, TCP/IP.




v TVData                                                           (Feb 2001 – Till date)                               - System Analyst

Client         : Microsoft Corporation USA. (

Team Size : 25

Project Description:

The project involves redesign of an existing system involving applications used by tellers to applications involving handling of cashbox, check deposits/withdrawals, treasury, tax, stamps etc.


·          Design and develop a C++/ATL based OLE DB consumer application for homebred replication between SQL Server and Oracle.

·          Develop stored procedures to monitor jobs.

·          Develop extended stored procedures to carry out activities not possible with normal stored procedures.

·          Designing a distributed monitoring approach by developing SQL Server jobs and interactivity with Windows scripting for the application to run smoothly on all the 2000 odd servers.

·          Developing Standard Error reporting mechanism using the Windows Event log.

·          Designing and developing an ATL based Security component using the Standard Crypto API

Environment :

Windows 2000, VC++ 6.0, C++ Std Template Library, ATL3.0, OLE DB Consumers (SQL Server, Oracle), Extended Stored Procedures in SQL Server, Cryptography.



v Portal Designer                                                           (May 2000 – Feb 2001)                            - Tech Lead

Client                     : MetaTV, USA. (

Team Size             : 8

Project Description         :

The Project involves developing MetaTV's Universal TV Portal Platform™, a suite of client and server software products that include pre-built, pre-tested and customizable components for syndication, e-commerce, advertising and personalization that leverages the strengths of all major set-top box platforms.

As a Sr. IT Consultant and tech lead I assisted MetaTV in designing and enhancing its above suite of products for a better and facilitative designer tool.

Responsibilities     :

a)   Designing and developing a multi-instance ATL Custom Browser, called Portal Browser (ActiveX control) to allow interfacing with the designer repository and the Windows file-system. Drag-drop of items listed in the browser to and from another components like Page designer.

b)   Designing and implementing a single instance ActiveX control developed in ATL 3.0, for maintaining/configuring designer sessions for the process.

c)   Designing and developing an HTML generator module abiding the rules of the Capability Matrix for proper display of pages on the Television. This used MSXML DOM parser to parse and generate the page.

d)   Developing and enhancing Design Time Controls (DTC’s) for rendering data in the designer.

e)   Designing the specifications of a name navigator module to facilitate look up of class-names, method names and return types from the syndicated java classes using JNI and java reflection.

Environment         :

Windows 2000, VC++ 6.0, C++ Std Template Library, MFC, ATL3.0, JNI, Java Reflection, IIS 5.0, SAX Parser, MSXML , Internet Explorer 5.x, SQL Server 7.0, MS Access.



v SSI Web Solutions                                                     (Oct 99 - Apr 2000)                                   - Tech Lead

i-flex solutions Pvt. Ltd. Formerly known as Citicorp Information Technology Industries Ltd.  (An SEI CMM Level 5 Company)

Client         : CrossMar Bank, USA. (A Subsidiary of Citicorp Group) (

Team Size : ~40 (India-18, US-20+)

Project Description:         

The Project involves developing a system to manage the standing settlement instructions with a messaging architecture based on SWIFT. This involves managing transactions between banks regarding tradable securities. Rate Feeds from Reuters/Arcontech will be fed into rate servers, and settlement issues to be tackled online.

Responsibilities     :

a)   Preparing Specification documents.

b)   Designing and implementing the multithreaded component architecture using MTS and ATL (Multiple Interfaces for multiple components).

c)   Developing COM+ business service components using ATL 3.0 and MTS.

d)   Developing components with multiple dispatch interfaces for Scripting Clients (ASP, VB Script).

e)      Using ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) - Merant Driver to interact with Sybase/SQL Server.

f)        Tested MTS components with Oracle 8 using Oracle client libraries of Oracle 7.3.

g)      Testing the components with Compiled Clients (MFC) and Scripting Clients.


Windows 2000 (RC2 and the release version),VC++ 6.0, MFC, ATL3.0, ADO (Merant OLE DB Drivers), VB 6.0. MTS 3.0, IIS 5.0, Visual Interdev, Internet Explorer 5.0, Sybase/SQL Server 7.0 and ASP.




(CrosMar Automated Trading System - Optionsscheine)      (Jul 99-Oct 99)    -Team Lead

Citicorp Information Technology Industries Ltd. ( (An SEI CMM Level 5 Company)

Client: CrossMar Bank, USA. (A Subsidiary of Citicorp Group) (, Citibank, Goldman Sachs

Team Size : ~23.

Project Description:

The Project involved developing a system for a service bureaus (CrossMar Inc etc.). This is an online trading system for Warrents, traded in Countries like Germany, Japan.


As a Team Lead and a design team member, my role was to design and develop the business components for online trading.

a)     Designing trading mechanism for multi-user environment.

b)     Designing flexible messaging architecture (Using TCP/IP) for the whole system using central message allocation/de-allocation mechanism.

c)     Developing Citicorp proprietary encryption and decryption mechanism for secure transactions.

d)     Designing and developing out-of-proc COM components for custom Reporting Mechanism to view the traded securities using Seagate Crystal Reports.

e)     Tested the application(s) for memory leaks (Numega - Bounds Checker) and for multi-user environment.

f)     Prepared setup kit using InstallShield 5.0.


Windows NT Server, Solaris 2.5, SCO SVR4, C, C++, VC++, Sybase/SQL Server 7.0, ctlib, ODBC3.0, COM/DCOM, Crystal Reports, Numega-Bounds Checker, InstallShield 5.0.



v Global Portfolio Services                          (Dec 98-Jul 99)                                                    Sr. Developer

Citicorp Information Technology Industries Ltd. (

Client         : CrossMar Bank, USA. (A Subsidiary of Citicorp Group) (

Team Size : ~45.

Project Description:

The Project involved developing a system for a service bureau, which manages the Portfolio of the various investors. The Phase I of the system (Transactions modules) was already deployed at the NYSE and CrossMar Bank for the online transactions.


As a Sr. Developer and a Team Member, My Role was to assist in completing the Phase II of the Project (Announcements, Awarding and End of Day Processing) The details of which are as under,

a)   Designing and developing Announcement, Awarding and EOD mechanisms for multi-user environment.

b)   Developing Citicorp proprietary encryption and decryption mechanism for secure transactions.

c)   Implementing the details of the Wrapper, implementers and business objects architecture.

d)   Tested the application(s) for memory leaks (Numega - Bounds Checker) and for multi-user environment.

For more information visit: Investment Services


WinNT4.0, Solaris 2.5, C++ , VC++, Inprise-Entera DCE, RogueWave Libraries for Multithreading/DB  interaction/Financial Calculations, Numega - BoundsChecker, Bond Probe Libraries for transaction processing, VB6.0, Sybase/Oracle/IBM-DB2, Win32 API.



v LMS T-Card Solutions.              (Mar 98- Dec 98)                                                                 Sr. Developer

Tandon Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (

Client         : jeTECH Corporation, USA ( )

Team Size : 10.

Project Description:

The Project involved developing 3-tiered, multi-threaded, multi-user business components in VC++. The module is a part of a complete office-automation product for Labor Management. The component was developed using OLE-DB consumer templates for ODBC drivers in 32-bit environment and ODBC 2.0 in 16-bit environment for better control and flexibility.

Responsibilities     :

a)   Designing the specifications of the T-Card Module.

b)   Implementing the details of the designed module.

For more Information visit Labor Mgmt System

Environment         :

      VC++ 6.0. OLE-DB Consumer templates, VB 6.0.


v Preserve Plus : A Conversion Tool        (Nov 96-Mar 98)                                                  - Sr. Developer

Tandon Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( )


Client         : Tandon Software Solutions. (

Team Size : 22.

Project Description :

The Purpose of this tool is to provide semi-automatic porting from 16-bit SQLGupta (SQL Windows version 5.02 and above and Centura Version 1.1.0) application to VC++ 5.0/VC++6.0 application. The generated application would be complied and linked to form a 32-bit application.


a)   Designing specifications and requirements of the classes that were to be implemented for the running of the tool.

b)   Implementation of the above designed skeleton classes into real world classes.

c)   Testing and debugging of the whole tool.

d)   Implementing the Win32 DLLs, which took care of handling the API calls which SQLGupta application had. 


      VC++ 5.0 and VC++ 6.0, MFC, Gupta SQL, SQL Server 6.5, Win32 API.


v SPC/SQC                                                       Jun 96-Nov 96                                                              - Developer 

Tandon Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (


Client         : jeTECH Corporation, USA ( )

Team Size : 10.

Project Description   :

Designing of a 3-tier Client-Server system, which takes into account all the processes of the enterprise and try to optimize it in such a manner as to produce the best results, by using the technique of statistical quality control and statistical process control.

Responsibilities     :

a)   Developing and enhancing modules for quality control for the enterprise.

b)   Updating and painting controls with data


      VC++ 4.2, Borland C++ and VB 4.0, Win NT 3.5, Windows 95.



v       B.S.(Computer Science) from University Of Pune, Maharashtra, India.

v       Post Graduate Diploma In Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

v       Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.



Place  : CA, San Francisco


Date   :    May 2001

Mr. Gururaj K. Pandurangi      


Reference available on request.


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