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International Webmasters Association (1998 to Current)

The mission of International Webmasters Association is to provide and foster professional advancement opportunities among individuals dedicated to or pursuing a Web career, and to work diligently to enhance their effectiveness, image, and professionalism as they attract and serve their clients and employers. My involvement includes Chairing and Founding the South Puget Sound chapter of the IWA in our geographical area.

HTML Writers Guild (1997 to Current)

The HTML Writers Guild is the world's largest international organization of Web authors with over 123,000 members in more than 150 nations worldwide. Their unique community provides resources, support, representation, and education for web authors at all skill levels.

Brinnon Parent Teacher Organization (2000 / 2001)

(2000 - 2001: Board of Directors; Treasurer) The Parent Teacher Organization of the Brinnon School District (46), in Brinnon, Washington. Helped found first after-school clubs, fund-raising, etc.

BARSC (2000, 2001)

(2000, 2001: Board of Directors; President) BARSC is the Brinnon Amateur Radio School Club. The club was started as a means to gather students and community members around a common interest in technology, electronics, and telecommunications via Amateur Radio. The club exists to inspire, educate, and involve the students and general public of South Jefferson County in Amateur Radio, Public Service, Search and Rescue, and technology.

ARRL (1998 to Current)

(Member since 1998) The American Radio Relay League is the national association for Amateur Radio in the United States. The ARRL is a not-for-profit organization that promotes interest in Amateur Radio communications and experimentation, represents US radio amateurs in legislative matters, and maintains fraternalism and a high standard of conduct among Amateur Radio operators.

FISTS (2000, 2001)

(Member since 2000) FISTS is the International Morse Code Preservation Society, which promotes the art of Morse code communication, helping members to enhance the skill and knowledge of this aspect of telecommunications.

ARLHS (2000, 2001)

(Member since 2000) The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society is the only society devoted exclusively to Maritime and Amateur radio, lightships, and lighthouses. The purposes for which this society is formed are: to promote public awareness of the role amateur radio and light beacons have played in assisting and maintaining safety at sea, to preserve the heritage and history of lighthouses and lightships, to aid in preserving those lights in danger of destruction or decay, to recognize the keepers of the lights as maritime heroes, to foster camaraderie within the ham fraternity, and to provide fellowship amongst members of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.

Professional Experience

AccessNow! Interactive Services (CEO, Founder)

Washington - 1995 to Current

I formed this consulting firm to meet the market demand for quality, experienced Information Technology and Communications services. With initial partners Michael Carney and David Pancost, formed a well-balanced team capable of providing innovative strategic IT solutions, ranging from simple program tools to full integrated systems including LANís interconnected via the Internet. The company has evolved through many IT Industry changes, with a current focus on e-commerce and database-driven websites. Clients have included Gemini Development Corporation, Balloon Magic, Association for Direct Instruction, OTE, Inc.,,, and others.

I.C.D.M. (Chairman, Founder)

Washington - 1985 to current

This not-for-profit ministry organization provided a telecommunications network that ties missionaries, teachers, churches, and individuals together for support and encouragement. This network was active until the Internet became a more reliable and economical transport. My Involvement included the technical design and implementation of the communications networking, public relations, fund raising, and related duties, as well as actual ministry (abuse victim recovery, counseling, and educational activities). (Technology Director)

Seattle, Washington - 2000 to 2001

As Technology Director, drove the company's online and back-office technology, moving the Company forward in its mission. Developed the technology base that served the Company's E-commerce to the Internet. Created customized database-driven Internet application for use with website. / (Senior Technology Administrator)

Seattle, Washington - 1998 to 1999

As the sole and initial Senior Technology Administrator, designed and developed the first releases of the company's online presence. While serving as the sole technologist, worked with an outside consultant to create all of the online technology that served this start-up. Was the driving force behind the initial creation of the technology staff, moving the Company to a level that helped secure funding and venture capital. Developed the technology base that served the Company's E-commerce to the Internet, moving from initial technology to Sybase and Webobjects, using Sun machines and Solaris. Finally left to pursue further career advancement, while retaining a substantial stock holding in the company.

Westmarch Development Corporation (Vice President)

Olympia, Washington - 1994 to 1996

As a Senior Design Engineer, designed and developed a Windows multi-media program used in the Audio industry (radio, sports-casting, and so on). This program (WaveRave) was a virtual 'cart' machine, able to play pre-recorded, computer-stored sound 'carts.' As Vice President, managed public relations, internal staff issues, and software project co-ordination. At the end of my term as Vice President, the corporation moved out of town to focus on clients south of Washington State (Canon, HP, both in California).

Hood and Associates (Sole Proprietor)

Montana - 1990 to 1993

Worked with many clients, including a power generation plant in eastern Montana. Programmed custom solutions, integrated software packages into business operations, designed and implemented Local Area Networks. Helped companies understand strategic business planning and how IT fits into their tactical and logistical operations. Worked with Mainframes, Mini's, and PC's. Assembler, C, PAL, BASIC, and PASCAL.

TheTravelers, Incorporated (Programmer Analyst)

Hartford, Connecticut - 1989 to 1990)

As a programmer analyst I designed, coded, tested, and delivered applications and sub-system components for the Atlas Plus software suite. Created many utility tools, testing scripts, as well as provided support. Coded in Fortran, C, and assembler. Was part of a team of programmers that interacted with customers to determine requirements and acceptance. Saw projects through from conception (and application of requirements from customers) to delivery and deployment to a national audience.

United States Army (31M10 and Systems Analyst)

Karlsruhe, West Germany, and USA - 1985 to 1989

While serving in the United States Army, was Awarded two Army Achievement Medals. The first was for successfully accomplishing the engineering of a communication circuit (troposcatter and HF) between Belgiumís west coast and the headquarters in Germany. No previous attempt by other units was successful. The second medal was given for my efforts in creating a complete Operations Procedure manual for the company. This SOP covered everything from mobilization procedures to communication procedures in the field. The military also awarded numerous small awards during this time for providing resources and efforts (AI Expert Systems, database design and implementation, training, etc.) beyond 31M10 job description.

Anything Technical, Incorporated (Founder and Programmer Analyst)

Montana - 1983 to 1985

Worked with clients by programming custom software (a bank escrow application, and various database applications), training on computer software and systems, and assisting in purchase of appropriate hardware and software. Also installed communications (including Satellite), and assisted in the design of business policy for integration of Information Technology. Sold computer systems, and satellite television.

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