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Donna Young
Young Engineered Software Solutions

Phone: (503) 701-5649

P.O. Box 14, 430 Wayeeses Drive
Morgan, Vermont 05853

Contract-based engineer providing software system analyst services for manufacturing and healthcare applications. Strong technical leadership, teaching and interpersonal skills enable me to lead project and/or development teams. Have extensive experience working with end users and distilling their requirements into comprehensive software designs.

Professional Experience

1987 - present: self-employed software engineer
Customers included: Applied Materials, Komatsu Silicon America, Tektronix, Digital Equipment, Seagate, AMP, World Bank, TDS Healthcare Systems and Boston City Hospital.

Contracts involved:
1. Systems Analysis 
Systems included: Semi-conductor Process Control, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Cell Control, Nursing - patient care and financial analysis.
Methodologies and tools employed included: UML, Select OMT (Class models, Use Case diagrams), Shlaer Mellor OOA, and Knowledgeware CASE.

2. Software Quality Assurance
Wrote and executed functional test plans for process control system. Designed and managed software problem reporting and engineering change order system.

3. Software Design
Designed user interfaces for manufacturing process, material management, and automated warehouse control systems. Designed and build data collection tool for nursing and physician research systems.

4. Reverse Software Engineering
Reverse engineered systems in order to provide technical documentation. Applications included healthcare information, banking customer service, and year 2000 conversions.

1980 - 1987: General Electric Company
Worked in the Aircraft Engine, Flight and Weapon Control businesses
Assignments: CIM Engineer - Factory of the Future project, Manufacturing Systems Analyst, Manufacturing Management Program.

Bachelor of Science, May 1980
Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

Master of Science, January 1987
Computer Science

Other Interests and Pursuits
Produce Pure Vermont Maple Syrup seasonally in Northeast Vermont
Certified Snowboard Instructor
Windsurfing, Creative writing, reading, travel.

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