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Key strengths include:

  • Enterprise software (SAP) understanding, configuration and implementation. Training and documentation.
  • Public Sector experience; both Federal and State & Local.
    • Project management and organization
    • Also worked with other software packages (bolt-ons, CrossWorlds, Clarify, Kronos etc.)
    • Instructor, Technical Sales, Lecturer: train-the trainer, large audiences, conducted workshops, training of end-users and project team members. Guest speaker.
    • SAP Hotline in Germany and Scandinavia
    • Both R/2 and R/3 experience.
    • Current release level: ERP 2004 & ERP 2005 (ECC 5.0 & 6.0) & 4.7C with Federal Solution version 2.0, and State & Local.
    • Done upgrades from 1.0 to 1.2, 2.1 to 2.2, 2,2 to 3.1, 3.1 to 4.0 and 4.5B and 4.0B to 4.6C
    • Post go-live support and helpdesk in the US, Canada and Europe
    • Hands-on configuration in FI-GL, FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-AA, CO, PS, MM and SD
    • Taxware International and Vertex configuration
    • Lockbox, Automatic Payment Programs, Automatic Correspondence and Dunning
    • Reengineering of business processes (BPR)
    • Staffing and developing of core project teams.
    • ASAP Methodology: design, blueprint, realization etc.
    • Main emphasis has been on actual configuration and implementation of SAP (R/2 and R/3)
    • Country coordinator at SAP's HQ in Walldorf, Germany for the U.K., Ireland and Scandinavia: liaison between developers and customers. Defined business and industry practices, testing, documentation, training, configuration and implementation.
    • Industries: pharmaceuticals, engineering, agriculture, food, utilities, research, manufacturing, insurance, chemical, electronics, laboratory, federal government, transportation (rail), auto (supplier to) etc.
    • Strongest areas: FI and Asset Accounting with various integration points

  • Healthcare staffing, including recruiting, follow-up, networking and sales.
    • Management and administration (owned and run 3 companies)
    • Finance and accounting, Sales & Marketing
    • Methodical, punctual and quality oriented

  • Strong analytical skills. Cross-functional
  • Strong international experience. Fluent in English, German, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish
  • Thrives on challenges
  • Cross country Roll-out/Roll-In experience

Work experience:

08/07 - to date - StatKraft AS, Oslo, Norway - State owned public utility company - a leader in renewable energy in Europe.

Platform: ERP2005 - ECC6.0

Tasks include:

      • Production support of Cost Center Accounting, Internal Orders and Profit Center Accounting, CO-PA, General Ledger, A/P & A/R, and Fixed Asset Accounting.
      • Project work and configuration within the FI module: G/L, A/P, A/R, and AA for new companies that have been acquired recently (one in Norway, one in the U.K. and two in Germany.
      • Integration, in particular with PM, PS, SD and MM
      • From Oct. 2007: project lead for rapid SAP mini-implementation for 2 companies in Germany, one in Austria and one in the Netherlands: CO-PA, CO-CCA, CO-OPA and EC-PCA, FI (G/L, A/P, A/R and AA). Go-Live: March 1st 2008.
      • Project lead
      • Functional lead
      • Instructor
      • Developed training schedules and materials
      • Configurator
      • Trouble-shooting
      • Configuration documentation
      • Business Process Procedures
      • Basically a one-man show
      • Production support March through May '08.
      • Enhancements and additional interfaces from May 2008. Phase 2.
      • Expected to last until end of 4th quarter 2008
      • FI team lead
      • Super User
      • Tasked to train and develop customer super users within FI and CO
      • Participate in team effort for new functionality:
      • Invoice scanning
      • Invoice parking
      • Invoice approval
      • Workflow for above
      • Electronic bank account statements
      • Functional spec. for interface from trading system to FI, CO-PA and SD
      • SD Billing

07/06 - 07/07 - Deloitte_State of South Carolina, ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0. Public Sector

Fixed Assets/Asset Accounting Lead. Full life cycle implementation. Configuration of

- modified accrual depreciation

- full accrual depreciation

    • Assets under Construction
    • Healthcare Cost Reporting depreciation area
    • Operating Leases
    • FI-A/R Loans
    • Master data
    • Modified and Full Accrual concept
    • Capital Orders in CO

- integration with

        • Grants Management
        • Funds Management
        • FI-G/L
        • MM-PUR
        • CO-CCA and CO-OPA
    • Develop CATT (Computer Assisted Testing Tool) and LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) scripts for conversions.
    • Conversions, BPP's, Configuration documentation, creation of Unit Test Scripts, unit, string and integration testing. Asset procurement workflows.
    • Definitions of roles and functional specifications for data loads and workflows.
    • Accountable Property functionality (Federal Sector)
    • Initial Sandbox and DEV. Clients configured in ECC 5.0, from December 2006 (upgrade), re-done in ECC 6.0

03/05 - 06/06 Nortel Networks, Research Triangle Park, NC.

CALA Finance Deployment Prime:

    • GRS (Global Repair Service) mapping for Caribbean and Latin America:
      • First phase blueprint As-Is, To-Be and Gap analysis for 47 different countries, 5 different company codes (projected at this time)
        • Including tax, customs and country-specific features.
        • Tools: MS-Visio, MS-Project and MS-PowerPoint
        • Systems affected: SAP, Oracle, Clarify, legacy systems
        • Supply chain design
        • Outsourcing of key repair processes to external, global partner
      • Second phase: plan and execute deployment, plan and execute decommissioning of multiple legacy system, data migration, plan and execute testing (unit and integration), documentation, training schedule, design changes and develop new interfaces.
      • August - September: Management Self Assessment / Sarbanes-Oxley testing.
      • October '05 until date: support of phased SAP roll outs for the EMEA region: Contract Orders, Consignment Orders. EMEA issues/actions resolutions.
      • Includes SAP production support for FI and Fixed Assets, migration path design, conversion strategies etc.. SAP systems worked with: FI (A/R, A/P, G/L, AA, MM)
      • March - May: project plan and mapping of G/L and A/P conversion from Oracle Financials to SAP.
      • Developed upgrade road map from release 4.6C to 5.0 ECC for General Ledger

11/03 - 3/05 U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Indianapolis, IN

      Property Team: FI including Asset Accounting, Funds Management and PS (Project System); emphasis: Asset Accounting, Inventory and integration with FI, FM, PM, CO, PS and MM-PUR. Worked this project in parallel to the project in Michigan until end of 2003. 4 days/IN and 2 days/MI per week.

      Release 4.7 - Enterprise Public Sector/Federal solution rel. 2.0 and IS-Real Estate.

      • Conversion of legacy data
      • Mapping, testing, CATT scripts
      • Internal release 2.0 helpdesk and training
      • Configuration and reporting
      • Helpdesk/Production support for earlier release
      • Unit/Regression and Integration testing of asset module and its integration with FI, PS, CO, FM and MM-PUR
      • Documentation, Reference Guides and Works Instructions
      • Instructor: large classes and workshops
      • Cutover plans, depreciation runs, recalculations, mass retirements and mass changes etc.
      • Year-end reporting, fiscal year change, fiscal year close
      • Assist auditors in breaking down numbers and query reports
      • Go-Live: 10/12/2004
      • Post-Go Live: production support, customization, on-going maintenance and enhancements.
      • Team Lead from February 2005
      • Extensive use of IBM's Ascendant Tool Set
      • Rolling off on March 25th 2005

2-3/2004 Forbo Adhesives, LLC, Durham, NC.

      Short-term, part-time, trouble-shooting assignment in FI-AA (Asset Accounting): customer had major errors in handling of depreciation runs, incorrect use of transaction for write-ups, write-downs,

      manual depreciation and batch job handling. Not yet finished (as of 2/24/04). Due back on 2/27/04.

09/03 -12/03 Carcoustics, Inc, Howell, MI. & Leverkusen, Germany


      Implementation of FI, CO, including Product Costing and Fixed Assets. Lead consultant. Scheduled to go live on 2/1/04, with fallback date 3/1/2004. Funding uncertain for the continuation of the project. Blueprinting.

      Initial scope: FI-A/P, FI-A/R, FI-G/L, FI-AA, CO-CCA, CO-PCA, CO-OPA, CO-PC and possibly CO-PA. Release 4.6C with IS-Automotive version 3.0.

      Responsible for integration with and account determination within MM, SD and PP. Helping out on some SD configuration since SD lead quit project.

      Tasks include:

      • Project plan in MS-Project
      • Business Process Scripts
      • Create business process flow diagrams in MS-Visio
      • Configuration of above modules
      • Training of project team and (later) end-users
      • Scrub and set up new Chart of Accounts
      • Business Process reengineering
      • Enterprise structure, general settings, Financial Accounting, Controlling, and Enterprise Controlling.
      • CO-OPA used for customer tooling projects and Capital Acquisition projects together with FI-AA.

06/02 - 09/03 Auxilium Health LLC, North Carolina (employer, non-SAP)

      Project Manager. Healthcare Staffing Solutions Company. Established and built the company from the ground up. Currently have 14 major clients throughout the US and looking to add more. Specializing in finding Registered Nurses a permanent 'home'. Sourcing for nurses in Canada, Scandinavia, India and the Philippines. Good network, solid reputation.

02/96 - 05/02 The Bouvet Corporation, Michigan and North Carolina (my employer during this period)

Running the business, upgrading and streamlining our accounting and project systems.

      Development of new businesses (Healthcare IT, contract nursing), setting up new office in San Diego, setting up network of new sales people in the Midwest and the west coast. Worked primarily as project manager and consultant, Sr. VP of Operations and technical responsibilities. Responsible for recruitment of employees and contractors to company and projects. Project expert, instructor and manager. Setting up access to SAP server in Europe used for training, design, configuration and case studies. - Left because of activities dwindled in the first half of 2002.

R/3 (SAP software) PROJECTS

11/00 - 04/01 Nortel Networks, RTP, North Carolina.

Project Manager, SAP, CrossWorlds, BaaN, Clarify and legacy systems.

        Acted as Project Manager (independent contractor) for the implementation of SAP (logistics and finance) for all Nortel sites in North America, Europe and Asia, its integration to BaaN, Clarify (acquired in 1999) and miscellaneous legacy systems (on AS400, client / server and mainframes). The backbone of the system will be SAP while BaaN will be the manufacturing part for the first few years. Re-engineering of business processes for use with new customer (CRM) and supply chain interfaces (BPR). We used CrossWorlds as the EAI system of choice for connecting the various systems. Technical, functional and management role.

        • Define prerequisites for importing data from legacy systems, testing of interfaces, make changes where necessary.

        The continuation of the project was awarded to Accenture when the contract expired April 2001. Release 4.6C. Emphasis on project management and coordination, but also helped out on the configuration side.

08/00 - 11/00 Pacific Coast Building Products, Sacramento, California

        Release 4.6C. Team lead FI. Blueprint system and execute the initial configuration. A/R, A/P, General Ledger and Credit & Risk Management, Deduction Management, Cash Management (cash positions, electronic banking, cash concentration and liquidity forecasting, lockbox, automatic vendor payments), Cash Budget Management, Functional Areas, handling of pre-liens and bad debt recovery. Multiple company codes. Fixed Assets. Design and hands-on configuration. Integration with FI-AA, which was already, live. Master data and transactional settings. Release 4.6C

06/00 - 07/00 Bombardier Capital, Jacksonville, Florida - short term

        Industry: Financial Services Industry

        ASAP/ValueSAP phase 1 (Project Preparation) assistance and consulting. Help with RFP, carry out Project Prep. on behalf of client, carried out phase 1 of ASAP/ValueSAP (release 4.6C) scoped initial project. Currently in the vendor evaluation phase. Client decided to use in phase 2 of the project, but not for the initial rollout due to time constraints. Initial design of how the new processes ideally should work (BPR); including better response to clients, limiting exposure and credit risks, and setting initial authorization levels for users. Blueprinting - high level.

        The feasibility study included whether to use SAP as the backbone alone or SAP in connection with, among others, Peoplesoft for HR. Evaluation also included whether to use an ASP for the basis part or rely on in-house control of the system environment. Guidance also encompassed which functional modules and sub-modules to utilize and the timing of their roll-outs in order to reduce the amount of redundant data as much as possible, write the RFP, screen the vendors and evaluate their proposal. Selection of project methodology was also included.

04/00 - 06/00 Catholic Healthcare West/Arthur Andersen, Oxnard, California

Healthcare Services

Readiness assessment before going live with 4 hospitals (2 on 5/31/00 and 2 more

        on 6/19/00. Review configuration of FI and MM, recommend changes where needed, create and implement contingency plans, cutover plans, policies and procedures, backup and recovery plans, authorization and security policy and recommend course of action. Testing and Documentation. Release 4.0B

08/99 - 04/00 The Bouvet Corporation, Cary, North Carolina.

        Spent 5 months restructuring and building the company, prepare it for growth, implement new IT infrastructure, design and blueprint new web page, streamline new internal procedures for finance and accounting and build new databases and forms. Set up SAP documentation and training programs for our consultants, including configuration of FI (lockbox, dunning, automatic payments, credit management, fixed assets etc.) and CO (CO-PCA, CO-OPA, CO-CCA etc.), with access to European server. - release 4.6B.

    5/99 - 8/99 Siemens Canada, Mississauga, Ontario

        • Brought in by the Crisis Project Manager to assist in bringing some structure and direction to the project team. Go-live date 7/5/99
        • Team lead for FI (AA, G/L, A/P and A/R), Credit Management, Controlling (CO-PA,

          CO-PCA, CO-CCA, CO-OPA and CO-PC), Treasury and Purchasing. Apart from hands-on configuration, coordination of configuration effort to ensure consistent and correct integration. Developed and executed training in all of the above modules. Closing and reporting. Use of Vertex for PST/GST/HST/QST and Sales & Use Taxes in the US.

        • Serve as 'driver' for Manufacturing and SM (Service Management) teams
        • Responsible for Project Plan, created Contingency Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans and Post-Implementation support plan. Business Process Reengineering where needed, set and implement authorization levels for users and user groups based on the sensitivity and need-to-know basis.
        • Prepare documents for Project Manager and Steering Committee meetings
        • Configured for period end (month and fiscal year) closing in SAP, definition of period-end closing reports, settings and definition of new reports to use. Testing of closing settings.
        • Define prerequisites for importing data from legacy systems, testing of interfaces, make changes where necessary.
        • Prepared training material and conducted Product Costing training. Rel. 4.6B

4/99 - 5/99 EDS Europe/GM, Russelsheim, Germany.

        • Customer Service
        • Brought in for structuring and implementing EDS' First and Second Level support for GM Europe, covering: FI, CO, TR, PS, SD, HR, BC and MM, IT Operations, IT Projects and Interface Architecture. Rel. 4.0B
          • Responsible for re-structuring the Change Control Management set-up and procedures for short and long-term plans
          • Responsible for short and long-term plans in the same areas.
          • Project was redefined and moved to different location.

2/99 - 4/99 Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

      Release 3.1I ASAP implementation - Team lead FI-AR

        • A/R configuration & set up sales taxes in FI and SD (used VERTEX). Responsible for overall configuration of Orders through Delivery to Billing and reconciliation with FI. Use of reason codes in FI. Master data, reporting and transactional data settings.
        • Credit Management configuration (FI and SD)
        • Closing and reporting.
          • Configured for period end (month and fiscal year) closing in SAP, definition of period-end closing reports, settings and definition of new reports to use. Testing of closing settings.
        • Authorizations and security re-design for involved users and user groups of above functionality.
        • Lockbox configuration, SAPF110 payment configuration, testing, scripting, training

    01/99 - 02/99 The Bouvet Corporation, Cary, North Carolina

        • Senior Management Consultant: defined strategy for training and skill mix.

9/98 - 01/99 EDS, Plano, Texas. Services Industry

        • FI Team Lead: Fixed Asset Management and Treasury. Designed and configured initial setup in Cash Management, capitalization of internal orders (CO-OPA) to Assets under Construction and eventually FI-AA.

      * Project canceled due to internal politics/funding - All consultants dismissed.

    6/98 - 9/98 StarWood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

        • Project Leader for all the functional consultants: FI-G/L, FI-A/P, FI-A/R, FI-LC, FI-AA, FI-SL, PS, CO-CCA, SD-BIL and MM-PUR. Also worked as configuration resource for FI and CO. US Sales & Use Taxes (Vertex).
        • Evaluating TR (Treasury), EIS w/Insight and HR Payroll

    3/98 - 6/98 Cooper Power Tools, Inc., Lexington, South Carolina

        • Functional Lead: FI / CO - Took over position in the final phase before go live due to unexpected departure of previous lead
        • Hands-on configuration, documentation, developing test scripts, testing, giving training classes, trouble-shooting existing configuration of
          • General Ledger, Accounts Payable w/MM-PUR, Accounts Receivable w/SD-BIL, Lockbox configuration.
          • Automatic Payments, Credit Management (FI and SD), Profit Center Accounting, Cost Center Accounting and Product Costing.
          • Configured for period end (month and fiscal year) closing in SAP, definition of period-end closing reports, settings and definition of new reports to use. Testing of closing settings. Closing & Reporting
          • Authorizations and security re-design for involved users and user groups of above functionality
          • A/P and A/R included: SD and MM parts of Purchasing and Sales. Release 3.1H

    11/97 - 3/98 Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Des Moines, Iowa

        • Uniquely challenging tax project: combine plants, tax codes and tax procedures for France, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Canada and US in same company code (non-SAP standard as of 3.1G/H) including Intrastat/Extrastat and statutory reporting for the various countries. Pioneer used Vertex for their tax handling.
        • Explored possibilities of a pre-release 'Plants Abroad' functionality from SAP, Germany - configuration and testing of same.
        • Cross-functional FI/SD/MM

    6/97 - 10/97 The Savannah River Company, Aiken, South Carolina - Westinghouse / Dept. of Energy

        • Phase 1: Implementing FI, CO, AM (now FI-AA), HR, MM, PM, and PS: possibly PP and SD in phase 2.
        • Use of WBS, networks, activities and work centers w/capacity planning and leveling.
        • Analysis of security and authorization levels in SAP were central
        • Principal Consultant / Team Lead: PS module and Back-up for FI, AM, and CO teams. Hands-on configuration, design, training. Developed parts of the overall project plan. Extensive use of MS-Project and MS-Visio
        • Configured for period end (month and fiscal year) closing in SAP, definition of period-end closing reports, settings and definition of new reports to use. Testing of closing settings.

          *Project cancelled because of lack funding from DOE.

1/97 - 6/97 The DuPont Company, Wilmington, Delaware:

Engineering Services Division

        • Capital Investment Project: Including full implementation of PS, and several elements of FI, CO, PM, MM, IM and FI-AA. Hands-on configuration of all master data and transactional settings in SAP.
        • Only external SAP resource on the project - also included security and authorization design and documentation.
        • Design, definition and configuration of closing, reporting, master data and transactional settings in PS, AA, FI, MM.
        • Cross functional role: Configuration, Training and Project Coordination

9/96 - 12/96 CIBA Specialty Chemicals Division, Greensboro, North Carolina

        • Preparation for tax implementation: Trouble shooting and problem solving on current tax setup è Vertex
        • Preparatory Configuration and Design for implementation:
        • Evaluation of Taxware International external tax software (AVP) against Vertex.
          • Initial configuration of system to prepare for use of Sales & Use Tax and Canadian taxes (GST/PST - later HST)

01/96 - 8/96 Steelcase, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

        • New Corporate A/R project: Implemented Canadian taxes (GST/PST/QST) - integrated with SD (taxes, pricing procedures, condition techniques etc. - Also includes Interest calculation, dealer credits and auto release
        • Upgrade of system from Rel. 2.2D to 3.0C for all my responsibility areas in the previous phase (see next bullet)
        • Evaluation and configuration of demos for both AVP (later Taxware International) and Vertex as part of recommendation to client.
        • Currently implementing US Sales & Use Taxes in SAP with use of (AVP) Taxware external tax system with the use of STEP module - Release 3.0C

06/95 - 01/96 Kensington & Taylor, California - Senior Consultant (my employer).

Consultant/contractor in FI and Fixed Assets

    06/95 - 01/96 Steelcase, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

        • FI-A/P, FI-A/R and integrated with SD Sales Order System and MM-Purchasing
        • Implement FI (A/R) and (A/R), train project team, end-users and QA-team
          • Hands-on configuration: master data, reporting, transactional settings, closing procedures. Develop documentation concept, document, develop test scripts, test, develop training material and give training classes in all of the above to Project Team members and end-users.
          • Define prerequisites for importing data from legacy systems, testing of interfaces, make changes where necessary.
        • Complete overhaul of business processes for mentioned areas, including impact and cost analysis, setup of needed training and re-tooling of several departments. New authorization policies had to be decided upon, configured, tested, documented and implemented.
        • Knowledge-transfer to client - Release 2.2D
        • Complete analysis, design, documentation and testing of new security and authorization concept based on the fact that SAP gave client several new and enhanced options over the legacy systems.

01/95 - 06/95 Axis Consulting, San Francisco, USA (my employer)

      • Various clients: ATL, Inc., Seattle, WA, CPL, Inc., St.Paul, MN, General consulting within FI-GL, FI, CO-PCA, CO-CCA and CO-OPA. Short, trouble-shooting tasks.

01/93 - 12/94 SAP Denmark & Norway A/S, Oslo and Copenhagen: Senior SAP Consultant (my employer):

      • Datacentralen, Data Services Industry. Copenhagen, Denmark - Data processing - AM, CO-OPA and FI
      • Statens Seruminstitut, Copenhagen, Denmark - Pharmaceuticals, R&D - AM and CO-OPA. Public sector
      • Scania Trucks & Buses AB, Sodertalje, Sweden - Manufacturing - FI, CO-OPA and AM - Capital spending orders
      • Hydro Data, Services Industry. Oslo and Porsgrunn, Norway - Data processing - AM, CO and FI with interfaces
      • Hydro Energy, Oslo, Norway, Senior Consultant - Energy/utility - AM and FI + Country specific tax set-up (VAT). Public Sector
      • NESA, Copenhagen, Denmark. Public Utility Company. FI and AM consultant
      • Common for all projects: Hands-on configuration: master data, reporting, transactional settings, closing procedures. Develop documentation concept, document, develop test scripts, test, develop training material and give training classes in all of the above to Project Team members and end-users.

6/89 - 12/92 SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany (my employer)

      Country representative for the Nordic countries, and later for the U.K. and Ireland. Consultant, developer and tester.

      • Employed at SAP's headquarters. Liaison for the U.K., Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway
      • Initially working with R/2: From 1990 mostly with R/3
      • Responsibilities: collecting and defining country specific requirements, industry practices and standards, writing specifications, documenting and testing
      • Worked extensively as a consultant and instructor in the U.K. and Scandinavia: R/2 and R/3 Hotline Service

  • Multiple R/2 PROJECTS

6/89 - 10/93 Gjensidige Insurance Co., Oslo, Norway

      • Senior consultant: RF / RA and VAT (taxes).
        • Statens Jarnvager, SJ, Stockholm, Sweden - State Railroads - Senior consultant: RA
        • Bang & Olufsen A/S, Denmark - Electronics - Consultant: RF and RA
        • Nycomed Pharmaceutical Co., Oslo, Norway
        • Konsum AB, Stockholm, Sweden - Retail / Wholesale - Consultant: RF, RK-A, RA General Ledger


03/88 - 04/89 MD, Basberg Company, Stavanger, Norway - Industrial Products

03/87 - 03/88 Norway Airlines A/S, Stavanger, Norway

      • Founder and MD

01/84 -03/87 Helikopter Service A/S, Lysaker and Forus, Norway

01/82 - 12/83 Osco Shipping A/S, Oslo, Norway - Financial Analyst / Consultant


1979 to 1981 Bachelor of Science: Business Administration, University of Montana - Missoula

1975 to 1978 Law studies: University of Bergen, Norway.

1972 to 1974 Examen Artium, Bjorknes Private School, Oslo, Norway

1969 to 1971 A- and O-levels: International Baccalaureate, United World College of the Atlantic, Wales, U.K.

  • Instructor Experience

FI A/P, A/R, G/L, Cash Management, Dunning, Closing, Reporting (general classes) - all SAP standard classes.

AM All aspects (now called FI-AA)

      CO CO-CCA, CO-OPA, CO-PCA, Capitalization of orders and purchases from MM to CO-OPA, PS, Assets under Construction/Fixed Assets.

PS Project System: WBS, Networks, Work Centers, Scheduling, Planning etc.

SD Sales Orders (general), conditions, sales taxes, pricing procedures, Sales Order Cycle: Order to Cash.

MM Purchasing (general), PO's to A/P

R/2 Several courses within RF, RK and RA

  • Eligibility:

    I am a US Permanent Resident ('Green Card' holder)

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