Cygnet Infotech envisions being at the cutting edge of the technological revolution that is shaping the world, not as a passive observer, but as an agent, a prime catalyst heralding the transformation.

Cygnet Infotech is focused on carving out a wide niche for itself in the IT governed world by leveraging its competencies to provide high quality solutions and services. Cygnet Infotech envisions being a high growth IT Solutions Company, specializing in multifaceted software solutions and services and emerging technology. Cygnet Infotech is focused on steady growth to the level of being ranked among the top IT solutions providers in the world.


“Liquid Dynamism”

To flow smoothly to fill the crevices that causes friction in your Business, to create Powerful, Holistic, Dynamic, End-to-End Solutions. Our goal is to be solid, dependable and trustworthy partner, whom you can rely on to tide all the rough spots that constitute a business, provide state-of-the-art, end-to-end products and services for all your IT needs.

Complete Transparency, Total Quality, Integrity, Truth and Commitment are old-fashioned terms. Nevertheless, all these terms are the pillars upon which our organization stands. For we, at Cygnet, believe that a truly modern organization should be a synergistic convergence of the old and the new values.

Constant change and adaptation, but never at the cost of quality and economic progress, but never at the transparency and truth, cost of integrity and momentous promises with a total commitment to fulfill them.




Cygnet Infotech has professionals that are competent with the following technologies and are upgrading themselves continuously.



Microsoft. NET, J2EE, Java-Struts & Ants

Application Servers / Middleware:

BEA Web logic, Microsoft Transaction Server, IBM Web Sphere, JRun, JBoss, Tomcat

Web Servers:

Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise, Apache server

Server Languages:

Active Server Pages (ASP), Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP) and PHP

Programming Languages:


Markup Languages:


Scripting Languages:

JavaScript, VB Script

Distributed Object Technologies:

COM/DCOM, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)



SOAP, JMS, Java Mail, RMI, and SSL


Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS Access

Front end Design Tools:

Macromedia Flash / MX, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, GIF Animator, Premier, Macromedia Dream weaver /MX





Currently Cygnet Infotech has 110 qualified and trained Technology people. These people are employed with the company after going thru a very stringent interview procedure. There are employees with related Post Graduation qualification, professional Diplomas, professional certificates like SCJP, MCSE, Rational Certification, and Brain Bench Certification. These employees are on a regular basis sent for related professional training also.


The Company also maintains an active database of professionals who are already interviewed. These professionals can be accessed for employment at short notice. There are also a few technology consultants with which Cygnet Infotech works. These consultants are experts in various technology areas.


The employees are trained in standard and defined project management methodology.

Hardware Platform


Cygnet Infotech has Intel based hardware. The internal network of the company is based on DLINK Switch. There are two Windows 2000 based servers, one of them working as an ORACLE Database Server and the other as an internal IIS Server and MS SQL Server. Cygnet Infotech also has quality printers and scanners.

Internet and Communication Facilities


The company is well connected to the external world thru phone services. As for the Internet connection there are 2 leased line connections, and 1 direct Ethernet based connection with the ISP. Using these facilities the company does the remote management of web servers. The company has equipment for audio and video chats. Cygnet Infotech is also directly connected to US thru the use of IP Telephony.

Financial Resources


Cygnet Infotech is in a very sound financial position with comfortable cash flows. This enables the company to fund all its expansion. Also with financially sound business group backing the company, access to all capital requirements of the future is easily taken care of.




Entering the realm of the unknown with conviction, commitment, courage

A lot has been said about the future of the world that is being shaped by the IT revolution. Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd. stands at the edge of the vast abyss of change. Cygnet is prepared to embrace the future with open arms, to take a leap into the vast unknown, armed with a fiery desire to grow, a solid foundation, strong values, sweeping vision and lots of courage. With a base so strong that no storm can shake us…


Standard Business Terms




We can start working on project specs immediately after the confirmation of the project.


We preserve the privacy of any and all details/software/documents given by the buyer. We are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Buyer for better understanding.


We prefer to start working with clarity with the Buyer, so that we are clear with most of the specifications to be developed before accepting Advance Payment.

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