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To obtain a challenging position in the software engineering field.

Semitool Inc. Kalispell MT. March 1993 to April 2003
Senior Software Engineer, Magnum Development Group, December 1997 to April 2003
Developed user interfaces, process control, networking (tcp/ip, arcnet, serial), communications and 
robotics software for Semitool's Magnum and Spectrum product lines. Devised software fault tracking 
system, remote debugging and equipment based version control systems. Gained experience in object 
oriented programming, RAD tools and real time operating system development. Development 
environments included DOS/Borland C++ compilers, Microtech 68000 C++ compiler, Borland Builder, 
and Microsoft Visual C++ / MFC.
Software Engineer, Chemical Processing Development Group, February 1994 to December 1997
Developed user interfaces, process control, model based control, networking (arcnet, serial), 
communications and robotics software for Semitool's Equinox, Magnum, and Centurium product lines. 
Traveled extensively in Asia and the United States supporting on-site customer service requirements. 
Gained experience in x86 real and protected mode programming, x86 assembly language, 68000 
assembly language and arcnet and ethernet networks.

Software Engineer, Thermal Processing Development Group, March 1993 to February 1994
Developed Microsoft Windows based user interfaces, facility integration and process control software for 
Semitool's VT1500 silicon wafer furnace.
Self employed, Salt Lake City UT. June 1992 to March 1993
Contracted to develop software and integrate information handling for health care professionals at LDS 
Hospital, Salt Lake City UT.
Montana Extension Service, Bozeman MT. September 1988 to January 1992.
Developed Farm and Resource Management System (FARMS) software package and documentation. 
FARMS was published in June of 1989. Version 2.0 was released in March of 1991, version 3.0 was 
released in January 1992. Version 1.0 of this program was developed with Ashton Tate's dBase III, 
subsequent versions were developed in C/C++.
Developed Nutrient Management in Montana software package and documentation. This program was 
published in September of 1991 and was coded in C/C++.

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Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, Montana State University. Degree awarded in March of 
Elective course work in artificial intelligence, computer graphics, relational databases and software 
Development team leader for seven-month software engineering project, University Records and 
Processing System. This system, consisting of 100,000 lines of code, handled the university records of 
20,000 students as well as many other data manipulation tasks. The system made use of the Mach I 
dedicated database server developed by Extended Systems of Boise Idaho in a joint beta test agreement 
between Extended Systems and Montana State University.
Worked way through college as computer consultant and programmer for the Plant and Soil Science 
Department, Montana State University.

C/C++	Windows 95/NT/2000
80x86 Assembly	LINUX
68000 Assembly	MS-DOS
VAX Assembly

Experience in 3D graphics and animation using Microsoft's DirectX/Direct3D environment. Also 
proficient in 3D modeling using Caligari TrueSpace and sound effect creation using Cool Edit. Most of 
these skills gained creating an online persistent state world role playing game as a hobby project.
Excellent personal and professional references provided on request.

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