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Objective: to solve business technology problems using Open Source Software wherever possible.

  Computing Skills

  • C++, ANSI C
  • STL (Standard Template Library)
  • Windows API & MFC, standard libc
  • SQL (Sybase, MySQL)
  • COM, IDL (Interface Definition Language)
  • ATL (ActiveX Template Library)
  • Perl
  • Crystal Reports
  • TCP/IP, Sockets API
  • Visual Basic
  • Linux (LPIC-1 certified)
2003-2006 Independent Contractor
  Worked for BNP Paribas (prev. Zurich Capital Markets) in the Equities & Fixed Income Derivatives IT group. VC++ 6 & 7, MFC (Sybase backend) development of workflow "queue" modules for pricing, confirmations and redemptions. In 2005, worked for the front office: created hard guideline breach monitoring system. Enhanced the risk systems and Investment Guideline Haircut calculator.
2002-2003 Associate, Zurich Capital Markets, Inc.
  Developed a system to monitor credit exposure to all trading counterpaties. The project was based on Windows 2000 using MFC and Sybase database, deployed worldwide using Terminal Services. The project involved developing a database schema and a C++ GUI application to allow users to analyze the exposures in many different ways. Credit limits could be set and breaches acted upon by the risk department.

Added functionality to an existing C++/MFC based system for maintaining derivative positions. Created a back office module for monthly statement reconciliation. Created custom reports using SQL and Crystal Reports.
2000,2001 Senior Programmer Analyst, Reuters Information Technology, Inc.
  Worked on a project to customize a trading platform based on TIB Rendezvous for a web-based Interest Rate Swaps product. This involved writing an Agent in C++ to handle multiple HTTP client sessions and interface with the trading engine via an RV message protocol. The project was based on Sun Solaris 8 and was also ported to Linux.

Web development, including XSL Transformations using the Microsoft XML parser in the following environments: C++ (ATL), VB, and JavaScript. Used the IE5 programmatic interfaces SHDOCVW & MSHTML to manuipulate the Document Object Model from within C++ or VB components. Implemented a client-hosted COM component that used SOAP via XMLHTTP to manage configuration files on remote servers, the user interface was implemented in JavaScript and DHTML. This component is being used in the Reuters ActiveViewer product.

Responsible for the design and implementation of significant new features to support FX Swap Matching primarily in the middle tier infrastructure, using C++. Gained thorough working knowledge of XML by using it where appropriate in new developments such as the historical totalize feature of Dealing 3000. Used the Windows Sockets programming interface to port a Pathworks based communication component to TCP/IP. Implemented FX Forward Swaps negotiation business logic in the TradeManager component.
1998,1999 Programmer Analyst, Reuters Information Technology, Inc.
  Participated in the design and development of Dealing 3000 client site, using C++ ATL for the infrastructure and VB5 for the GUI. Created OrderManager, a middle-tier component which handles traders orders from entry to completion. Created ActiveMarkets, an ActiveX control which provides a customizable real time display of market activity, and MatchingDefaults which allows system wide settings to be configured.
1996,1997 Senior Programmer, Reuters Information Technology, Inc.
  Participated in the development of Dealing 2000-2 front end trading systems using C++ running under Windows 3.1 and Windows NT. Worked on the team that implemented FX Swap trading on D2000-2. Did many enhancements to both the UI and infrastructure systems for increased usability and performance. Additional responsibilities included release building & product troubleshooting.
1994-1996 Software Engineer, RCP Consultants Ltd.
  Eight month assignment at client's site in New York. Assisted with integration of software products from both companies and developed modules in C++ to run under both Windows 3.1 (Win32s) and Windows NT.
  Worked on a development team which produced a 32-bit API for Forex Trading systems (DAPI). This API was used for developing custom trading systems in Visual Basic, and has since evolved into a COM based Dealing infrastructure used by Reuters. Additional responsibility as a member of the company's Network Administration team.
  Developed automated testing software using MS Test and Windows 3.1 DLLs written in C. Quality Assurance on one of RCP's main software products - a PC based financial trading system. Involved release building, testing and software maintenance.
1992,1993 Industrial Trainee, RCP Consultants Ltd.
  Worked on a team which produced a distributed PC-based Exam Scoring System for the Caribbean Examinations Council. Developed modules in C++ MFC which processed data using the CTree+ database engine. Involved with system deployment at the customer site in Barbados.
  Education and Training
Aug 2005 learningtree.com "Building XML Web Services with Java" 4 day course.
Jun 2004 lpi.org Obtained LPI Linux Level 1 Certification (LPIC-1).
Jan 2002 "C# and .NET" 3 day internal training course.
Jun 2001 Rational Corp. "Rational Unified Process Fundamentals" 2 day RUP training course.
Apr 2001 Microsoft Corp. ".NET early access" 5 day training at Microsoft Labs, Redmond.
Oct 2000 Developmentor "Essential Web Client Development" 5 day training course. Covered HTTP, Javascript, Dynamic HTML, XSLT, Microsoft .NET
Feb 2000 Henry S. Thompson, University of Edinburgh "Advanced Introduction to XML". 1 day course covered XML, XSLT, CSS, DOM, DTDs, DOM Parsers
Oct 1998 Microsoft PDC, Denver, CO. 4 day conference. Covered Microsoft's latest technologies including Windows 2000, XML and COM+.
Apr 1998 Michael Fagan Associates "Productivity Improvement through Defect-Free Development" 3 day on-site training course.
Sep 1997 Microsoft PDC, San Diego, CA. 5 day conference. Covered Microsoft's latest products including NT 5.0, Windows 98, COM+, DHTML and ADO.
Dec 1996 Developmentor "Holistic OLE" 5 day on-site training course. Covered OLE/COM development using C++ & MFC.
Dec 1995 QA Training, London "Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51" 4 day training course. Covered installation, configuration and support of the NT Server version 3.51 in local and wide area network environments.
Mar 1995 QA Training, London "Win32 Programming for Microsoft Windows 95" 5 day training course. Covered programming for multitasking, sockets and pipes, 32 bit flat memory model, and the user interface.
1994 University of Central England, Birmingham UK Applied Software Engineering (Bachelor's Degree)
  Green card holder. British Citizen, resident USA since 1996.
  Rated #1 (exceptional) in 1997, 1998, and 1999 followed by #2 (superior) in 2000 and 2001. Ratings were 1-5 scale (exceptional, superior, effective, needs development, ineffective) relative to position held.
  "James always exceeds the aggressive milestones. When he sees a problem or issue he takes the initiative..."
  "James [is] considered a source of knowledge for C++ and OOD by the group."
  "... he is THE go-to resource for our most complex debugging efforts."
  References available upon request.

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