Wayne Murphy

1017 Earl Crescent  Burlington, ON.  L7T 3R1

Cell: 416-456-3238      inquiries@GreatLeapForwards.com

Objective: Challenging Contract Development Work


·  Two decades of solid development  in C#/C++/C

·  Incorporated in 2007, but work as sole-proprietorship on various contracting projects for 3.5 years

·  Experienced working in fast-paced environments demanding strong organizational, technical and interpersonal skills

·  Able to effectively discuss requirements and status whether it be with a small team, executive management or with clients

·  Known for being positive, open-minded, amicable, helpful, fair, result driven, very analytical yet still creative

·  Strong management skills, able to lead a large team in challenging projects

·  Have been able to go back and forth from hands-on developer to hands-off manager & team leader

·  Hard Working - some managers’ comments:

            I am very happy with the state of the product, and Wayne deserves much of the credit for making this happen in the face of many challenges… In light of this, Wayne's achievement on the product development is exemplary”

             “Wayne and team have been very motivated in learning Siebel technical, product, and development knowledge and skills.  He and his team took on several challenging tasks in FINS 7.0.3 release.  They were willing to spend extra efforts to complete these challenging tasks. They also took initiatives to help other teams, whenever needed.  Wayne set a good example of Siebel core values

            “I think that you did exceed your objectives.  The effort really showed. Your team respects you. I am really appreciative of your exemplary efforts.  You went out of your way to deliver to the spirit of the objectives.


C# / C++ / .Net

Business Object Design

Architecture/database & UI design.


XML, HTML, JavaScript




Leadership and mentoring

Design & Code Review

Senior Management

Rational Unified Process

Rational tools incl. Clear Case, Rose, Team-Test, Requisite Pro, Purify, Quantify

Design Patterns

Microsoft Project, spreadsheets

MS Small Business Accounting, Quickbooks

XENIX/UNIX incl. scripting



Professional Experience

Opalis (contract programmer – Mississauga ON)         Oct 2007 – Aug 2008

Opalis has helped hundreds of customers automate & optimize their IT processes

·          [C#, C++, XML, COM]

·         Redo old modules to use their new SDK in .Net

·         Maintain other modules with fixes/improvements where required (C++ & C#)

Bill Keeven (contract programmer – Burlington ON)             Jun 2007 – Sept 2007

A semi-retired music teacher creating innovative software for teaching music theory.

·          [C# 2.0, XML, WinForms]

·         Analysis, design & construction of quiz-type “General-Ear-Training” music knowledge application

·         Built multi-tier C# 2.0 application. Includes pitch recognition module, staff/note music control)

·         Created generic question engine and defined interface for various types of questions to be presented & score kept

·         Created quiz data schema & stored in encrypted XML

·         Logic for per-module registration

·         Update/bug-fix Borland C++ product “EarAbility” (teaching music Intervals with pitch recognition with piano control) at end of SDLC

Z-Tech Inc (contract programmer – Toronto ON)                                Feb 2007 – Apr 2007

Z-Tech was creating the hardware & software for a new type of breast cancer detection system

·          [C# 2.0, XML, WinForms, TortoiseCVS]

·         Helped create the front-end UI that interacts with their specialized USB hardware in main development of SDLC

·         Worked on highly customized Windows app with lots of custom GDI drawing; building, and consuming User Controls

·         Built functionality for user list, program options, field customization settings – settings stored in XML files

ABELSoft (contract programmer – Burlington ON)                Apr 2005 – Feb 2007

·         [C# 1.1, Unmanaged C++, C. SQL Server 2005, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2000, Access]

·         Worked on several competitive data conversions & data analysis projects.

·         Reviewing and proposing new strategies for data competitive conversions

·         Reviewing current methodologies, proposing & designing (using UML design & Use Cases) new Reporting solutions using formal Business Objects

·         VB project to export financials to QuickBooks & Simply Accounting

·         Designed project for new persistence model

·         Designed project for new multi-application financial model

·         Designed project for new multi-faceted scheduling model

T4G (contract programmer – Markham ON)                                     March 2005

·         [C# 1.1, SQL Server, IIS6]

·         C# work in data loading/saving routines for online catalogue.

·         created Sql-Server database on host, created & updated Stored Procedures

Knowledge4You (contract Business Analyst – Toronto ON) Jan 2005 – Feb 2005

Knowledge4You “Transforms Data into Knowledge” and has a number of B.I. products and services.

Sub-Contract Senior Business Analyst – Ont. Gov’t: Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee

·         [UML, Requirements Analysis]

·         Working with team to evaluate current needs based on old system and user discussions

·         Create UML documents to capture requirements

·         Kept track of features & requirements in Rational Requisite Pro

·         Work with development group to produce .Net software

Contract for Knowledge4You

·         Built a RFP Response template to be used by Knowledge4You. Include sections on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Project Methodology and the SDLC.

Ivara (contract programmer – Burlington ON & S. Calif)         July 2004 – Dec 2004

Ivara is an industry leader and innovator in Reliability Centered Maintenance software.

Contract Developer

·         [C# 1.1, C++, VB6, SQL Server 2000, Oracle]

·         Worked 2 months at a customer site in the L.A. area. Projects involve working with the customer to define solutions to migrate data between systems and to implement interfaces in C#, VB & C++

·         Worked for 1 month on client web-service; caught ODC call for getting indicator reading and created message to post to MIMOSA server. Extracted result and returned to ODC request

·         Researched alternatives to ensure best code possible.

·         In my spare time I wrote a code-generator (in C#) for the company to allow new hires to understand the object hierarchy in the database and to learn how to query joins and iterate those objects. Also worked on prioritized tracing/event logging system.

Siebel Systems (Toronto ON)                                                            Sept 2000 – July 2003

Siebel was a leading provider of CRM software. Siebel acquired Janna Systems in Q4/2000.

Senior Software Development Manager – Hospitality Industry

·         [MS Project, C++, Siebel Tools, SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2, Oracle, ClearCase, Design Docs, Product Requirements Docs]

·         Created new application for Hospitality Function Booking Reservation System

·         Team size varied from 8 to 15.

·         Innovation: Part of a team that got a patent for the function space booking engine.

·         Helped create a application that had glowing reviews from clients and prospects

·         Met the challenge of managing a project that encompassed multiple teams, sites and projects.  Ensured the team was motivated and that they remained committed to the project

·         Liaised with Product Managers for Requirements docs. Worked with developers creating design docs. Did Project Management for my team projects. Made sure they followed design, implementation & testing guidelines. Oversaw Version Control processes.

·         Spent major role in triaging incoming issues, working with other teams to learn history, ownership, and priority of issues. Time management of resources and deadlines of issues at end of product testing before release.

·         Involved with all parts of SDLC: Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance (* SDLC has many varied definitions – I was also involved with Feasibility which happens a number of times during Analysis & Design to meet requirements and more importantly timeframes)

Software Development Manager – Institutional Finance

·         [MS Project, C++, Siebel Tools, SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2, Oracle, ClearCase, Design Docs, Product Requirements Docs]

·         Team size varied from 5 to 9 that focused on integrating Janna functionality into the Siebel 7.0 release

·         Oversaw several projects for the 7.0 release including Deal Management, Events Management Enhancements, Coverage Management, and Institutional Sales & Research Enhancements. Many of the Events Management features were applauded so adopted into the base product

·         Expanded existing framework to incorporate Janna JavaScript features such as Calendar and Persistent Filters

·         Involved in all parts of SDLC

Development Manager – Server Systems, Janna Software

·         [C++, COM, VB6. SQL Server. MS Project, Design Docs, Product Docs]

·         Lead 3 different groups:

-          Janna Application Server with 5 team members – Main server of the architecture that handled object requests. Involved heavy C++/COM, and focused on scalability, reliability and performance.

-          Remote Server with 4 team members – Used to replicate and synchronize data from the main database to remote databases and remote users. Involved C++/COM, Visual Basic and a large amount of database knowledge.

-          Conduit Synchronization with 2 team members – Module replicated and synchronized data from the main database to the user’s Outlook database or their Palm Pilot database. Written in C++/COM and involved database knowledge.

ABELSoft     (Burlington ON)                                                                          

ABELSoft is a leading software provider to medical and dental practices.

Medical Software Development Manager                                              1995 – Sept 2000

·         [C++, C, COM. Access, Faircom’s CTree (proprienty ISAM format) database, Windows]

·         Managed a team of 6 developers. Reported to the President, was accountable for the team, and gave input for product direction. Liaison to other development team, documenters, QA, trainers

·         Migrated application from C code to C++ Windows GUI, overhauled all 3 code tiers

·         Designed & implemented class library for handling the financials. Used in numerous parts of the app – including reporting modules. O.O. design greatly lessened requirement for new staff to learn domain knowledge

·         Communicated with customers often, either for customized solutions or for input on upcoming features

·         Reworked a major part of the system for a specific custom-development contract with a large client. Manipulated existing code to solve their problem with a new data schema. Abstracted out of old spaghetti code data layer for easier implementation.

·         Administrate SourceSafe

·         Inspired Loyalty: Low turnover in all my teams, resulting in a more productive team and better products.

·         Team Motivation: Empowered and motivated my team to deliver high quality software on time in spite of being at a remote site, and understaffed of engineers, product management and technical support staff.

·         Involved in all parts of SDLC

Medical Software Lead Developer                                                         1990 – 1995

·         [C. Faircom’s CTree (proprienty ISAM format) database, SCO Xenix, DOS]

·         Reworked Billing Module for greater flexibility

·         Created Viewer which somebody had built as a unidirectional text-file viewer and I changed it to a generic tool for various (abstract) types of data. Added in-line editing, multiple interfaces & features and implemented it in several areas of the application

·         Developed an interface that received information from a hospital system (via a TCPIP port), and queued it using a Socket connection (since some of the software is single-threaded) to be added to our database. Several other similar interfaces have been made to work with systems that use HL7 (or other types of) data.

·         Enhanced an interface to have old custom C printing routines use Windows GDI printing method. Also lately enabled new printing code to use same GDI layer.

Medical Software Jr. Developer                                                            June 1987 – 1990

·         [C. Faircom’s CTree (proprienty ISAM format) database, SCO Xenix]

·         Worked on various modules of the app: billing, scheduling, patient admin, reporting

·         Created shell-scripts for product generation & installation, version control, & various dev. tasks




Computer Science and Technology Diploma in 1987      

Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology



-       Member of Microsoft Project Users Group

-       Member of Toronto .Net Users Group, which is affiliated with INETA

-       Member of Canada’s Technology Triangle .NET User Group

-       Member of Software Contractors Guild


Education through technical, managerial and industry seminars/courses:

-       Consulting As A Career Option course in 2004

-       Stephen Covey courses: Seven Habits, What Matters Most, Presentation Skills

-       Java Course  1999

-       Rational Unified Process / Rose  from Metex 1999

-       Ongoing Strategies for Innovative Technology Executives from OnSite/Price Waterhouse 1997

-       Project Planning by Jim Lewis ~1996

-          Siebel 7 Core Consultant certification (2002)

-       Some French and Spanish courses