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Mayo Edghill, Management Consultant ERP Operations and Support
Monolith Services Group, Incorporated

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Availability Date: 10/01/2000
Telephone Numbers: 201-684-0404

Current Address:
    19 Manor Road
    P.O. Box 791
    Mahwah   New Jersey   USA 07430

E-Mail Address: Reveal this e-mail address   If you are not a Bot.

Additional Contract Information:

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checkbox Willing to work over the internet
checkbox Willing to Relocate
checkbox Work Offsite ONLY
Citizenship: US Citizen and Panamian Citizen

Years of experience: 29
List of Skill sets: (premium service)

Acceptable Contract arrangements:
checkbox I do use contract agents/recruiters.
checkbox I am an Independent Corporation.
checkbox I am a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
checkbox I use an Umbrella company as employer of record.
checkbox I am an Independent Sole Proprietor (1099).
checkbox I can be an Employee of an Agent (W2).
checkbox I can be convertible to Employee of Client.
checkbox I am also looking for part-time work.
checkbox I will also bid fixed price work.

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