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I am a highly skilled software developer with over 17 years total development experience, with more than 8 of those years as a professional developer.  I have experience with both application and system development and design.  I am quite experienced with MFC, multithreaded development, IPC, the Internet, networking, and Client/Server systems and implementation.



06/02 – Present

Lead Developer, Applied Geometry, Inc.

Design and implementation of the Win32 applications that make up The Nexus System, including "Nexus" and Reporter".  The Nexus system is an advanced Semiconductor Defect Pattern Management and Detection system.  It allows fabs to continuously monitor inspection results for the presence of particular patterns, or certain attributes that may be indicative of trouble, and react accordingly.

Nexus is the main application that is used for building Pattern Libraries and processing files through those Libraries through a multi-threaded processing engine.   The Reporter application takes information generated by Nexus (usually from the system's database) and displays detailed, customizable, interactive HTML reports and has features such as a Wafer Map Viewer and Wafer Map Gallery.

10/01 – 06/02

Senior Software Engineer, Defect and Yield Management, Inc.

Primary responsibilities included creating, documenting and implementing company-wide Coding Standards and Development Practices.  These were to be used to improve the quality of current and future code.

Other responsibilities included the design and implementation of components (MFC extension DLLs) that were to be used in the next generation of the company’s flagship product, Odyssey.  I was also the lead developer on another application project, called Integrated Data Mining, which used some of the above mentioned components.


9/00 – 8/01









4/98 – 9/00

Senior Software Developer and TPL, TransactionWorks, Inc.

This position included all previous responsibilities with the addition of the following: Architectural research, design and development for a Win32-based extendable OFX server.  The architecture supported pluggable modules to allow the server to handle all current and future OFX versions, as well as any proprietary protocols.

Application design, optimization, and modifications for various clients of the company, both on a system and a source-code level.

Senior Software Engineer and TPL, TransactionWorks, Inc. (formerly Rubin and Associates, Inc.)

Designed and developed Win32 applications for the TransPro project.  Involved in many aspects of the project, including specifications, design, architecture, implementation, and deployment.  While at the company, I have had major influence on the coding and GUI design standards company-wide.

Recently earned the Technical Project Lead position for the TransPro project.  Duties included: assignment of tasks, approval of solutions, specification of technologies used, code reviews, and technical input and architecture/design of related (future) projects.  Also included some small administrative tasks.

Designed and developed a high-throughput C/S communication system and protocol (ConversationUDP) which will be used to replace DCOM communication by components in projects, and a C/S architecture that leverages the protocol to provide scalability and increased fault tolerance to the components using it. 

While working the application side of things, I created and enhanced many different types of custom controls, including the FocusEdit, ACEdit, RRSListView, DimEdit, CPComboBox, and SuperStatic controls.  I have also developed many of the utility classes used by the projects.

Applications/utilities designed/developed include: R&RS, Admin App, TPStress, SPStart, DSNRegConfig, WCTestApp, KillEm, TPServiceManager.


7/94 – 4/98

Staff Programmer/Analyst and Lead Developer, Prodigy Services

Designed and developed Win32 gaming and chat applications that ran on an Internet-based platform (BettyNet).  Lead developer for the ActiveBBS project. 

Applications designed/developed include: ActiveBBS, Instant Message (version 2), PI-Pager.

Programmer/Analyst, Prodigy Services

Designed and developed Win32 gaming and chat applications that ran on BettyNet.  Also developed custom controls used in the applications, and the Ex-Text protocol, which was a lightweight ASCII protocol used to provide colored-text effects in some of the applications.

Applications designed/developed include: Instant Message (version 1), Chat+, PFTP

Associate Programmer, Prodigy Services

Designed and developed 16-bit and 32-bit Windows in-house and commercial utilities and applications, most of which ran on Prodigy’s Reception System (RS) and SnowWhite (SWT) interpreters.

Applications/components designed/developed include: PALEdit, HTMLView, Usenet, BBUsenet, BBUsenet (SWT-Applet version), GB20COMM, GB20FURL.


1/94 – 5/94

Assistant System Administrator, SUNY Institute of Technology

Assisted in the preparation of UNIX-based systems for new and replacement hardware, system and network security, management of user accounts, management of terminal servers and network connections, maintenance on systems and networking hardware.


Other Assorted Applications/Utilities/ Controls Developed (personal)

Network ColTris (also called TINT): a Tetris/Columns variant, with multiplayer support.

MAME: Worked on a couple of the Drivers for the MAME project.

TPakUtil: both an archive format and a utility used to create and manipulate TPak archives (a custom archive format).

Secure Delete (SDEL): A utility that overwrites files with bit patterns that are specially designed to prevent data restoration before unlinking them from the file system.

MIE: An application that imposes an MDI format on Internet Explorer functionality.

Check Favorites: A multithreaded utility that checks all of your favorites, and optionally allows you to delete the bad ones.

Crystal Edit: Enhancements to the Crystal Syntax Coloring Editor that changed the keyword lookup to a custom-hash-into-a-STL-multimap solution that increased the lookup speed.

FocusEditCtrl: An edit control that changes its visible properties when it has the input focus (useful on heavily populated forms).

DimEditCtrl: An edit control that provides visual hints for it's content.

ACEditCtrl: An edit control to provides auto-completion functionality without any updated shell and/or common control requirements, and does completion in-place without a combo-box.

TreeListEx: Extensions to a Multiple Column Tree Control that allowed multiple colors on a per-column basis.

ReDirConsole: a class that simplifies redirected I/O to/from a console application.

Stay Connected: a simple little application that waits for the “Reestablish Connection” dialog to appear, to reestablish a dial-up connection when it is dropped.

JRTSDSUtils: Developer Studio add-ins that provide additional features.





MS SQL 7.0/2000


Networking Hardware


Various Internet Protocols/Services





The Internet


Sockets (BSD and Winsock)




IIS and ISAPI Extensions

Visual Studio 6.0/.NET


Application & GUI design and implementation

Database design


Tools design and implementation

Network security

Software QA

Unicode development considerations


Client/Server architecture and Design

Game design

Machine emulation

Technical documentation

Multithreaded and Multi-CPU application design, development, and techniques




Some x86 Assembly









Windows 3.1/9x/NT/2000/XP


Various Flavors Of Unix (and Linux)



Professional Education

Advanced MFC and ActiveX/OLE Technologies training from Learning Tree International

C++ Training from Instruction Set

Java Training from Advanced Web Technologies



Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSD track).  Passed the following exams:

Exam 70-016: Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0



Programming since the age of 10

Programmer by hobby as well as by trade

Excellent problem solving and R&D skills

Work well in groups as well as alone


Long time interest in game development

Fast learner

Strongly committed to excellence in work

Proficient in American Sign Language


References are available upon request.

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