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Twenty seven years experience in software and system design and implementation. Industry experience in energy management, computer numerical control, industrial automation, rail transportation and traffic control, and nuclear plant computer applications.

  • Proficient in C/C++, STL, Java/J2EE, Perl, Tcl, Motorola and Intel Assembly, Shell Scripting, Postscript, Latex, Fortran, MFC.
  • Embedded systems development including Microcontrollers.
  • Real time C/C++ application development for Solaris and VxWorks. Also developed process control applications on Win32 and Linux.
  • Proficient in client server and data link development.
  • Strong Java Graphics User Interface background including interoperability with legacy applications using JNI technology.
  • Linux setup and administration.
  • Strongly self motivated.

Professional Experience:

Principal Engineer  Westinghouse Nuclear Automation  Aug 2004 - Present

  • Engineering lead on the design and development of the Application Server product. This product is a platform for applications and data links used in nuclear power plant instrumentation and control. It also features function block programming user interface tool called the Application Builder.
  • Responsible for design and administration of TWICE Project Lifecycle Engineering System.
Senior Software Consultant  Avaritech Corporation  Feb 2003 - Aug 2004

  • Software Consultant on RailTrack Network Management Center project for Union Switch & Signal. C++ on multiple Linux servers.
  • Designed and implemented a Macromedia Director plugin in C++ for The New Media Group on the Mac OS X platform.
  • Built and deployed Linux workstations for Sagacity Incorporated.

Senior Software Consultant  Emerson Process Control  Dec 2000 - Feb 2003

  • Lead designer of Java interface for setup of Advanced Control Algorithms. The interface made use of JNI/J2EE technology to embed a Java virtual machine into an existing legacy application.
  • Designed and implemented Algorithms for Advance Controls running on VxWorks.
  • Implemented a flat file storage system, (Flex-Cache), for the Ovation Enterprise Historian.
  • Designed and coded an OPC data collection client for the Ovation Enterprise Historian.
  • Built multicast network test routines for VxWorks, NT, and Solaris.

Senior Software Engineer  BodyMedia Inc  Aug 2000 - Dec 2000

  • Designed a data link using JNI and Servlet technology. The link transported data from a wearable embedded device to the server platform.

Senior Software Consultant  Union Switch & Signal  Mar 1998 - Aug 2000

  • Software coordinator and senior software engineer for Shanghai Metro Line2 Light Rail Automatic Train Protection and Automatic Train Operation embedded controllers.
  • Designed and implemented speed control and communications routines for the Automatic Train Control of the AMTRAK HST project.
  • Designed and implemented a Java diagnostic application executing on a laptop computer used to configure and collect diagnostic information for the embedded ATP and ATO controllers.

Software Consultant  Westinghouse Electric  Aug 1991 - Mar 1998

  • Ported and redesigned WDPF process diagram software from Motif to Win32.
  • Designed and implemented portions of a Java browser based version of WDPF human interface, Web Access View Enable.
  • Designed and implemented redundant sensor averaging and flux mapping algorithms for nuclear generating plants.
  • Designed a PLC style programmable application called the Application Builder used in nuclear plant monitoring.
  • Created an interface between Valmet SCADA and Westinghouse WDPF data acquisition software.
  • Designed a prototype data link for Sorrento radiation monitoring equipment and Westinghouse WDPF software.

Software Consultant  Asea Brown Boveri  Feb 1990 - Aug 1991

  • Implemented portions of the EPRI RP-2592 Distribution Automation Project, using digital signal processing techniques to provide C09 over current and differential current protective relaying functions to distribution power systems.

Staff Engineer  Tippins Inc  Aug 1988 - Feb 1990

  • Designed and implemented an interface used to program a VME based controller that performed automatic gauge control for rolling mills.
  • Designed ladder software, controller interfaces, and field installation for a Ladle Arc Re-heat Furnace and Alloying System at Rouge Steel Corporation in Dearborn, Michigan.

Systems Engineer  Westinghouse Electric  May 1980 - Aug 1988

  • Designed and coded application system software in the area of Automatic Generation Control Studies for the Seminole Electric Energy Management Project.
  • Designed and implemented a data link task for the Grumman Aerospace Distributed Numerical Control Project.
  • Designed and coded application system software for the Orange and Rockland Utilities Energy Management Project. Responsible for software integration and field maintenance.

BS Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

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