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·         Seeking engaging development positions. Will consider full time employment with your company or work as independent contractor through my company (Interlocking Applications.)

·         Prefer team environments working on useful products.


Experienced Windows developer with a track record of rapid development. Effective at leading small teams or acting as self-motivated individual contributor on a small team. Self-educating, creative problem solver able to independently undertake research required to rapidly understand complex systems. Acts as mentor to junior staff. Holds “Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .Net” (MCAD) and “Microsoft Certified Professional Developer” credentials.



MCPD, MCAD, XP, .Net, NT, C#, LINQ to XML, C, C++, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Front Page, ASP, ASP.Net, HTTP, XML, XSLT, XMLSpy, SOAP, CSS, Win32, STL, ATL, MFC, SQL , ADO, ADO.Net, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, COM/DCOM/COM+, CORBA, ACE, TAO, IIOP, Web Services

Software engineering Experience


March 2009 – Present, Interlocking Applications.                                 Littleton, MA

Consulting Software Engineer

n  Developing C# software module to ease loading interchangeable dynamic modules in Windows applications.

September 2006 – March 2009, Asterion, Inc.                                 Marlborough, MA

Principal Software Engineer

n  Asterion is the name of the former Shiba-Soku R&D Center Inc (see below.) The initial design of the tester was successful enough to move toward production. Asterion hired me full-time to design and develop a new GUI geared toward a saleable product. I hired and directed another GUI Development software engineer. Project is mostly C# with XML/XSL/XSLT used for communications. Most data is kept in DataSets or LINQ to XML objects.

June 2003 – September 2006, Interlocking Applications               Littleton, MA

Consulting Software Engineer


n  March 2006 – September 2006. W2 Contract with Shiba-Soku R&D Center Inc. US-based subsidiary of a Japanese semiconductor test company. Design and develop GUI for new component/wafer tester. C#, XML/XSL/XSLT, DataSets, Syncfusion grids.

n  July 2005 – March 2006 Engaged on W2 contract with Axcelis as part of a team to develop a new semiconductor processing tool. Project includes use of .Net technologies, C#, C++ and CORBA (ACE/TAO and IIOP.) Also designing and implementing XML/XSL/XSLT system for transporting, validating and editing tool configuration file, recipe files and alarm definition files. I am directing the efforts of an off-shore team to develop alarm, configuration, recipe and user management systems to support the tool..

n  May 2005 Engaged on 1099 contract with RMi Solutions to develop web pages to process T-Mobile risk-assessments (credit checks.) Required building two middle-tier pages; one to accept client information, transform it into XML to be sent over HTTP and another that would accept an XML packet from T-Mobile and translate the results into application variables.

n  February – May 2005.  Designed/developed/deployed website, The site is ASP.Net developed in C# and ADO.Net using an SQL Server 2000 database back end as well as web services. CSS used for  “look and feel.” Data conversion utilities written in VB.Net with ADO.Net. The site offers books and dvd’s from the Amazon catalog (using Amazon Web Services interface) and audio books through (using Audible’s data on my own SQL Server back-end.)

n  December 2004 -January 2005 –Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .Net (C# track.) MCAD certification is a sub-set of MCSD certification which is on-going. Includes web applications, web services, ADO.Net, SQL Server 200. Covers design/ development/deployment with all of the .Net technologies. (See details in “Education” section.)

n  June 04 – November 04 Engaged on 1099 contract with Oxy Systems in Cambridge, developing NT/XP Service and STL/ATL-based C++ program for handling incoming data for cell phone-based multimedia. Job included testing and preparing programs for deployment. Also developed the installation scripts for both components using InstallShield X Express with custom actions.
(C++, STL, NT Service, InstallShield X Express.)

n  Develop C# and VB.Net utilities as required to support my business

n  Developed data conversion utility to support affiliate marketing using VisualBasic.Net and ADO.Net (includes use of SQL) to compile commission broker reports into a single database.

n  Exploring web-based retailing and marketing. Develop and maintain websites using FrontPage 2002 and 2003.

n  Developed ASP pages for websites using XML over HTTP and XSLT to present Amazon content on my website.

n  Developed ASPX (ASP.Net) page that using SOAP services and DataViews to present content on my own web site.

2001 – June 2003, Teradyne                                 North Reading, MA
Senior Software Engineer

·         Individual contributor on “D2B” (Design-to-Build) software system.
Performed analysis, maintenance and debugging on the system as a whole

·         Debugged and extended a Document Object Model that encapsulated GenCAM, a CAD specification used in electronics manufacture.

·         Extended and debugged the UI, including drawing primitives that by-passed Visual Basic drawing using the Win32 API directly.

·         Developed panel creation tool that allowed user to create heterogeneous panels made up of boards whose CAD data had been read in previously.

·         Developed a mechanism to carry the many files of a typical project as streams in a single Compound Document file.

·         Researched migration path for D2B to be delivered with Linux-based solutions using either WINE or VMWare.

·         Primary debugger of complex interactions within the system which couldn’t be debugged in the IDE.

·         Technical lead in matters of Windows architecture.

·         Mentored junior staff.

·         (XP, Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Linux, Visual Basic, ADO, XML, WINE, VMWare.)

1999 – 2001, EDS (Electronic Data Systems)         Albuquerque, NM

Information Specialist

n  Individual contributor and technical advisor on process automation project at Philips’ Semiconductor plant. The system was COM/DCOM based and integrated automatic control of the Fab tools with updating of the Workstream WIP database and automatic routing of the lot.

n  Developed browser-based utility to track individual lots using infrared “smart tags” attached to each lot carrier. Utility allowed people outside the Fab to know exactly where the lot was in real time.

n  Developed objects that could change the route of a lot depending on test results from automated testing devices (electron microscopes, interferometers, etc.)

n  Developed compiled and script-based UNIX (BSD) utilities for infrared tag controllers.

n  Primary debugger for team – I developed processes for debugging complex interactions between systems, analyzed crash dumps, etc.

n  Primary technical resource on Windows architecture, design and use of objects

n  Mentored and trained junior staff and peers

n  Designed and developed an XML schema using DOM object to direct wafer processing.

n  (NT Workstation 4.0, Visual Basic, C++, XML.)

1997 – 1999,      GenRad                                                 Westford, MA

Senior Principal Software Engineer

n  Team leader for “Line Monitor,” which showed the real-time state of machines on an arbitrary number of manufacturing lines. Designed the Line Monitor as a three-tier DCOM application separating the GUI client from the middleware server which interacted with an XML messaging system and an ORACLE database to determine the state of the machines on the line. Used ADO disconnected recordsets for communication between components. Timing of project was set by date of trade show where it was to be announced. Brought project in on time and ready to ship. (NT Workstation 4.0, NT Server 4.0, Visual Basic, ATL/MFC/C++, ADO, SQL.)

n  Team leader, designer, & developer for GR Advise, a machine control system for the printed circuit board manufacturing industry. Processed inspection results from a machine-vision inspection station and correlated the errors back to functional units of the machine that placed the parts to predict/report errors. Developed the data-acquisition objects and lead the team that developed the graphical UI and rules-based logic engine. (NT Workstation 4.0, NT Server 4.0, Visual Basic, MFC/C++, SQL, DAO.)

n  Developed software to convert CAD information into an inspection plan for use by GR Vision. (NT Workstation 4.0, Visual Basic, MFC/C++.)

n  Hired to bring stalled GR Vision project – already one year late – to production.  Solved compile problems, performed complex debug and systems analysis to get modules performing to design specs. Trained other team members in procedures for robust code and directed their efforts to achieve timely delivery. (NT Workstation 4.0, MFC/C++,BoundsChecker, SoftICE.)

1995 – 1997,      Logicraft Information Systems Inc.       Nashua, NH

Principal Software Engineer

n  Team leader, designer and developer for new version of NT-based CDROM server. Analyzed mixed-language legacy application and redesigned as C++/MFC system centered on ODBC compliant database. Developed database object. Lead a team which developed UI and driver. Solved technical issues that had stalled project for months. (NT Workstation 4.0/3.51, NT Server 4.0/3.51, Visual Basic, MFC/C++, DAO, SQL, JET engine.)

n  Developed a Win32 namespace extension to integrate the shared CD-ROMs into “My Computer” and “Explorer.” (NT Workstation 4.0, NT Server 4.0, MFC/C++.)

1994 – 1995,      Xerox Imaging Systems Inc                  Peabody, MA

Principal Windows Software Engineer

n  Technical lead on a reading assistance program for dyslexic/print-disabled individuals. Lead team-design of product. Directed individual members to keep to schedule. Speech-enabled entire Windows UI to allow print-disabled users to navigate. Developed recursive, speaking dictionary/thesaurus for use in the application window. Handled small development projects on Solaris for Xerox TextBridge team where we needed customization of OCR for Bookwise. (NT Workstation 3.51, NT Server 3.51, Windows 95, Windows 3.51, UNIX (Solaris), Visual Basic, MFC/C++, DAO, SQL.)

1993 – 1994,      National Computer Systems Inc.      Cambridge, MA

Systems Programmer Advisor

n  Technical Evangelist position. Developed demonstrations of new technology using Windows, WindowsNT, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Access and other tools. Demonstrated solutions to extend life of a legacy product. Upgraded skills inventory of existing programmers in organization to enable development of a follow-on product. (NT Workstation 3.51, NT Server 3.51, Windows 3.51, Visual Basic, MFC/C++,SQL,  DAO.)


1978 – 1993,      Digital Equipment Corp.                      Maynard, MA
Principal Software Engineer

n  Developed PC Client for DEC @aGlance, a CORBA-based process control/factory information system product. Designed and developed plug-ins for Lotus 1-2-3 to acquire data via @aGlance (VAX/VMS, NT Workstation 3.51, Ultrix(UNIX), X-Windows, Windows 3.51, MFC/C++.)

n  Developed X-Windows based tools for process engineers (VAX/VMS, X-Windows, C.)

n  Systems programmer for PDP-10’s, 11’s and finally VAXes using DEC-proprietary operating systems and BSD Unix.

n  Developed drivers for industrial network (DECdataway.)

n  Developed Digital side of many joint corporate ventures (development of the CD-ROM, specialized industrial computers etc.) I also worked as part of small teams developing code to support new hardware devices in appropriate languages.





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