Erik T. R. Olsen

8 Conner Dr

Westbrook, Me 04092

(207) 831-4924


Objective To utilize my communication, design, analytical and development skills, as part of a team, to identify needs, and create solutions for those needs.




Java, EJB (J2EE), C++, Perl, HTML, JSP, JavaScript, C, SQL, Visual Basic, SQR, Gembase, lex, yacc, Pascal, COBOL, Forte


Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Ingres, Sybase, Rbase

Operating Systems:

Sun Solaris, HP/UX, Sequent Dynix, AIX, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT (3.51, 4.0,2000), VAX/VMS, MVS, OS/400


Microsoft Office 2000, Viso, Rational Rose, ClearCase, Weblogic, iPlanet, Webmethods, WebSphere, Continuus, PVCS, Documentum


Experience Cybertelligence, Inc. 2003(Oct) - Present

Consultant to LL Bean

Architect, develop, and tune server components on the rewrite of the order entry system in an IBM/J2EE/WebSphere/DB2 environment. Built, packaged, deployed EAR onto an IBM/AIX/WAS application server. Technical Lead for the server components for the Swing client front end. Prototyped a caching mechanism that enabled fuzzy logic to find items related to free form text entry. Compressed the cache to hold 1.3M items, 700k terms and synonyms, soundex and gap words to run in under 700mb of memory with millisecond response time. Created a rules engine that utilizes XML as the driver to define rules, allowing rules to change without a code change. Wrote Ant scripts to aid in the code compilation and packaging of the EAR. Wrote shell scripts to run batch processes on the AIX server.


Technologies Used: Java, XML, DB2, AIX, ksh, Ant, WebSphere Application Server, WSAD, Win2k, Cygwin.


I-Many, Inc. 2002(Feb)-2003(Dec)

Technology Architect

Architect, develop, and tune EJB’s and java code in a Sun/J2EE/Weblogic/Oracle environment using XML to pass criteria and return results in a generic fashion. Lead engineer for the document management of a complex contract management system written using jsp and java technology. Working as client interface to a large pharmaceutical company for their deployment and tuning of our new product. Architecting and implementing a proto-type to communicate with a new JMS server for the next version of the product.


Technologies Used: java, J2EE, EBJ (session and entity), JMS, Oracle, SQL, jsp, java beans, servlets, XML, XML – Schema, XSLT, Solaris, NT, WebLogic, Iplanet, WebSphere, jdbc, ldap, ant, CVS, Apache, Tomcat, Documentum.


Global Commerce Systems, Inc. 2000(Mar) – 2001(Nov)


Architect / Sr. Software Engineer

Architect, develop, and tune EJB’s in a Sun/J2EE/WebLogic/Iplanet/Oracle environment. Lead engineer of one of the seven primary sections of a B2B financial software package (TradeServer). Worked as a lead of the performance team, tuning our credit card processing application. As a lead on the client services team, installed WebMethods NT client and Solaris Server. Designed flows using both WebMethods onRamps and writing in house java code to perform complex tasks reading and writing XML files to communicating with external systems.



Technologies Used: java, J2EE, EBJ (session and entity), Oracle, SQL, jsp, java beans, servlets, XML, XML – Schema, Solaris, NT, JBuilder, WebLogic, Iplanet, WebMethods, WebSphere, jdbc, ldap, ant, MQ Series, Rational Rose, CearCase, CVS, Apache.


TVG Network (TV Guide, Inc) 1999(May) – 2000(Mar)


Project Engineer

Lead architect for Phase II of the Customer Care System. This will be a thin client (browser) jsp, java applet, servlet and ejb and bean implementation, using a SQL Server 7.0 database.


Technologies Used: java, EJB, jsp, servlets, SQL Server, NT, MFC C++, J++, JBuilder, ODBC, VBA.


Maxim Group 1999(Feb) – 1999(May)


Consultant to ICG

Designed Java GUI with Swing libraries, using CORBA to run against their EAI, Vitria. Designed Visual Basic programs to synchronize Access databases, and report to Excel from ODBC calls.


Technologies Used: java, Swing, AWT, Vitria, CORBA, Oracle, SQL, jdbc, ODBC, JBuilder, VisualCafe, SQL Server, VBA.


US West Wireless 1996(Mar) – 1999(Feb)


Lead Architect

Lead architect for the Customer Care System. Responsible for the GUI (HTML and Javascript) and Midserver(C++, Perl, Pro*C, shell script) portions of a three tiered architecture. Systems management of the HP/UX development machine. Lead designer of integration between systems that were written in Java and Forte.


Technologies Used: C++ (ANSI, HP), SQL, CGI, ipc message queues, javascript, html, Perl, shell script, java, servlets, MQ Series, Forte, HP/UX.


Enseco / Quanterra (Corning Labs Inc) 1993(Jan) – 1996(Mar)


System Administrator

Administered 33 VMS computers on a WAN across the U.S. Responsible for a $1M budget. Windows NT system administrator of 16 servers on the same WAN.


Programmer / DBA

Programmer and DBA for a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), an Ingres database and a C screen based interface. Designed, coded and implemented a Point of Sales system using C++ and Gembase. Supported accounting system, AR, AP, and GL.


Technologies Used: C, C++, SQL, Ingres, SQR, Gembase, Ross Accounting, VAX/VMS, and NT.


ADIA 1992(Sept) –1992(Dec)


Consultant to US West

Rewrote a backup payroll system in Rbase 5.0 to utilize new features and ensure data integrity.


Technologies Used: Rbase, SQL, NT, Novell.

Consultant to Western Interstate Commerce of Higher Education

Wrote an Rbase 5.0 application to enter and report information on a state by state grade by grade format. Utilized new features in 5.0 and wrote it to ensure data integrity.


Technologies Used: Rbase, SQL, NT, Novell.


Keane, Inc. 1989(Sept) – 1992(Sept)


Consultant to Liberty Mutual Insurance

Wrote SQR programs to retrieve data from an Rdb database on a VAX/VMS system.


Technologies Used: SQR, C, Rdb, SQL, COBOL, TSO/ISPF, JCL. SyncSort, MVS, VAX/VMS.


Consultant to AIG Insurance

Wrote COBOL programs to retrieve data from VSAM/ISAM files, and generated bill sent to customers.


Technologies Used: COBOL, MVS, TSO/ISPF, and JCL


Consultant to Unum Insurance

Wrote COBOL programs to manipulate customer data so it could be entered into Unum's in-house data structures.


Technologies Used: COBOL, MVS, TSO/ISPF, and JCL


Education BS Computer Science, Wake Forest University (1989)


Other Interests Rugby, Golf, Travel, Snowboarding, Basketball.


Member number:9172
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