Stephen  Jones

Expert Level Engineering


Wilton, NH 03086



Control Plane and Network Processor subsystems · Test electronics, logic, and power design · Electronic/control trouble shooting, · Hardware level Microprocessor Control · Board Design/Bring-Up · Technical Lead ·Test Software Development · ·RT Parallel Processing · Embedded device drivers · Security Device interfaces · ASIC/FPGA Test/Verification · TCP/IP · RS232,485,ENET · Power On Self Test · Built In Self Test · pSOS · VxWORKS · Embedded RT Kernel Customization · JTAG Test · Protocol Analyzers · Verilog Verifications · Test Scripting · GUI · Boundary Scan Test · VLSI Diagnostics · Manufacturing Test Software · ISO 9000 Environments · MS Office skills · PCs 


Scopes/analyzers/meters, ICE, Lab Environments, C, C++,   Assembler   PERL . Shell Scripts . Procom  . Clear Case . MAKE . FORTH . FORTRAN .  PL/M. PASCAL . BASIC, Xilinx ISE , Power PC, 68HC11/12 680xx . Intel I-960 .  Intel 80xxx .  Intel 8x51 .Zilog Z80 . Vitesse IQ2000 NP,  C-PORT C5 NP, Mindspeed CX27470 TSP, AMD29xxx .   68xxx .  80xxx .  AMDASM . TMS320xx . MICRO CODE . Linux/UNIX  . WINDOWS 95/98.  NT/5.0/2000. MS-DOS.  .VMS, . SUN .  HP


Highly effective Test and Development  Engineeer with expert capacity on complex electronic and embedded applications. Strong skills developing real-time multi-tasking embedded software and motion control functionality in C\C++ and assembler. Experience working through development cycle often maintaining a high-level of autonomy.  Develop new and theoretical engineering solutions to problems of unusual complexity, requiring the highest degree of ingenuity, creativity and innovation.  Act independently or as group member to uncover and resolve issues associated with the operation, test, or design. Plan research, write test plans, proposals and white papers for development and recommend technological applications solutions to accomplish long-range objectives. Hands on testing, coding, and debug of devices and diagnostics, analog  hardware design, logic, FPGA design,  interconnects, and test fixtures.


JPSA Laser, Milford, NH . Cetacean Networks, Portsmouth, NH,  Midhurst Corporation  . AT & T Bell Labs, Andover, MA, Bedford, MA . . Quarry Technologies Burlington, MA . 3Com Corp, Boxboro, Bose Corp, Framingham, MA. Teradyne Corp MA GenRad Corp, Concord, MA  . Cascade Corp, Westboro, MA . Lockheed-Martin, Nashua, NH -Bendix Corp., Ft Lauderdale, FL  . Baird Corp. (IMO) Bedford, Mass


Special Accomplishments

Board bring up/design verification Internet Switch.  Power Laser control electronics design,  Precision resistor winding machine motion control project. Security Device diagnostics and verification. Portable FORTH Compiler written in “C” integrated into embedded diagnostic systems. Memory Diagnostics. Data Path test software .  VLSI/ ASIC/  FPGA/ PLD Verification, CPLD design, Test Fixture Hardware design, (Cables, Special purpose interfaces)


US Citizen. Prior High Level Clearance



Plymouth College

University of New Hampshire – Mathematics

US Navy School of Advanced Electronics                                                                                                                    US Navy Data Systems Design and Diagnostics
Harvard University
– Windows Development 

MIT Lowell Institute- X Windows
Rivier College
- Japanese Languagee


Diagnostics Engineer,  Jabil Circuit,   2/2006-Present

Embedded verification and diagnostic software for high speed printer electronics. MIPS R79xx, PCI,  ASIC verification,  FICL FORTH, MIPS assembler, Unix  Scripts, Teraterm Scripts, System integration planning and documentation.


Diagnostics Engineer,  Tek Microsystems,   10/2005-2/2006

Embedded verification and diagnostic software for high speed Data Communications. PowerPC 8260, PCI,  FPGA verification,  VxWorks, BSP modifications, C language, Unix  Scripts, Teraterm Scripts, System integration planning and documentation.


Electronics Design Engineer,  JPSA Laser, Hollis NH,  6/2004 – 10/2005

Electronics design of a complex power laser control system. High Voltage Power Supply, High speed analog ,  schematic capture, board layout, PIC programming, XiLinx CPLD design,  Z80 (ZiLOG eZ80 Acclaim) embedded controller programming. Build, debug, program, integrate and document.


Diagnostics Consultant,  Cetacean Networks, Portsmouth NH,  4/2003-5/2004

Device configuration/test,  stream verification  diagnostics, diagnostics system design. ATM/SONET/GigE interface line card bring up. Multi-Power PC, C-PORT C5  Network Processor, Mindspeed CX27470 Traffic Stream Processor, Forth UI, custom telnet client, custom HTTP server, high speed networking.


Principal Engineer, Midhurst Corporation, Wilton, NH 1/ 2002 –4/2003

Automation of a 3 axis electronic component winding machine, control programs for special purpose motion controllers, special purpose RS485 and RS232  protocols, Linux C++ control programming, GUI, Data Base Access and TCP/IP communications.


High Precision Component Automation Test Engineer. Mechanical specification/design, Electronics design and build, controller integration and programming, technical manual  and user training.


Hardware Design and Verification, Diagnostic and Application Software, Integration, 802.11b Networking, hardware/software interface conflict resolution, kernel configuration and customizing   Motion control/IMS LYNX Industrial Controllers, RS232 IPC, LINUX  configuration, C/C++ Assembler, Forth, Perl, K-shell


Test and Diagnostic Consultant, Quarry Technologies, Burlington, MA 3/2000 –11/2001
Test and diagnostic technical lead.
Multiproduct diagnostic  system design. Proposals, white papers, Board Level Diagnostics for a Power PC based high-speed communications switch system. OS isolated POST system, Distributed Manufacturing Test system using VxWorks,RS232, USB. Board bring up test and verification utilizing a custom "C" implementation of FORTH.  Power PC,  IQ2000 (Vitesse NPU), Broadcom security devices, CAM interfacing, XPIF microcode  MMC Switch Fabric Chip Set (nPX 5500 -10 ghz), OC3/12 ATM/SONET/GigE line cards Diagnostic technical lead., Com Test  equipment, Logic analyzers/Scopes, GNU C/C++ tools, Assembler, microcode, Make, Perl, FORTH

Software Engineer, Teradyne Corp, Bedford, MA 1999 -2000
Applications driver for custom FPGA based tester interface under Windows NT using Verilog, MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic.


Software Engineer, Bose Corp, Framingham, MA 1997-1999 (2 projects)
Software engineering on an 8051 embedded ASIC control application. Motorola 56000 DSP control, D2B Multimode Fiber Optic Serial communications (automotive), hardware evolution adaptation. C/8051 Assembler using Unix/Windows NT. Hitex emulators.

Port of a complex 68HC11 application to a new 68HC12 environment C/68Hxx Assembler in a Unix/Windows NT environment. Proprietary RT kernel makeover, Device drivers for SPI communications, A2D Conversion, J1850 protocol/device driver ,  SCI communications, RS232 communications self programming flash EEPROM. Test and validation script programming

Diagnostic Consultant, KSA Inc, Newton, MA 1997-1999
Design and setup of PC/NT LAN based development environment supporting 10 engineers for sophisticated hardware and software projects. PC networking, NT administration and setup.

Diagnostic Engineer, 3Com Corp, Boxboro, MA 1996
Modifications to an embedded LAN switch testing application using GNU C++ from a HPUX environment.

Software Engineer, GenRad Corp, Concord, MA 1996
Assist in the porting of a major “bed of nails” tester software application from Unix to Microsoft Windows NT including translation of Unix Shell scripts to PERL, conversion of UNIX GUI based user tools to Windows NT environment using Visual C++, and WIN32.


Diagnostic Engineer, Cascade Corp, Westboro, MA 1996
Develop a Telnet control Traffic Generator test equipment using the I960 based WAN switching product. The project included development of "C" language code, integration and transformation of existing application code and hardware level debug.



MTS, AT & T Bell Labs Andover, MA 1989-1995 (3 projects)
Member of design and test team on a  Secure Telephone project for
US government agency. AT&T testing computers, VAX UNIX environment, Proposed test solutions papers, wrote test plans from product specifications, and innovative solutions. HP MDS tools, Custom transaction monitor interface hardware/software design and implement. ORCAD, 80xxx assembler, FORTH

Member of the integration team on light wave multiplexer switching projects, AT&T and PC computers, ISO9000, UNIX and DOS PC/TCP Networking, Sockets Applications, PC C++, FORTH, 68000 assembler,  Testing interface hardware design, ORCAD.


Test Systems Designer ATM MPEG SONETtransport video mux/dmux. MS Windows C++ , HP 75000 UNIX, Special purpose Client/Server Applications using RS232 and EtherNet, ISO9000,  AMD 29K , C Language Diagnostic Drivers Hardware cable and adaptor design and implementation. Special Purpose MPEG DMA Frame Grabber interface debug and integration.

Software Consultant, Bendix Corp., Ft Lauderdale, FLA 1989/90
Software validation & test for an aircraft instrumentation system. (BSO) 80xxx simulator, VAX 11/780 VMS, PLM86, VMS "C",DCL.


Software Engineer, Baird Corp. (IMO) Bedford, Mass 1989
Real time software package for a 386 based imbedded computer. Ballistics algorithms, recursive filters, data acquisition, digital servo loops, MS FORTRAN, i386 assembler.


Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Merrimack NH 1988/89
Software/firmware for Micro VAX hosted  US Navy sonic simulation, loosely coupled parallel processing architecture (DECNET). Signal Processing Software for IIR and FIR filters, IFFT, real time techniques, and low level Built In Test procedures, plans and proposals. Micro VAX, VMS FORTRAN, Macro32, 68000, 32020 DSP assembler, DCL, PERL.


Design Engineer, Prevett Associates, Nashua, NH 1988

Hardware and Software Design of a network converter device for HDLC POS network based on i8751 technology to convert retail POS token ring topology to STAR topology. Project includes all hardware, software and project management.


Sotware/Hardware, Various short contracts, 1987/88

Bendix – Melborn FL, Markem – Keene NH, Previtte Assoc, Nashua NH, KSA – Newton, MA,


Principal Analytics – Hudson NH 1982-1987, Part of a 3 man startup later sold to Lockheed Martin for 2.3 Million. Extensive work with Navel Research Lab on signal processing research projects.



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