Management / Technologist / Enterprise Resilience Architect / Operations / Transformation


  • Experienced, result driven, senior level Manager/Technologist with the proven ability to meld strategic thinking, leadership and business acumen with current technologies and Industry best practices.


  • Diverse background, (public & private sectors), in delivering Enterprise-wide solutions in several key industries among which are:
    • Finance / Investment / Banking
    • Pharmaceutical / Manufacturing
    • Cable / Television
    • Telecommunication / Research / Healthcare


Clients/employers run the gamut of Start-ups to fortune 10 companies. During this time he has held management and non-management roles in both strategic and tactical capacities delivering Enterprise wide Highly Resilient IT infrastructure and Operations services and solutions that included, but not limited to, Cloud Computing, Data Center Transformations, Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, Process and Management.


  • Responsible for the hands-on management and overall responsibility for IT initiatives such as the architecture, planning and implementation of:
    • Resilience / Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solutions (+15yrs)
    • Data Center Consolidation, Relocation & build-outs (+10yrs)
    • Data Center & IT Operations (+15yrs)
    • And other infrastructure core services


Some Recent accomplishments:

         For a Major North East Bank, provided operation and technical architecture guidance and assistance to meet business objectives. Accomplishments included but not limited to:

o    Created, Published and Implemented Banks Technical Architecture Reference/Resilience framework and 2013 Roadmap.

o    Architected/Implemented Architecture/Design Service & Business engagement processes

o    Managed successful / on-time HSBC migration/conversion readiness projects

o    Managed Banks data center transformation projects

         Privately owned Canadian conglomerate, (Oil, Transportation, Paper, etc...); Resilience Assessment & Architecture Roadmap

         Leading North American manufacturer of chlorovinyls; Technical & Resilience Assessment & Future State Data Center Architecture Roadmap for US & Canadian locations.

         Washington DC Green field Telecom Start-up; Technical & Resilience Assessment & Cloud Architecture Solutions.

         Atlanta based International Management Services company; Created Resiliency Architecture and Process Framework

         Major NE, Cable/Telecom Services company; Sr. Technical Lead Data Center Transition Program Manager, overall leadership, management and oversight for Data Center migration / consolidation, (+1000 servers & Mainframe, storage), project.

         FORTUNE 20, Healthcare organization; Operation and technical architecture guidance to meet new growth and business SLAs, i.e. Data Center technology and facility Transformation.

         Global, North Carolina bank, for a Data Center relocation/transformation project, (1500+ servers, Mainframe, Storage). Led a team to implement virtualization wherever feasible, identify and address applications and infrastructure shortfalls, designed and implemented new resiliency solutions, create relocation/transformation architecture project plans.

         International Biotechnology firm, architected & managed the build-out of a new Global DR site located in Basel Switzerland.

         Top Tier Communication company, architected & executed a Data Center transformation/relocation plan, (1000+ servers and supporting SAN Storage), with no down time.

         Transportation, state government agency, Technology assessment & new EA blueprint & governance



More can be found in the resume.

Side Note: Resilience Framework is an aggregation of specific availability architecture patterns, and their respective attributes, required by those business applications that desire continuous availability and zero data loss. Within this framework, the architecture supporting critical applications and data is designed to accommodate no downtime. Typically, applications supported by the Resilience Framework provide service to customers without disruption 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


What he brings to the table:

         Hands-on Management style

         Proven ability to Assess, Plan/Architect and Execute.

         Strategic Planning & Growth Strategies

         Change, Process & Workflow Management

         Budgets (start-up shoe string to over $20 million) and P&L responsibilities

         15+ years Resiliency, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity solutions and implementations

         15+ years (Multi) Data Center(s) Operations (US and UK), Consolidations, Relocation & Build-outs

         Experience in Merger and acquisitions

         Deep understanding of both physical and data security challenges.

         15+ years all together with IT industries best practices such as SOA & ITIL v3 / ITSM and SDLC

         15+ years demonstrating the ability to estimate and schedule product deliverables.

         15+ years working with other members of management in R&D, Sales, and Marketing to contribute to the technical vision of the product.

         15+ years researching trends in technology within the industry and proposing new product features and enhancements.

         15 years assessing the user experience to determine product enhancements and needs and developing the requisite solutions.

         10+ years as a Developer and Engineer. 

         20 years experience talking with customers about the user experience and articulating the impact of those experiences as they relate to products and technology


Education: Rutgers University, B.S., Computer Science & Physics, 1985; ITIL Certified


Security Clearance status: Non-active; Type: TS/BI with NATO, COSMIC & ATOMAL.


Publications: PMCA DCR (Data Center Relocation) Pre-Planning Guide, section Author: DR Planning for Data Center Relocations; Internal released, Wipros Resilience Architecture and Process framework


Languages: Hungarian


Synopses of his skills:

* Sr. IT Manager and Sr. Resilience Enterprise Architect

* Over 15yrs in management

* Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

* Data Center Operations/Management

* Data Center Consolidation and Relocation

* Strategic Planning & Growth Strategies / Change Management

* Process & Workflow Management

* Sr. Enterprise Architect

* SOA & ITIL v3 / ITSM

* Project/Program management

* System/Network Security

* Systems / Infrastructure Development