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Listed By:   The Royak Group Inc.   (via Jobg8)
Contact Name:   Cesar Castillo,   Agency
Job location:   Atlanta Georgia, USA
Job Type:   Contract
Info:   Ref: JSCCONTRACT I.T. & Communications
Duration: Long Term Not Specified 70 US Dollar . USD Annual
Job Description:

    Looking for a Sr. Software Engineer, full stack with deep experience building web applications using Ruby on Rails and modern Front End frameworks like EmberJS, AngularJS, etc. The Sr. Engineer will assist the team as a developer of our financial applications and work with Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL and Redis. In this role he/she will continuously improve the design and quality of our products using RSpec, CircleCI and diligent coding practices.

    Job Functions:

    • Work on a small team to improve and extend an existing Rails application.
    • Build new JSON APIs.
    • Replace UI based on new style guides.
    • Build new UI based on JavaScript framework and solid understanding of plain JavaScript.
    • Work deep in codebase to refactor and address technical debt.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Developed multiple Ruby and Rails applications and can identify and resolve complex performance challenges
    • Not afraid of digging through Legacy code and making it better (or killing things that shouldn't be there)
    • Know source control tools and can do more than simple branching and merges.
    • The company uses Git and GitHub.
    • Must have Angular2 experience
    • Understand the value of testing and strive for high test coverage.
    • Supported production applications and know how to build software that won't create late night support calls
    • You understand 12Factor, API design, Message Queues, REST and design patterns.
    • You have JavaScript experience and preferably have worked with at least one JS framework (BackBone.js, AngularJS, EmberJS, etc)
    • You understand CSS and UI frameworks like Bootstrap.
    • You understand PostgreSQL, Redis and SQL.
    • You pride yourself in making pragmatic technical decisions.
    • Deployed applications in both cloud and data center environments.
    • Experience with Docker (our application is already in production on Docker)
    • Experience with large scale consumer web applications
    • Experience with the development of document management, workflow and reporting systems.
    • Experience with Fintech and businesses in the financial sector.

 Job number: 108479, Company id: 63111
Posted: 05/16/2017
Expires: 07/15/2017
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